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Data fusion of aerial and terrestrial LiDAR datasets for sediment transport modelling 1-gen-2015 De Luca, A; Cucchiaro, Sara; Blasone, Giacomo; Cavalli, M; Cazorzi, Federico
Effects of check dams on sediment dynamics in a debris-flow catchment 1-gen-2016 Cucchiaro, Sara; Calsamiglia, A; Cavalli, M; Cazorzi, Federico; Crema, S; Marchi, L.
Uso di dati LiDAR aereo e terrestre per la modellazione della dinamica del sedimento 1-gen-2016 Cucchiaro, S; Cavalli, M; De Luca, A; Marchi, L; Cazorzi, Federico
Assessing the effects of check dams on sediment dynamics in a debris-flow catchment through SfM technique 1-gen-2017 Cucchiaro, Sara; Beinat, Alberto; Calsamiglia, Aleix; Cavalli, Marco; Crema, Stefano; Marchi, Lorenzo; Cazorzi, Federico
From SfM photogrammetry to DoDs: a methodological workflow to monitor topographic changes in a debris-flow catchment 1-gen-2017 Cucchiaro, S.; Cavalli, M.; Vericat, D.; Crema, S.; Llena, M.; Beinat, A.; Marchi, L.; Cazorzi, F.
4D-SFM photogrammetry for monitoring sediment dynamics in a debris-flow catchment: Software testing and results comparison 1-gen-2018 Cucchiaro, S.; Maset, E.; Fusiello, A.; Cazorzi, F.
Monitoring topographic changes through 4D-structure-from-motion photogrammetry: application to a debris-flow channel 1-gen-2018 Cucchiaro, Sara; Cavalli, Marco; Vericat, Damià; Crema, Stefano; Llena, Manel; Beinat, Alberto; Marchi, Lorenzo; Cazorzi, Federico
Debris flow monitoring in the Moscardo catchment: recent research and future development. 1-gen-2019 Cavalli, M.; Cazorzi, F.; Crema, S.; Cucchiaro, S.; Marchi, L.
Geomorphic effectiveness of check dams in a debris-flow catchment using multi-temporal topographic surveys 1-gen-2019 Cucchiaro, Sara; Cavalli, Marco; Vericat, Damià; Crema, Stefano; Llena, Manel; Beinat, Alberto; Marchi, Lorenzo; Cazorzi, Federico
Multi-temporal analysis of the role of check dams in a debris-flow channel: Linking structural and functional connectivity 1-gen-2019 Cucchiaro, Sara; Cazorzi, Federico; Marchi, Lorenzo; Crema, Stefano; Beinat, Alberto; Cavalli, Marco
Analyzing topographic changes through LiDAR and SfM techniques: assessing the deposition-erosion patterns and estimation of debris-flow volume in the eastern Italian Alps 1-gen-2020 Chen, Xuewei; Cucchiaro, Sara; Bernard, Martino; Mauri, Luca; Chen, Jianping; Tarolli, Paolo; Gregoretti, Carlo
Minor imbalance of the lowermost Italian glacier from 2006 to 2019 1-gen-2020 De Marco, J.; Carturan, L.; Piermattei, L.; Cucchiaro, S.; Moro, D.; Fontana, G. D.; Cazorzi, F.
The glaciated landscape across the First World War front: Quantitative reconstructions based on digitized historical images and modern techniques 1-gen-2020 Carturan, L.; Bondesan, A.; Carton, A.; Cazorzi, F.; Cucchiaro, S.; De Marco, J.; Piermattei, L.
How does co-registration affect geomorphic change estimates in multi-temporal surveys? 1-gen-2020 Cucchiaro, S.; Maset, E.; Cavalli, M.; Crema, S.; Marchi, L.; Beinat, A.; Cazorzi, F.
Assessing sediment dynamics and torrent control works efficiency in a debris flow catchment using multi-temporal topographic surveys 1-gen-2021 Cucchiaro, S.
Assessment of sediment connectivity through a geomorphometric approach 1-gen-2021 Cavalli, M.; Crema, S.; Cucchiaro, S.; Macchi, G.; Trevisani, S.; Marchi, L.
Monitoring of vegetated agricultural terraces systems through SfM-TLS data fusion technique 1-gen-2021 Cucchiaro, S.; Fallu, D.; Brown, A. G.; Tarolli, P.
Debris flows recorded in the Moscardo catchment (Italian Alps) between 1990 and 2019 1-gen-2021 Marchi, L.; Cazorzi, F.; Arattano, M.; Cucchiaro, S.; Cavalli, M.; Crema, S.
Mapping vegetation-induced obstruction in agricultural ditches: A low-cost and flexible approach by UAV-SfM 1-gen-2021 Cucchiaro, S.; Straffelini, E.; Chang, K. -J.; Tarolli, P.
UAV-SFM 4D mapping of landslides activated in a steep terraced agricultural area 1-gen-2021 Mauri, L.; Straffelini, E.; Cucchiaro, S.; Tarolli, P.
Soil organic carbon stabilization mechanisms and temperature sensitivity in old terraced soils 1-gen-2021 Zhao, P.; Fallu, D. J.; Cucchiaro, S.; Tarolli, P.; Waddington, C.; Cockcroft, D.; Snape, L.; Lang, A.; Doetterl, S.; Brown, A. G.; Van Oost, K.
Volume estimation of soil stored in agricultural terrace systems: A geomorphometric approach 1-gen-2021 Cucchiaro, S.; Paliaga, G.; Fallu, D. J.; Pears, B. R.; Walsh, K.; Zhao, P.; Van Oost, K.; Snape, L.; Lang, A.; Brown, A. G.; Tarolli, P.
Assessing repeatability and reproducibility of structure-from-motion photogrammetry for 3d terrain mapping of riverbeds 1-gen-2021 De Marco, J.; Maset, E.; Cucchiaro, S.; Beinat, A.; Cazorzi, F.
Mapping potential surface ponding in agriculture using UAV-SfM 1-gen-2021 Straffelini, E.; Cucchiaro, S.; Tarolli, P.
Geomorphometric approach to estimate soil volumes stored in agricultural terrace systems for cultural landscape management 1-gen-2022 Cucchiaro, S.; Paliaga, G.; Fallu, D. J.; Brown, A. G.; Tarolli, P.
Vegetation-induced occlusions in agricultural ditches: rapid, low-cost and flexible mapping by UAV-SfM 1-gen-2022 Cucchiaro, S.; Straffelini, E.; Chang, K. J.; Tarolli, P.
Multi-temporal geomorphometric analysis to assess soil erosion under different tillage practices: A methodological case study 1-gen-2022 Cucchiaro, Sara; Carretta, Laura; Nasta, Paolo; Cazorzi, Federico; Masin, Roberta; Romano, Nunzio; Tarolli, Paolo
Tides, Topography, and Seagrass Cover Controls on the Spatial Distribution of Pinna nobilis on a Coastal Lagoon Tidal Flat 1-gen-2022 Silvestri, S.; Capra, V.; Cucchiaro, S.; Pivato, M.; Tarolli, P.
Evaluating the interaction between snowmelt runoff and road in the occurrence of hillslope instabilities affecting a landslide-prone mountain basin: A multi-modeling approach 1-gen-2022 Mauri, L.; Cucchiaro, S.; Grigolato, S.; Dalla Fontana, G.; Tarolli, P.
Century-long multi-source analyses highlight decreasing vulnerability for a small, debris-covered and avalanche-fed glacier in the eastern Italian Alps 1-gen-2022 De Marco, J.; Carturan, L.; Maset, E.; Cucchiaro, S.; Visintini, D.; De Infanti, R.; Cazorzi, F.
Multi-Scalar analysis of Terrace use and Abandonment in Soave, northern Italy. 1-gen-2023 Fallu, Daniel; Cucchiaro, Sara; Lang, Andreas; Albert, Rosa Maria
Digging up into windstorms aftermath: understanding the effect of harvesting systems on salvage logging wood residues spatial distribution 1-gen-2023 Udali, Alberto; Cucchiaro, Sara; Lingua, Emanuele; Grigolato, Stefano
Multi-temporal and multi-scale remote sensing techniques to assess the risk of crop production in soil salinization scenario 1-gen-2023 Cucchiaro, Sara; Nikolic, Nebojsa; Straffelini, Eugenio; Masin, Roberta; Tarolli, Paolo
Multi-temporal analysis to asses different conservative cultural management on erosion processes in steep-slope agriculture through remote sensing techniques. 1-gen-2023 López-Vicente, Manuel; Cucchiaro, Sara; Tarolli, Paolo
Remote sensing techniques to assess the weeds adaptability to salinity stress induced by soil changes 1-gen-2023 Nikolić, Nebojša; Cucchiaro, Sara; Straffelini, Eugenio; Tarolli, Paolo; Masin, Roberta
Assessing the long-term effectiveness of channel control works and supporting watershed management through sediment dynamics studies 1-gen-2023 Cucchiaro, Sara; Martini, Lorenzo; Maset, Eleonora; Pellegrini, Giacomo; Chiarel, Giorgia; Piccinin, Francesco; Poli, Maria Eliana; Beinat, Alberto; Cazorzi, Federico; Picco, Lorenzo
Heroic viticulture: Environmental and socioeconomic challenges of unique heritage landscapes 1-gen-2023 Tarolli, P.; Wang, W.; Pijl, A.; Cucchiaro, S.; Straffelini, E.
The effectiveness of channel control works: how multi-temporal sediment dynamics analysis could support watershed management 1-gen-2023 Cucchiaro, Sara; Martini, Lorenzo; Cazorzi, Federico; Picco, Lorenzo
A model-based early warning system for runoff-generated debris-flow occurrence: Preliminary results 1-gen-2023 Cazorzi, F.; Barbini, M.; Beinat, A.; Bernard, M.; Boreggio, M.; Cesca, M.; Cucchiaro, S.; Dainese, R.; De Luca, A.; Demmler, C.; Gregoretti, C.; Hagen, K.; Lechner, V.; Maset, E.; Neuhauser, M.; Nicolosi, P.; Zingerle, C.
Early to Middle Bronze Age agricultural terraces in north-east England: morphology, dating and cultural implications 1-gen-2023 Brown, Ag; Fallu, D; Cucchiaro, S; Alonso-Eguiluz, M; Albert, Rm; Walsh, K; Pears, Br; Scaife, R; Langdon, C; Tarolli, P; Cockroft, D; Snape, L; Lang, Ad; Ascough, P; Zhao, Pz; Van Oost, K; Waddington, C
Quantifying soil properties relevant to soil organic carbon biogeochemical cycles by infrared spectroscopy: The importance of compositional data analysis 1-gen-2023 Zhao, P.; Fallu, D. J.; Pears, B. R.; Allonsius, C.; Lembrechts, J. J.; Van de Vondel, S.; Meysman, F. J. R.; Cucchiaro, S.; Tarolli, P.; Shi, P.; Six, J.; Brown, A. G.; van Wesemael, B.; Van Oost, K.
Multi-temporal analysis to support the management of torrent control structures 1-gen-2024 Cucchiaro, S.; Martini, L.; Maset, E.; Pellegrini, G.; Poli, M. E.; Beinat, A.; Cazorzi, F.; Picco, L.
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