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Crowdsourcing truthfulness: The impact of judgment scale and assessor bias 1-gen-2020 La Barbera, D.; Roitero, K.; Demartini, G.; Mizzaro, S.; Spina, D.
Detection of HER2 from Haematoxylin-Eosin Slides Through a Cascade of Deep Learning Classifiers via Multi-Instance Learning 1-gen-2020 La Barbera, David; Polonia, Antonio; Roitero, Kevin; Conde-Sousa, Eduardo; Della Mea, Vincenzo
The many dimensions of truthfulness: Crowdsourcing misinformation assessments on a multidimensional scale 1-gen-2021 Soprano, M.; Roitero, K.; La Barbera, D.; Ceolin, D.; Spina, D.; Mizzaro, S.; Demartini, G.
A Software Simulator for Optimizing Ambulance Location and Response Time: A Preliminary Report 1-gen-2021 LA BARBERA, David; Roitero, Kevin; Mizzaro, Stefano; DELLA MEA, Vincenzo; Valent, Francesca
BUM at CheckThat! 2022: A Composite Deep Learning Approach to Fake News Detection using Evidence Retrieval 1-gen-2022 La Barbera, D.; Roitero, K.; Mackenzie, J.; Spina, D.; Demartini, G.; Mizzaro, S.
The Effects of Crowd Worker Biases in Fact-Checking Tasks 1-gen-2022 Draws, Tim; LA BARBERA, David; Soprano, Michael; Roitero, Kevin; Ceolin, Davide; Checco, Alessandro; Mizzaro, Stefano
Combining Human and Machine Confidence in Truthfulness Assessment 1-gen-2022 Qu, Yunke; Roitero, Kevin; La Barbera, David; Spina, Damiano; Mizzaro, Stefano; De Martini, Gianluca
A Hybrid Human-In-The-Loop Framework for Fact Checking 1-gen-2022 LA BARBERA, David; Roitero, Kevin; Mizzaro, Stefano
HEROHE Challenge: Predicting HER2 Status in Breast Cancer from Hematoxylin–Eosin Whole-Slide Imaging 1-gen-2022 Conde-Sousa, Eduardo; Vale, João; Feng, Ming; Xu, Kele; Wang, Yin; Della Mea, Vincenzo; La Barbera, David; Montahaei, Ehsan; Baghshah, Mahdieh; Turzynski, Andreas; Gildenblat, Jacob; Klaiman, Eldad; Hong, Yiyu; Aresta, Guilherme; Araújo, Teresa; Aguiar, Paulo; Eloy, Catarina; Polónia, Antonio
How Many Crowd Workers Do I Need? On Statistical Power When Crowdsourcing Relevance Judgments 1-gen-2023 Roitero, Kevin; LA BARBERA, David; Soprano, Michael; Demartini, Gianluca; Mizzaro, Stefano; Sakai, Tetsuya
A Multi-objective Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithm for the Siting of Emergency Vehicles 1-gen-2023 Da Ros, F.; Di Gaspero, L.; La Barbera, D.; Della Mea, V.; Roitero, K.; Deroma, L.; Licata, S.; Valent, F.
Fact-Checking at Scale with Crowdsourcing: Experiments and Lessons Learned 1-gen-2023 LA BARBERA, David; Soprano, Michael; Roitero, Kevin; Maddalena, Eddy; Mizzaro, Stefano
Combining human intelligence and machine learning for fact-checking: Towards a hybrid human-in-the-loop framework 1-gen-2023 La Barbera, D.; Roitero, K.; Mizzaro, S.
Crowdsourced Fact-checking: Does It Actually Work? 1-gen-2024 Barbera, David La; Maddalena, Eddy; Soprano, Michael; Roitero, Kevin; Demartini, Gianluca; Ceolin, Davide; Spina, Damiano; Mizzaro, Stefano
Supporting Fair and Efficient Emergency Medical Services in a Large Heterogeneous Region 1-gen-2024 Da Ros, F.; Di Gaspero, L.; Roitero, K.; La Barbera, D.; Mizzaro, S.; Della Mea, V.; Valent, F.; Deroma, L.
Cognitive Biases in Fact-Checking and Their Countermeasures: A Review 1-gen-2024 Soprano, Michael; Roitero, Kevin; LA BARBERA, David; Ceolin, Davide; Spina, Damiano; Demartini, Gianluca; Mizzaro, Stefano
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