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An evolutionary interpretation of ethnic networks: the Chinese example 1-gen-2007 Pauluzzo, Rubens; TIBERI VIPRAIO, Patrizia
Il sistema bancario cinese: struttura e credito alle piccole e medie imprese 1-gen-2008 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Pauluzzo, Rubens
The structure of the chinese banking system and credit access problems for SMEs 1-gen-2008 Geretto, E.; Pauluzzo, R.
Small Business Entrepreneurship and the Internal Determinants of International Behaviour 1-gen-2008 Mason, Michela Cesarina; Pauluzzo, Rubens
SMEs: The Path towards International Success 1-gen-2009 Mason, Michela Cesarina; Pauluzzo, R.
Imprenditorialità, Internazionalizzazione e Governance nelle Piccole Imprese: un’Analisi Empirica sulle Determinanti dell’International Performance, in “Corporate governante: governo, controllo e struttura finanziaria 1-gen-2009 Lokar, A; Mason, Michela Cesarina; Pauluzzo, R.
Cultural Values, HRM and Performance of Italian Companies in China 1-gen-2009 Pauluzzo, Rubens
The Chinese Banking System: Economic Performance and Prospects for Future Development 1-gen-2009 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Pauluzzo, Rubens
How Cultural Determinants May Affect HRM: The Case of Italian Companies in China 1-gen-2010 Pauluzzo, Rubens
Values, Beliefs, artifacts and avatars. Cultural issues mediated by Virtual Worlds 1-gen-2010 Cagnina, Maria Rosita; Pauluzzo, R; Poian, M.
La borsa valori in Cina: struttura e problematiche 1-gen-2011 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Pauluzzo, R.
The International Evolution of Italian and Chinese Districts: What Role for Lead Firms? 1-gen-2011 Giansoldati, Marco; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Cultural Distance and Entry Mode Choice: Evidence from the North-Adriatic Area 1-gen-2011 Pauluzzo, Rubens
Stock Exchange Markets in China: Structure and Main Problems 1-gen-2012 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Pauluzzo, R.
Differenze culturali e risorse umane: il caso delle imprese italiane in Cina 1-gen-2012 Pauluzzo, Rubens
Integrazione dell’Alto Adriatico: Differenze Culturali e Prospettive di Business nella Regione 1-gen-2012 Pauluzzo, Rubens
Un modello strutturale per interpretare la customer satisfaction nelle banche di piccole dimensioni 1-gen-2013 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Mason, Michela Cesarina; Pauluzzo, Rubens
The Yin Yang perspective on culture and cross-cultural management: Pilot studies from diverse national and organizational contexts 1-gen-2013 Fang, Tony; Burcin Erarslan, Ayse; Pauluzzo, Rubens; Valk, Reimara; Guillaumon, Siegrid; Cordeiro-Nilsson, Cheryl; Volkov, Mikhail
Stock echange markets in Hong Kong: structure and main problems 1-gen-2013 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Foreign Market Entry Strategies in the North-Adriatic Area 1-gen-2013 Pauluzzo, Rubens
A Structural Model to Explain Customer Repurchase Intentions in Co-operative Banks 1-gen-2014 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Direct and Indirect Determinants of Customer Behavioural Intentions in Retail Co-operative Banks 1-gen-2015 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Knowledge Management and Risk Culture in the Banking Industry: Relations and Problems 1-gen-2015 Geretto, Enrico Fioravante; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Cultural Dynamics and their Impact on Knowledge and Organizational Strategies of Multinational Corporations 1-gen-2016 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Cagnina, Maria Rosita
Internal application of IR principles: Generali's Internal Integrated Reporting 1-gen-2016 Mio, Chiara; Fasan, Marco; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Project organizations and different levels of culture in Hungary and Italy 1-gen-2017 Csepregi, Anikó; Pauluzzo, Rubens
The art of war? The role of cultural distance in IJVs Knowledge management processes 1-gen-2017 Pauluzzo, R.; Cagnina, Maria Rosita
Emerging Chinese Fashion Brands: The Silent Revolution? 1-gen-2017 Massarini, Monia; Pauluzzo, Rubens
National Culture or Sectoral Culture? Analysis of Project Organizations in Hungary and Italy 1-gen-2017 Csepregi, Anikó; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Evaluating Customers' Behavioral Intentions in Less Significant Financial Institutions 1-gen-2017 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Geretto, Enrico Fioravante
Bridging the divide: intercultural competences to reconcile the knowledge transfer dilemma in multinational contexts 1-gen-2017 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Cagnina, Maria Rosita
Impact of Culture on Management of Foreign SMEs in China 1-gen-2018 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Shen, Bin
Validating the EUCS Model to Measure the Level of Satisfaction of Internet Users in Local Banks in Italy 1-gen-2018 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Geretto, Enrico Fioravante
Ethnicity versus country-of-origin effects: A situational process-focused approach towards designer fashion brand evaluation 1-gen-2018 Pelet, Jean-Eric; Massarini, Monia; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Managing paradoxes, dilemmas, and change. A case study to apply the Yin Yang wisdom in Western organizational settings 1-gen-2018 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Guarda, Marta; De Pretto, Laura; Fang, Tony
A passage to India: cultural distance issues in IJVs’ knowledge management 1-gen-2019 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Cagnina, Maria Rosita
Applying Yin Yang Wisdom in Western Organizational Settings: Using Interviews, Documents, and Field Observations for Cross-Cultural Research 1-gen-2020 Pauluzzo, Rubens
Learning tools to develop cultural intelligence for SMFEs: the role of social cognitive processes 1-gen-2020 Pauluzzo, Rubens
Gaining insight into country image: a moderated mediation analysis of the perception of Italy across seven emerging markets 1-gen-2021 De Nisco, Alessandro; Mason, Michela C.; Rosaria Napolitano, Maria; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Cultural intelligence development in internationalising SMEs: experiential and social learning mechanisms for successful owner-managers 1-gen-2021 Pauluzzo, Rubens
Il trattamento contabile degli intangible asset nel bilancio delle imprese di assicurazione. Dal bilancio di esercizio all’integrated reporting 1-gen-2021 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Fedele, Paolo
The imitation game: building cultural intelligence as a social learning capability to boost SMEs' international performance 1-gen-2021 Pauluzzo, R.
L’evoluzione delle forme della rendicontazione: il bilancio di missione nelle organizzazioni sindacali 1-gen-2022 Fedele, Paolo; Iacuzzi, Silvia; Garlatti, Andrea; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Recycling habits and environmental responses to fast-fashion consumption: Enhancing the theory of planned behavior to predict Generation Y consumers’ purchase decisions 1-gen-2022 Mason, M. C.; Pauluzzo, Rubens; Umar, RANA MUHAMMAD
Yin-Yang balancing: a novel way of managing firms’ entrepreneurial orientation paradoxes 1-gen-2022 Pauluzzo, R.
A multi-dimensional view of consumer value to explain socially-responsible consumer behavior: a fuzzy-set analysis of Generation Y’s fast-fashion consumers 1-gen-2022 Pauluzzo, Rubens; Mason, Michela Cesarina
Public sector digitalization: opportunities and paradoxes 1-gen-2023 Garlatti, Andrea; Fedele, Paolo; Iacuzzi, Silvia; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Public sector accounting education: international trends and Italian curricula 1-gen-2023 Pericolo, E.; Fedele, P.; Iacuzzi, S.; Pauluzzo, R.; Garlatti, A.
Rethinking Performance-based Budgeting: The Case of the Russian Healthcare System 1-gen-2023 Dokalskaya, Irina; Pauluzzo, Rubens
Amidst technology, environment and human touch. Understanding elderly customers in the bank retail sector 1-gen-2023 Mason, Michela C.; Zamparo, Gioele; Pauluzzo, Rubens
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