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The variability in the xylem architecture of grapevine petiole and its contribution to hydraulic differences 1-gen-2014 Hochberg, Uri; Degu, Asfaw; Gendler, Tanya; Fait, Aaron; Rachmilevitch, Shimon
Metabolic and physiological responses of shiraz and cabernet sauvignon (Vitis vinifera L.) to near optimal temperatures of 25 and 35 °C 1-gen-2015 Hochberg, Uri; Batushansky, Albert; Degu, Asfaw; Rachmilevitch, Shimon; Fait, Aaron
Combining leaf physiology, hyperspectral imaging and partial least squares-regression (PLS-R) for grapevine water status assessment 1-gen-2015 Rapaport, Tal; Hochberg, Uri; Shoshany, Maxim; Karnieli, Arnon; Rachmilevitch, Shimon
Cultivar specific metabolic changes in grapevines berry skins in relation to deficit irrigation and hydraulic behavior 1-gen-2015 Hochberg, Uri; Degu, Asfaw; Cramer, Grant R.; Rachmilevitch, Shimon; Fait, Aaron
Is water stress induced embolism in grapevines a common phenomenon? Hints from MRI and microCT visualizations 1-gen-2016 Hochberg, Uri; Herrera, Jose Carlos; Badel, Eric; Mcelrone, Andrew; Windt, Carel W.; Cochard, Herve
Grapevine petioles are more sensitive to drought induced embolism than stems: Evidence from in vivo MRI and microcomputed tomography observations of hydraulic vulnerability segmentation 1-gen-2016 Hochberg, Uri; Albuquerque, Caetano; Rachmilevitch, Shimon; Cochard, Herve; David Schwartz, Rakefet; Brodersen, Craig R.; Mcelrone, Andrew; Windt, Carel W.
Short-time xylem relaxation results in reliable quantification of embolism in grapevine petioles and sheds new light on their hydraulic strategy 1-gen-2016 Hochberg, Uri; Herrera, Jose Carlos; Cochard, Herve; Badel, Eric
Grape Metabolic Response to Postveraison Water Deficit Is Affected by Interseason Weather Variability 1-gen-2017 Herrera, Jose Carlos; Hochberg, Uri; Degu, Asfaw; Sabbatini, Paolo; Lazarovitch, Naftali; Castellarin, Simone Diego; Fait, Aaron; Alberti, Giorgio; Peterlunger, Enrico
Swift metabolite changes and leaf shedding are milestones in the acclimation process of grapevine under prolonged water stress 1-gen-2019 Degu, Asfaw; Hochberg, Uri; Wong, Darren C. J.; Alberti, Giorgio; Lazarovitch, Naftali; Peterlunger, Enrico; Castellarin, Simone D.; Herrera, Jose C.; Fait, Aaron
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