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Optimality principle and synthesis for a stochastic control problem in Hilbert spaces. 1-gen-1984 Gorni, Gianluca
The dynamic programming equation for stochastic optimal control in Hilbert spaces: a variational approach. 1-gen-1985 Gorni, Gianluca
A variational method for a stochastic control problem in Hilbert spaces. 1-gen-1986 Gorni, Gianluca
A geometric approach to l'Hôpital's rule. 1-gen-1990 Gorni, Gianluca
Liouville-Arnold integrability for scattering under cone potentials 1-gen-1990 Gorni, Gianluca; Gaetano, Zampieri
Complete integrability for Hamiltonian systems with a cone potential 1-gen-1990 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, G.
Reducing scattering problems under cone potential to normal form by global canonical transformations. 1-gen-1990 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, G.
A class of integrable Hamiltonian systems including scattering of particles on the line with repulsive interactions. 1-gen-1991 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, G.
Conjugation and second order properties of convex functions. 1-gen-1991 Gorni, Gianluca
On the Jacobian conjecture for global asymptotic stability. 1-gen-1992 Zampieri, G; Gorni, Gianluca
A criterion of invertibility in the large for local diffeomorphisms between Banach spaces. 1-gen-1993 Gorni, Gianluca
Injectivity onto a star-shaped set for local homeomorphisms in n-space 1-gen-1994 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Local homeo- and diffeomorphisms: invertibility and convex image 1-gen-1994 Gaetano, Zampieri; Gorni, Gianluca
Global inversion of functions: an introduction 1-gen-1994 DE MARCO, Giuseppe; Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Sur les points critiques des fonctions analytiques réelles 1-gen-1995 BARONE NETTO, Angelo; Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Yagzhev polynomial mappings: on the structure of the Taylor expansion of their local inverse 1-gen-1996 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Local extrema of analytic functions 1-gen-1996 BARONE NETTO, Angelo; Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
On the existence of global analytic conjugations for polynomial mappings of Yagzhev type 1-gen-1996 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, G.
On cubic-linear polynomial mappings 1-gen-1997 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Druzkowski matrix search and D-nilpotent automorphisms 1-gen-1999 Gorni, Gianluca; TUTAJ GASINSKA, H; Zampieri, G.
Time reversibility and energy conservation for Lagrangian systems with nonlinear nonholonomic constraints 1-gen-2000 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, G.
On the span invariant for cubic similarity 1-gen-2001 HALSZKA TUTAJ, Gasinska; Gorni, Gianluca
A Computational Method for the Stability of a Class of Mechanical Systems 1-gen-2002 BARONE NETTO, Angelo; CESAR Mauro de, Oliveira; Gorni, Gianluca
On the entrywise powers of matrices 1-gen-2004 Gorni, Gianluca; Tutaj Gasinska, H.
Analytic-non-integrability of an integrable analytic Hamiltonian system 1-gen-2005 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, G.
The degree of the inverse of a polynomial automorphism 1-gen-2006 Brusadin, Sabrina; Gorni, Gianluca
Search for Homogeneous Polynomial Invariants and a Cubic-homogeneous Mapping without Quadratic Invariants 1-gen-2008 DOS SANTOS FREIRE JR, Ricardo; Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
How many n-cycles does period three imply? An elementary approach 1-gen-2008 DEL FABBRO, Chiara; Gorni, Gianluca
Central potentials with closed cruise orbits 1-gen-2009 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, G.
Variational aspects of analytical mechanics 1-gen-2011 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, G.
Aspetti variazionali della meccanica I 1-gen-2013 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Global isochronous potentials 1-gen-2013 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Revisiting Noether's Theorem on constants of motion 1-gen-2014 Gorni, Gianluca; Gaetano, Zampieri
Nonlocal variational constants of motion in dissipative dynamics 1-gen-2017 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Nonstandard separation of variables for the Maxwell–Bloch conservative system 1-gen-2018 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Nonlocal and nonvariational extensions of killing-type equations 1-gen-2018 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
A Quasi Separable Dissipative Maxwell–Bloch System for Laser Dynamics 1-gen-2019 Gorni, Gianluca; Residori, Stefania; Zampieri, Gaetano
Lagrangian dynamics by nonlocal constants of motion 1-gen-2020 Gorni, Gianluca; Zampieri, Gaetano
Anti-VEGF Drugs Dynamics: Relevance for Clinical Practice 1-gen-2022 Veritti, D.; Sarao, V.; Gorni, G.; Lanzetta, P.
Nonlocal constants of motion in Lagrangian Dynamics of any order 1-gen-2022 Gorni, G.; Scomparin, M.; Zampieri, G.
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