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Analysis of flavonoids by HPLC and MEKC with ultraviolet diode array detection 1-gen-1993 Pietta, Pg; Mauri, Pl; Pellegrini, N; Brighenti, F
Lipid and vitamin composition in red blood cells and relation with wine consumption 1-gen-1993 Simonetti, P; Pellegrini, N; Brusamolino, A; Casiraghi, Mc
Effect of processing on rice starch digestibility evaluated by in vivo and in vitro techniques 1-gen-1993 C., Casiraghi; Brighenti, Furio; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; E., Leopardi; G., Testolin
The influence of alcohol and polyphenolic compounds of wine on the health of moderate drinkers 1-gen-1994 Simonetti, P; Brusamolino, A; Pellegrini, N; Testolin, G.
Gastric emptying of solids is markedly delayed when meals are fried 1-gen-1994 L., Benini; Brighenti, Furio; G., Castellani; M. T., Brentegani; M. C., Casiraghi; O., Ruzzenente; C., Sembenini; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; S., Caliari; M., Porrini; I., Vantini
Dietary flavonoids and oxidative stress 1-gen-1995 Pietta, Pg; Simonetti, P; Roggi, C; Brusamolino, A; Pellegrini, N; Maccarini, L; Testolin, G
Gastric emptying of a solid meal is accelerated by the removal of dietary fibre naturally present in food 1-gen-1995 L., Benini; G., Castellani; Brighenti, Furio; M. T., Brentegani; K. W., Heaton; M. C., Casiraghi; C., Sembenini; A., Fioretta; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; G., Minniti; M., Porrini; I., Vantini; G., Testolin
Comparison of lactulose and inulin as reference standard for the study of resistant starch fermentation using hydrogen breath test 1-gen-1995 Brighenti, F.; Casiraghi, Mc; Pellegrini, N; Riso, P; Simonetti, P; Testolin, G
In vitro studies to predict physiological effects of dietary fibre 1-gen-1995 Brighenti, F.; Pellegrini, N.; Casiraghi, Mc.; Testolin, G.
Evaluation of the effect of alcohol consumption on erythrocyte lipids and vitamins in a healthy population 1-gen-1995 P., Simonetti; A., Brusamolino; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; P., Viani; G., Clemente; C., Roggi; B., Cestaro
Antiossidanti nella dieta di una popolazione generale 1-gen-1996 Roggi, C; Simonetti, P; Maccarini, L; Merlo, E; Brusamolino, A; Pellegrini, N; Pietta, ; P, G.
Effect of red wine consumption on rat liver peroxidation 1-gen-1996 P., Simonetti; G., Cervato; A., Brusamolino; P., Gatti; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; B., Cestaro
Composition of platelet phospholipids after moderate consumption of red wine in healthy volunteers 1-gen-1996 Pellegrini, Nicoletta; P., Simonetti; A., Brusamolino; B., Bottasso; F. I., Pareti
Effects of moderate consumption of red wine on platelet aggregation and haemostatic variables in healthy volunteers 1-gen-1996 Pellegrini, Nicoletta; F. I., Pareti; F., Stabile; A., Brusamolino; P., Simonetti
. Antioxidant activity of green tea: in vivo study 1-gen-1997 Simonetti, P; Pietta, Pg; Pellegrini, N; Morazzoni, P; Bombardelli, E; Testolin, G
Direct evaluation of antioxidant activity of extra-virgin olive oil 1-gen-1999 Brighenti, F; Cammarata, T; Pellegrini, N.
Evaluation of the “antioxidant power” of olive oils based on a FIA system with amperometric detection 1-gen-1999 Mannino, S; Buratti, S; Cosio, Ms; Pellegrini, Nicoletta
Antioxidant activity applying an improved ABTS radical cation decolorization assay 1-gen-1999 Re, R.; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Proteggente, A.; Pannala, A.; Yang, M.; RICE EVANS, C. A.
Screening of dietary carotenoids and carotenoid-rich fruit extracts for antioxidant activities applying the 2,2’-azinobis(3- ethylenebenzothiazoline-6- sulfonic acid) radical cation decolorization assay 1-gen-1999 Pellegrini, N.; Re, R.; Yang, M.; RICE-EVANS, Ca.
Polyphenol content and total antioxidant activity of Vini Novelli (young red wines) 1-gen-2000 Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Simonetti, P.; Gardana, C.; Brenna, O.; Brighenti, Furio
Antioxidant activity in human faeces 1-gen-2000 Garsetti, M.; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Baggio, C.; Brighenti, Furio
Tomato consumption does not affect the total antioxidant capacity of plasma 1-gen-2000 Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Riso, P; Porrini, M.
Alimenti salutari, biologici e funzionali 1-gen-2001 DEL RIO, D.; Pellegrini, N; Brighenti, F.
An improved fluorimetric method to evaluate malondialdehyde in human plasma 1-gen-2001 DEL RIO, Daniele; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Bianchi, M; Musci, Marilena; Careri, M; Brighenti, Furio
A flow-injection method based on ABTS radical cation to evaluate the total antioxidant activity of fruit extracts. 1-gen-2001 Pellegrini, N; Del Rio, D; Finocchiaro, F; Brighenti, F
Direct analysis of total antioxidant activity of olive oil and studies on the influence of heating 1-gen-2001 Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Visioli, F; Buratti, S; Brighenti, Furio
Rapid electrochemical method for the evaluation of the antioxidant power of some lipophilic food extracts 1-gen-2001 Buratti, S; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Brenna, Ov; Mannino, S.
Analytical approaches to measure the oxidative stability of olive oils 1-gen-2002 Pellegrini, N.
Selected methodologies to assess oxidative/antioxidant status in vivo: a critical review 1-gen-2002 DEL RIO, D.; Serafini, M; Pellegrini, N.
Screening of adhesion properties of probiotic microorganisms to Caco-2 cells: development of a fluorescence-based method 1-gen-2003 Bianchi, M; Sansebastiano, Ge; Del Rio, D; Pellegrini, N; Brighenti, F
Edible wild greens: a potentially rich source of antioxidants in the Italian diet 1-gen-2003 Pellegrini, N; Frasca, G; Salvatore, S; Colombi, B; Brenna, O; Tumino, R; Del Rio, D; Brighenti, F
Total antioxidant capacity of plant foods, beverages and oils consumed in Italy assessed by three different in vitro assays 1-gen-2003 Pellegrini, N; Serafini, M; Colombi, B; DEL RIO, D; Salvatore, S; Bianchi, M; Brighenti, F.
Application of the 2,2'-Azinobis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) Radical Cation Assay to a Flow Injection System for the Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Some Pure Compounds and Beverages 1-gen-2003 Pellegrini, N; DEL RIO, D; Colombi, B; Bianchi, M; Brighenti, F.
A rapid fluorimetric method to detect total plasma malondialdehyde with mild derivatization conditions 1-gen-2003 DEL RIO, D; Pellegrini, N; Colombi, B; Bianchi, M; Serafini, M; Torta, F; Tegoni, M; Musci, M; Brighenti, F.
Antioxidant intake from edile wild vegetables in the EPIC cohort of Ragusa, Sicily 1-gen-2004 Tumino, R; Frasca, G; Pellegrini, N; Salvatore, S; Krogh, V
The effect of common domestic cooking methods on total antioxidant capacity of vegetables consumed in Italy 1-gen-2004 Pellegrini, N.; Salvatore, S; Serafini, M; DEL RIO, D; Bianchi, M; Brighenti, F
A fluorescence-based method for the detection of adhesive properties of lactic acid bacteria to Caco-2 cells 1-gen-2004 Bianchi, Ma; DEL RIO, D; Pellegrini, N; Sansebastiano, G; Neviani, E; Brighenti, F.
Redox molecules and cancer prevention: The importance of understanding the role of the antioxidant network 1-gen-2005 Serafini, M; Villano Valencia, D; Spera, G; Pellegrini, N
Association between dietary lignans and markers of cardiovascular disease in adult Italian subjects 1-gen-2005 Pellegrini, N; Valtuena, S; Scazzina, F; Franzini, L; Ardigo', D; DEL RIO, D; Zavaroni, I; Brighenti, F.
Evidence of protective effect of dietary antioxidant on breast cancer risk in the prospective cohort of ORDET 1-gen-2005 Pala, V; Sieri, S; Brighenti, F; Krogh, V; Salvatore, S; DEL RIO, D.; Serafini, M; Fusconi, E; Grioni, S; Panzone, L; Micheli, A; Crosignani, P; Berrino, F; Pellegrini, N.
A review of recent studies on malondialdehyde as a toxic molecule and a biological marker of oxidative stress 1-gen-2005 DEL RIO, D.; Stewart, Aj; Pellegrini, N
Antioxidant characterization of some Sicilian edible wild greens 1-gen-2005 Salvatore, S; Pellegrini, N; Brenna, Ov; DEL RIO, D; Frasca, G; Brighenti, F.; Tumino, R.
Plant genotype affects total antioxidant capacity and phenolic contents in fruit 1-gen-2005 J., Scalzo; A., Politi; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; B., Mezzetti; M., Battino
Total antioxidant capacity of the diet is inversely and independently related to plasma concentration of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in adult Italian subjects 1-gen-2005 Brighenti, F.; Valtuena, S; Pellegrini, N; Ardigo, D; DEL RIO, D; Salvatore, S; Piatti, P; Serafini, M; Zavaroni, I.
Coffee: a protective beverage? 1-gen-2006 Pellegrini, N
effetto di diete ad alta e bassa capacità antiossidante totale sullo stato redox dell'organismo 1-gen-2006 DEL RIO, D; Bianchi, M; Pellegrini, N; Valtuena, S; Scazzina, F; Miglio, C; Ardig, D; Zavaroni, I; Brighenti, F.
Total antioxidant capacity of olive oils 1-gen-2006 Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Battino, M.
Antioxidant status of feces of captive black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) in relation to dietary tannin supplementation 1-gen-2006 Clauss, M.; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Castell, J. C.; Kienzle, E.; Dierenfeld, E. S.; Hummel, J.; Flach, E. J.; Streich, W. J.; Hatt, J. M.
Dietary Glycemic Index and liver steatosis in non-diabetic subjects 1-gen-2006 Valtuena, S; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Ardigo', D; DEL RIO, Daniele; Numeroso, F; Scazzina, Francesca; Monti, L; Zavaroni, Ivana; Brighenti, Furio
Redox molecules and cancer prevention: the importance of understanding the role of the antioxidant network 1-gen-2006 M., Serafini; D., Villano Valencia; G., Spera; Pellegrini, Nicoletta
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