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A simple method to obtain pure granule-rich eosynophil fragments (cytosomes) from normal human blood 1-gen-1985 Zabucchi, G; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Menegazzi, R; Talarico Bidoli, L; Patriarca, P.
Inactivation of herpes simplex virus by protein components of bovine neutrophil granules 1-gen-1987 Zerial, A; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Gennaro, R; Romeo, D.
Small, antibacterial and large, inactive peptides of neutrophil granules share immunoreactivity to a monoclonal antibody 1-gen-1988 Marzari, R; Scaggiante, B; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Bittolo, M; Gennaro, R; Romeo, D.
Structure and bactericidal activity of an antibiotic dodecapeptide purified from bovine neutrophils 1-gen-1988 Romeo, D; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Bolognesi, M; Gennaro, R.
Purification, composition and activity of two bactenecins, antibacterial peptides of bovine neutrophils 1-gen-1989 Gennaro, Renato; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Romeo, D.
Rapid membrane permeabilization and inhibition of vital functions of gram-negative bacteria by bactenecins 1-gen-1990 Skerlavaj, Barbara; Romeo, D; Gennaro, Renato
Proteolytic cleavage by neutrophil elastase converts inactive storage proforms to antibacterial bactenecins 1-gen-1992 Scocchi, M; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Romeo, D; Gennaro, Renato
Identification and characterization of a primary antibacterial domain in CAP18, a lipopolysaccharide-binding protein from rabbit leukocytes 1-gen-1994 Tossi, A; Scocchi, M; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Gennaro, Renato
Chemical synthesis, structural features and biological activity of novel mammalian antibiotic peptides identified through amplification of homologous cDna sequences 1-gen-1995 Gennaro, R; Scocchi, M; Storici, P; Tossi, A; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Bagella, L; Risso, Angela; Romeo, D; Zanetti, M.
Cytotoxicity and apoptosis induced by two antimicrobial peptides of the cathelicidin family 1-gen-1996 Risso, Angela; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Zanetti, M; Gennaro, R.
Biological characterization of two novel cathelicidin-derived peptides and identification of structural requirements for their antimicrobial and cell lytic activities 1-gen-1996 Skerlavaj, Barbara; Gennaro, Renato; Bagella, L.; Merluzzi, L.; Risso, Angela; Zanetti, Margherita
Antimicrobial activity and apoptotic potential of cathelicidin-derived peptides of innate immunity 1-gen-1997 Zanetti, M; Scocchi, M; Risso, Angela; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Gennaro, R.
Preliminary evaluation of mammalian antimicrobial peptides as possible therapeutic agents for the control of oppotunistic infections in HIV-infected patients 1-gen-1998 Gennaro, R; Dolzani, L; Scocchi, M; Bontempo, D; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Risso, Angela; Perissin, L; Zanetti, M.
Cooperative activity of alpha4beta1 and alpha4beta7 integrins in mediating human B-cell lymphoma adhesion and chemotaxis on fibronectin through recognition of multiple synergizing binding sites within the central cell-binding domain 1-gen-1999 Yin, Z; Giacomello, E; Gabriele, E; Zardi, L; Aota, S; Yamada, Km; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Doliana, R; Colombatti, Alfonso; Perris, R.
SMAP-29: a potent antibacterial and antifungal peptide from sheep leukocytes 1-gen-1999 Skerlavaj, Barbara; Benincasa, M; Risso, Angela; Zanetti, Margherita; Gennaro, R.
Induction of mitochondrial permeability transition pore by an antimicrobial peptide 1-gen-2000 Risso, Angela; Braidot, Enrico; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Gennaro, R; Zanetti, M; Macrì, F; Vianello, Angelo
Structure and biology of cathelicidins 1-gen-2000 Zanetti, Margherita; Gennaro, R.; Scocchi, M.; Skerlavaj, Barbara
Structural and functional analysis of horse cathelicidin peptides 1-gen-2001 Skerlavaj, Barbara; Scocchi, M; Gennaro, R; Risso, Angela; Zanetti, Margherita
STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERIZATION OF hBD-1(Ser35), A PEPTIDE DEDUCED FROM A DEFB1 POLYMORPHISM 1-gen-2002 Circo, R; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Gennaro, R; Amoroso, A; Zanetti, Margherita
Production of a recombinant antimicrobial peptide in transgenic plants using a modified VMA intein expression system 1-gen-2002 Morassutti, Carla; DE AMICIS, Francesca; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Zanetti, Margherita; Marchetti, Stefano
Cathelicidin peptides as candidates for a novel class of antimicrobials 1-gen-2002 Zanetti, Margherita; Gennaro, R; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Tomasinsig, Linda; Circo, R.
BMAP-28, an antibiotic peptide of innate immunity, induces cell death through opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore 1-gen-2002 Risso, Angela; Braidot, Enrico; Sordano, M; Vianello, Angelo; Macri', Francesco Arturo; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Zanetti, M; Gennaro, R; Bernardi, P.
Antimicrobial activity of SMAP-29 against clinically relevant anaerobic bacteria 1-gen-2003 Arzese, Alessandra; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Tomasinsig, L.
Neutralization of endotoxin in vitro and in vivo by Bac7(1-35), a proline-rich antibacterial peptide 1-gen-2003 Ghiselli, R.; Giacometti, A.; Cirioni, O.; Circo, R.; Mocchegiani, F.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; D'Amato, G.; Scalise, G.; Zanetti, Margherita; Saba, V.
In vitro effect on Cryptosporidium parvum of short-term exposure to cathelicidin peptides 1-gen-2003 Giacometti, A.; Cirioni, O.; DEL PRETE, M. S.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Circo, R.; Zanetti, Margherita; Scalise, G.
In vitro and in vivo antimicrobial activity of two alpha-helical cathelicidin peptides and of their synthetic analogs 1-gen-2003 Benincasa, M.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Gennaro, R.; Pellegrini, A.; Zanetti, Margherita
ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF SMAP-29 AGAINST THE BACTEROIDES FRAGILIS GROUP AND CLOSTRIDIA 1-gen-2003 Arzese, Alessandra; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Tomasinsig, Linda; Gennaro, R; Zanetti, Margherita
LPS- AND LTA-NEUTRALIZING ACTIVITIES OF ALPHA HELICAL CATHELICIDIN PEPTIDES 1-gen-2004 Bergnach, C; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Tomasinsig, L; Giacometti, A; Cirioni, O; Scalise, G; Zanetti, Margherita
The antimicrobial peptide BMAP-28 reduces lethality in mouse models of staphylococcal sepsis 1-gen-2004 Giacometti, A.; Cirioni, O.; Ghiselli, R.; Bergnach, Cristina; Orlando, F.; D'Amato, G.; Mocchegiani, F.; Silvestri, C.; DEL PRETE, M. S.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Saba, V.; Zanetti, Margherita; Scalise, G.
Antimicrobial attivity of BAC7 fragments againts drug-resistant clinical isolates. 1-gen-2004 Benincasa, M.; Scocchi, M.; Podda, E.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Dolzani, L.; Gennaro, R.
Cathelicidin Peptide Sheep Myeloid Antimicrobial Peptide-29 Prevents Endotoxin-induced Mortality in Rat Models of Septic Shock. 1-gen-2004 Giacometti, A.; Cirioni, O.; Ghiselli, R.; Mocchegiani, F.; D'Amato, G.; Circo, R.; Orlando, F.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Silvestri, C.; Saba, V.; Zanetti, Margherita; Scalise, G.
Pre-treatment of central venous catheters with the cathelicidin BMAP-28 enhances the efficacy of antistaphylococcal agents in the treatment of experimental catheter-related infection 1-gen-2006 Cirioni, O.; Giacometti, A.; Ghiselli, R.; Bergnach, Cristina; Orlando, F; Mocchegiani, F.; Silvestri, C.; Licci, A.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Zanetti, Margherita; Saba, V.; Scalise, G.
LL-37 protects rats against lethal sepsis caused by gram-negative bacteria. 1-gen-2006 Cirioni, O.; Giacometti, A.; Ghiselli, R.; Bergnach, Cristina; Orlando, F.; Silvestri, C.; Mocchegiani, F.; Licci, A.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Rocchi, M.; Saba, V.; Zanetti, Margherita; Scalise, G.
RNAIII-INHIBITING PEPTIDE IN COMBINATION WITH THE CATHELICIDIN BMAP-28 REDUCES LETHALITY IN MOUSE MODELS OF STAPHYLOCOCCAL SEPSIS 1-gen-2006 Ghiselli, R; Giacometti, A; Cirioni, O; Dell'Acqua, G; Bergnach, Cristina; Orlando, F; Mocchegiani, F; Silvestri, C; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Licci, A; Balaban, N; Zanetti, Margherita; Scalise, G; Saba, V.
EFFECTS OF THE ANTIMICROBIAL PEPTIDE BMAP-27 IN A MOUSE MODEL OF OBSTRUCTIVE JAUNDICE STIMULATED BY LIPOPOLYSACCHARIDE 1-gen-2006 Ghiselli, R; Cirioni, O; Giacometti, A; Mocchegiani, F; Orlando, F; Bergnach, Cristina; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Silvestri, C; Vittoria, A. D.; Zanetti, Margherita; Rocchi, M; Scalise, G; Saba, V.
Mechanistic and functional studies of the interaction of a proline-rich antimicrobial peptide with mammalian cells 1-gen-2006 Tomasinsig, Linda; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Papo, N.; Giabbai, B.; Shai, Y.; Zanetti, Margherita
Characterization of autophagic cellular response induced by the human host-defence peptide LL-37 1-gen-2007 D'Este, Francesca; Copetti, T.; Crivellato, Enrico; Tomasinsig, Linda; Sgorbissa, Andrea; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Demarchi, F.; Zanetti, Margherita
hCAP18 binds and inhibits the activity of the stress responsive enzyme Heme Oxygenase I 1-gen-2007 Sgorbissa, Andrea; D'Este, Francesca; Tomasinsig, Linda; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Zanetti, Margherita
The antimicrobial peptide BMAP-28 inhibits LPS-and taxol-induced NO production in murine macrophages 1-gen-2007 Skerlavaj, Barbara; D'Este, Francesca; Sgorbissa, Andrea; Tomasinsig, Linda; Zanetti, Margherita
The human host defense peptide LL-37 promotes fibroblast proliferation in a structure- and receptor-dependent manner 1-gen-2007 Tomasinsig, Linda; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Pizzirani, C; Di Virgilio, F; Tossi, A; Zanetti, Margherita
The human cathelicidin peptide LL-37 induces autophagy in mammalian cells 1-gen-2007 D’Este, F; Copetti, T; Crivellato, Enrico; Tomasinsig, L; Sgorbissa, A; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Isola, Miriam; Demarchi, F; Zanetti, M.
BMAP-28 IMPROVES THE EFFICACY OF VANCOMYCIN IN RAT MODELS OF GRAM-POSITIVE COCCI URETERAL STENT INFECTION 1-gen-2008 Orlando, F; Ghiselli, R; Cirioni, O; Minardi, D; Tomasinsig, Linda; Mocchegiani, F; Silvestri, C; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Riva, A; Muzzonigro, G; Saba, V; Scalise, G; Zanetti, Margherita; Giacometti, A.
The human cathelicidin LL-37 modulates the activities of the P2X7 receptor in a structure-dependent manner 1-gen-2008 Tomasinsig, Linda; Pizzirani, C; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Pellegatti, P; Gulinelli, S; Tossi, A; DI VIRGILIO, F; Zanetti, Margherita
EFFICACY OF LL-37 AND GRANULOCYTE-COLONY STIMULATING FACTOR IN A NEUTROPENIC MURINE SEPSIS DUE TO PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA 1-gen-2008 Cirioni, O; Ghiselli, R; Tomasinsig, Linda; Orlando, F; Silvestri, C; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Abruzzetti, A; Rocchi, M; Saba, V; Zanetti, Margherita; Scalise, G; Giacometti, A.
Structure-dependence of biological activities for primate cathelicidins 1-gen-2009 Tomasinsig, Linda; Morgera, F; Antcheva, N; Pacor, S; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Zanetti, Margherita; Tossi, A.
Role of Cathelicidin Peptides in Bovine Host Defense and Healing 1-gen-2010 Tomasinsig, Linda; Benincasa, M; Scocchi, M; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Tossi, A; Zanetti, Margherita; Gennaro, R.
Broad-spectrum activity against bacterial mastitis pathogens and activation of mammary epithelial cells support a protective role of neutrophil cathelicidins in bovine mastitis 1-gen-2010 Tomasinsig, Linda; DE CONTI, Gennyfer; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Piccinini, R; Mazzilli, M; D'Este, Francesca; Tossi, A; Zanetti, Margherita
Comparative activity and mechanism of action of three types of bovine antimicrobial peptides against pathogenic Prototheca spp 1-gen-2012 Tomasinsig, Linda; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Scarsini, Michele; Guida, F; Piccinini, R; Tossi, A; Zanetti, Margherita
Modulation of cytokine gene expression by cathelicidin BMAP-28 in LPS-stimulated and –unstimulated macrophages 1-gen-2012 D’Este, F.; Tomasinsig, L.; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Zanetti, Margherita
Antifungal activity of cathelicidin peptides against planktonic and biofilm cultures of Candida species isolated from vaginal infections 1-gen-2015 Scarsini, Michele; Tomasinsig, Linda; Arzese, Alessandra; D'Este, Francesca; Oro, Debora; Skerlavaj, Barbara
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