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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The AbU Language: IoT Distributed Programming Made Easy 1-gen-2022 Pasqua, Michele; Comuzzo, Massimo; Miculan, Marino
Analysis of the ultrasonic signal in polymeric contaminated insulators through ensemble learning methods 1-gen-2022 Stefenon, Stefano Frizzo; Bruns, Rafael; Sartori, Andreza; Meyer, Luiz Henrique; Ovejero, Raul Garcia; Leithardt, Valderi Reis Quietinho
Authoring and Reviewing Bibliographies: Design and Development of a Visual Analytics Online Platform 1-gen-2022 Dattolo, A.; Corbatto, M.; Angelini, M.
Blockchain-Based Swarm Learning for the Mitigation of Gradient Leakage in Federated Learning 1-gen-2023 Madni, H. A.; Umer, R. M.; Foresti, G. L.
A Comparison between Orthogonal and Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in Cooperative Relaying Power Line Communication Systems 1-gen-2017 Rabie, K. M.; Adebisi, B.; Yousif, E. H. G.; Gacanin, H.; Tonello, A. M.
Control Based Motion Planning Exploiting Calculus of Variations and Rational Functions: A Formal Approach 1-gen-2021 Salamat, B.; Letizia, N. A.; Tonello, A. M.
Detection of Wastewater Pollution Through Natural Language Generation With a Low-Cost Sensing Platform 1-gen-2023 Roitero, K.; Portelli, B.; Serra, G.; Mea, V. D.; Mizzaro, S.; Cerro, G.; Vitelli, M.; Molinara, M.
DiLBERT: Cheap Embeddings for Disease Related Medical NLP 1-gen-2021 Roitero, Kevin; Portelli, Beatrice; Popescu, Mihai Horia; Della Mea, Vincenzo
Distributed Interval Synchronization 1-gen-2024 Fusiello, A.; Montessoro, P. L.
Do Memories Haunt You? An Automated Black Box Testing Approach for Detecting Memory Leaks in Android Apps 1-gen-2020 Amalfitano, Domenico; Riccio, Vincenzo; Tramontana, Porfirio; Rita Fasolino, Anna
A Dynamic Biometric Authentication Algorithm for Near-Infrared Palm Vascular Patterns 1-gen-2020 Palma, David; Blanchini, Franco; Giordano, Giulia; Montessoro, Pier Luca
EMC Regulations and Spectral Constraints for Multicarrier Modulation in PLC 1-gen-2017 Girotto, Mauro; Tonello, Andrea
Energy Based Control of a Swash Mass Helicopter through Decoupling Change of Coordinates 1-gen-2020 Salamat, B.; Tonello, A. M.
A Framework for Indoor Positioning Including Building Topology 1-gen-2022 Brunello, A; Montanari, A; Saccomanno, N
Hybrid Active Contour Based on Local and Global Statistics Parameterized by Weight Coefficients for Inhomogeneous Image Segmentation 1-gen-2020 Niaz, A.; Rana, K.; Joshi, A.; Munir, A.; Kim, D. D.; Song, H. C.; Choi, K. N.
Hybrid active contours driven by edge and region fitting energies based on p-laplace equation 1-gen-2019 Munir, A.; Soomro, S.; Shahid, M. T.; Soomro, T. A.; Choi, K. N.
Hybrid Wavelet Stacking Ensemble Model for Insulators Contamination Forecasting 1-gen-2021 Stefenon, S. F.; Ribeiro, M. H. D. M.; Nied, A.; Mariani, V. C.; Coelho, L. D. S.; Leithardt, V. R. Q.; Silva, L. A.; Seman, L. O.
IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Advances in Power Line Communication and its Applications 1-gen-2019 Rabie, K.; Tonello, A. M.; Al-Dhahir, N.; Song, J.; Sendin, A.
Low-cost CNN for Automatic Violence Recognition on Embedded System 1-gen-2022 Vieira, Joelton Cezar; Sartori, Andreza; Stefenon, Stefano Frizzo; Perez, Fabio Luis; De Jesus, Gabriel Schneider; Leithardt, Valderi Reis Quietinho
Machine Learning Tips and Tricks for Power Line Communications 1-gen-2019 Tonello, A. M.; Letizia, N. A.; Righini, D.; Marcuzzi, F.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 28
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