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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Study of Wear in Single-Tooth and Multi-Tooth Milling 1-gen-1972 Kuljanic, Elso
Machinability testing in the 21st Century - Integrated Machinability Testing Concept 1-gen-1996 Kuljanic, Elso
CAPP Software for Tool Selection, Optimization and Tool Life Data Base Adaption in Turning 1-gen-1999 Cukor, G.; Kuljanic, Elso
Mathematics of Statistics and Design of Experiments in Engineering 1-gen-1999 Kuljanic, Elso
Machining: The Present and the Future 1-gen-1999 Kuljanic, Elso
Disassembly Operation Model Concept 1-gen-2000 Kuljanic, Elso; Sortino, Marco; Miani, F.
Machinability Testing and Optimization of Machining Processes 1-gen-2001 Cukor, G.; Kuljanic, Elso
A method for disassembly process evaluation - MDPE 1-gen-2001 Kuljanic, Elso; Miani, Fabio; Sortino, Marco
Tool Flank Wear Prediction Using the Force-Time Measurement in Turning 1-gen-2002 Cukor, G.; Kuljanic, Elso
Recent Developments and Trends in Tool Condition Monitoring 1-gen-2002 Kuljanic, Elso; Sortino, Marco
Application of a rotating dynamometer for cutting force measurement in milling 1-gen-2002 Kuljanic, Elso; Miani, Fabio; Sortino, Marco
Recentes Desenvolvimientos na Area de Pesquisa da Usinagem 1-gen-2003 Kuljanic, Elso
A New Method for Tool Engagement Estimation in Machining 1-gen-2003 Kuljanic, Elso; Sortino, Marco
A Genetic Programming Approach for Developing the Machinability Models 1-gen-2003 Cucor, G.; Kuljanic, Elso
Statistical Analisys of the Rotating Dynamometer Signals in Face Milling 1-gen-2003 Kuljanic, Elso; Sortino, Marco; Cukor, G.
Dynamic Characteristics of the Cutting Force Measuring System in Milling 1-gen-2004 Kuljanic, Elso; Sortino, Marco
Machining Technology - The Future Developments 1-gen-2004 Kuljanic, Elso
Optimization of machining using evolutionary algorithms 1-gen-2005 Barisic, G.; Cukor, G.; Kuljanic, Elso
Some approaches in machining research 1-gen-2005 Kuljanic, Elso; Sortino, Marco
TWEM, a method based on cutting forces - monitoring tool wear in face milling 1-gen-2005 Kuljanic, Elso; Sortino, Marco
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 39
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