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A Note on a theorem of Horikawa 1-gen-1997 Zucconi, Francesco
Surfaces with Canonical Map Of Degree Three and $K^{2}=3p_{g}-5$ 1-gen-1997 Zucconi, Francesco
Numerical inequalities for surfaces with canonical map composed with a pencil 1-gen-1998 Zucconi, Francesco
A note on a conjecture of Xiao 1-gen-2000 BARJA Miguel, Angel; Zucconi, Francesco
On The Slope of Fibred Surfaces 1-gen-2001 Barja, M. A.; Zucconi, Francesco
Abelian Covers and Isotrivial Canonical Fibrations 1-gen-2001 Zucconi, Francesco
Generalized hyperelliptic surfaces 1-gen-2003 Zucconi, Francesco
Variations of the Albanese Morphism 1-gen-2003 G. P., Pirola; Zucconi, Francesco
Surfaces with p(g) = q=2 and an irrational pencil 1-gen-2003 Zucconi, Francesco
The adjoint theorem 1-gen-2004 Zucconi, Francesco
Birational Geometry of 3-fold Mori Fiber Space 1-gen-2004 G., Brown; A., Corti; Zucconi, Francesco
Polygonal cycles in higher Chow groups of Jacobians 1-gen-2004 Naranjo, J. C; Pirola, G. P; Zucconi, Francesco
Very Ampleness and the infinitesimal Torelli problem 1-gen-2008 Garra, U.; Zucconi, Francesco
Graded Rings of rank 2 Sarkisov links 1-gen-2010 Brown, Gavin; Zucconi, Francesco
Gonality, apolarity and hypercubics 1-gen-2011 DE POI, Pietro; Zucconi, Francesco
Fermat hypersurfaces and subcanonical curves 1-gen-2011 DE POI, Pietro; Zucconi, Francesco
Spin curves and Scorza quartics 1-gen-2011 Takagi, H.; Zucconi, Francesco
Geometries of lines and conics on the quintic del Pezzo threefold and its application to varieties of power sums. 1-gen-2012 Takagi, H; Zucconi, Francesco
The moduli space of genus 4 even spin curves is rational 1-gen-2012 Takagi, H.; Zucconi, Francesco
On subcanonical Gorenstein varieties and apolarity 1-gen-2013 DE POI, Pietro; Zucconi, Francesco
A note on Harris Morrison sweeping families 1-gen-2015 Beorchia, Valentina; Zucconi, Francesco
Mori dream spaces and birational rigidity of Fano 3-folds 1-gen-2016 Ahmadinezhad, Hamid; Zucconi, Francesco
Generalized adjoint forms on algebraic varieties 1-gen-2017 Rizzi, Luca; Zucconi, Francesco
Circle of Sarkisov Links on a Fano 3-fold 1-gen-2017 Ahmadinezhad, Hamid; Zucconi, Francesco
A note on Torelli-type theorems for Gorenstein curves 1-gen-2017 Rizzi, Luca; Zucconi, Francesco
Recent advances on the theory of Scorza quartics 1-gen-2018 Zucconi, Francesco
The rationality of the moduli space of one-pointed ineffective spin hyperelliptic curves via an almost del Pezzo threefold 1-gen-2018 Takagi, Hiromichi; Zucconi, Francesco
On Green's proof of infinitesimal Torelli theorem for hypersurfaces 1-gen-2018 Rizzi, Luca; Zucconi, Francesco
On the slope of fourgonal semistable fibrations 1-gen-2018 Beorchia, Valentina; Zucconi, Francesco
Trigonal Deformations of Rank One and Jacobians 1-gen-2019 Beorchia, Valentina; Pirola, Gian Pietro; Zucconi, Francesco
Weighted Fano varieties and infinitesimal Torelli problem 1-gen-2019 Fatighenti, Enrico; Rizzi, Luca; Zucconi, Francesco
Interactive tools to support Linear Algebra students: GeoUniud 1-gen-2020 Lepellere, M. A.; Zucconi, F.; SALAHI AL ASBAHI, Nizar; N., Carminati
INTERACTIVE TOOLS FOR LINEAR ALGEBRA: GEOUNIUD 1-gen-2020 Lepellere, Maria Antonietta; Zucconi, Francesco; Al Asbahi, Nizar Salahi; Carminati, Alberto
The Rationality of the Moduli Space of Two-pointed Ineffective Spin Hyperelliptic Curves 1-gen-2020 Zucconi, F.
Differential forms and quadrics of the canonical image 1-gen-2020 Rizzi, L.; Zucconi, F.
MATUNIUD: TOOLS FOR LINEAR ALGEBRA 1-gen-2020 Lepellere, Ma; Zucconi, F; Al Asbahi, Ns; Carminati, A
The surface of Gauss double points 1-gen-2021 Corvaja, P.; Zucconi, F.
A geometrical interpretation of Okubo Spin group 1-gen-2022 Corradetti, D.; Zucconi, F.
On birationally trivial families and adjoint quadrics 1-gen-2022 Cesarano, L.; Rizzi, L.; Zucconi, F.
On integral points of some Fano threefolds and their Hilbert schemes of lines and conics 1-gen-2023 Corvaja, P.; Zucconi, F.
Quartic surfaces, their bitangents and rational points 1-gen-2023 Corvaja, P.; Zucconi, F.
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