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Improved surface roughness modeling and mobility projections in thin film MOSFETs 1-gen-2015 Badami, Oves Mohamed Hussein; Caruso, Enrico; Lizzit, Daniel; Esseni, David; Palestri, Pierpaolo; Selmi, Luca
An Improved Surface Roughness Scattering Model for Bulk, Thin-Body, and Quantum-Well MOSFETs 1-gen-2016 Badami, Oves Mohamed Hussein; Caruso, Enrico; Lizzit, Daniel; Osgnach, Patrik; Esseni, David; Palestri, Pierpaolo; Selmi, Luca
Performance comparison for FinFETs, nanowire and stacked nanowires FETs: Focus on the influence of surface roughness and thermal effects 1-gen-2017 Badami, O.; Driussi, F.; Palestri, P.; Selmi, L.; Esseni, D.
Surface roughness limited mobility in multi-gate FETs with arbitrary cross-section 1-gen-2017 Badami, Oves Mohamed Hussein; Lizzit, D.; Specogna, Ruben; Esseni, David
NEGF based transport modelling with a full-band, pseudopotential Hamiltonian: Theory, implementation and full device simulations 1-gen-2017 Pala, Marco; Badami, Oves; Esseni, David
New device concepts, transistor architectures and materials for high performance and energy efficient CMOS circuits in the forthcoming era of 3D integrated circuits 1-gen-2018 Esseni, D.; Badami, Oves Mohamed Hussein; Driussi, F.; Lizzit, D.; Pala, M.; Palestri, P.; Rollo, T.; Selmi, L.; Venica, S.
Benchmarking of 3-D MOSFET Architectures: Focus on the Impact of Surface Roughness and Self-Heating 1-gen-2018 Badami, O.; Lizzit, D.; Driussi, F.; Palestri, P.; Esseni, D.
Semi-classical modeling of nanoscale nMOSFETs with III-V channel 1-gen-2019 Palestri, Pierpaolo; Caruso, Enrico; Badami, Oves; Driussi, Francesco; Esseni, David; Selmi, Luca
Transport models based on NEGF and empirical pseudopotentials: A computationally viable method for self-consistent simulation of nanoscale devices 1-gen-2019 Pala, Marco G.; Badami, Oves; Esseni, David
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