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Note on a new generalization of the skew normal distribution 1-gen-2012 Mameli, V.; Musio, M.
Large sample confidence intervals for the skewness parameter of the skew-normal distribution based on Fisher's transformation 1-gen-2012 Mameli, Valentina; Musio, Monica; Sauleau, Erik; Biggeri, Annibale
Using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations for Modelling Spatial Healthcare Utilization 1-gen-2013 Musio, Monica; Sauleau, Erik-A.; Mameli, Valentina
Study of the longevity in Sardinia: an application of the beta skew-normal regression 1-gen-2013 Mameli, V.; Musio, M.; Deiana, L.
Recent asymptotics for the parameter of skewness: an application to mono-zygotic twin studies 1-gen-2013 Mameli, V.; Brazzale, A. R.
A Generalization of the Skew-Normal Distribution: The Beta Skew-Normal 1-gen-2013 Mameli, Valentina; Musio, Monica
Comparison of approaches to inference in stationary AR(1) models 1-gen-2014 Mameli, V.; Musio, M.; Dawid, A. P.
Small-sample likelihood asymptotics for the equi-correlated bivariate normal model 1-gen-2014 Brazzale, A. R.; Mameli, V.
Higher-order adjustments of the signed scoring rule root statistic 1-gen-2015 Mameli, Valentina; Musio, M; Ventura, L
Small-sample inference on measures of concordance for the Gaussian bivariate copula with emphasis on Gini’s gamma index 1-gen-2015 Mameli, Valentina; Brazzale, A. R.
Simulated adjustment of the signed scoring rule root statistic 1-gen-2015 Mameli, Valentina; Musio, M.; Ventura, L.
Higher-order asymptotics for scoring rules 1-gen-2015 Mameli, Valentina; Ventura, Laura
Scoring rules for prediction 1-gen-2015 Mameli, Valentina; Giummolè, Federica
The Kumaraswamy skew-normal distribution 1-gen-2015 Mameli, Valentina
Hyvärinen scoring rule estimators for a single linear time series 1-gen-2015 Columbu, S; Mameli, Valentina; Musio, M
Reference priors based on composite likelihoods 1-gen-2016 Giummole', Federica; Mameli, Valentina; Ventura, Laura
Reducing dimensionality of molecular systems: a Bayesian non-parametric approach 1-gen-2016 Mameli, Valentina; Lunardon, Nicola; Khoroshiltseva, Marina; Slanzi, Debora; Poli, Irene
On the use of the Hyvarinen score in Bayesian inference 1-gen-2016 Mameli, V; Musiom, ; Ventural,
Modern likelihood inference for the maximum/minimum of a bivariate normal vector 1-gen-2016 Mameli, V.; Brazzale, A. R.
Some New Results on the Beta Skew-Normal Distribution 1-gen-2016 Mameli, Valentina; Musio, Monica
Bootstrap group penalty for highdimensional regression models 1-gen-2017 Mameli, Valentina; Slanzi, Debora; Poli, Irene
Evolving multi-objective optimization in high dimensional systems 1-gen-2017 Slanzi, Debora; Mameli, Valentina; Khoroshiltseva, Marina; Poli, Irene
Characterizations of the Generalized Beta-generated family of distributions 1-gen-2017 Hamedani, G. G.; Mameli, V.
Bootstrap ClustGeo with spatial constraints 1-gen-2018 Distefano, V.; Mameli, V.; Della Marra, F.
Multi-objective Optimization in High-Dimensional Molecular Systems 1-gen-2018 Slanzi, Debora; Mameli, Valentina; Khoroshiltseva, Marina; Poli, Irene
On the estimation of high-dimensional regression models with binary covariates 1-gen-2018 Mameli, Valentina; Slanzi, Debora; Irene, Poli
On Bayesian high-dimensional regression with binary predictors: a simulation study 1-gen-2018 Slanzi, D.; Mameli, V.; Poli, I.
Asymptotic minimum scoring rule prediction 1-gen-2018 Giummole', Federica; Mameli, Valentina
Bootstrap adjustments of signed scoring rule root statistics 1-gen-2018 Mameli, Valentina; Monica, Musio; Laura, Ventura
Statistical classics in the big data era. When (astro-physical) models are nonregular. 1-gen-2019 Rosalba Brazzale, Alessandra; Mameli, Valentina
Modelling properties of high-dimensional molecular systems 1-gen-2019 Slanzi, D.; Mameli, V.; Poli, I.
Estimating High-Dimensional Regression Models with Bootstrap group Penalties 1-gen-2019 Mameli, V.; Slanzi, D.; Poli, I.
Frequentist and Bayesian small-sample confidence intervals for Gini’s gamma index in a Gaussian bivariate copula 1-gen-2019 Mameli, Valentina; Brazzale, Alessandra R.
Objective Bayesian inference with proper scoring rules 1-gen-2019 Giummolè, F.; Mameli, V.; Ruli, E.; Ventura, L.
Comparing predictive distributions in EMOS 1-gen-2020 Giummolè, Federica; Mameli, Valentina
Robust Composite Inference 1-gen-2020 Mameli, Valentina; Musio, Monica; Ruli, Erlis; Ventura, Laura
Identifying spatial patterns with the Bootstrap ClustGeo technique 1-gen-2020 Distefano, Veronica; Mameli, Valentina; Poli, Irene
Robust inference for nonlinear regression models from the Tsallis score: application to Covid-19 contagion in Italy 1-gen-2020 Girardi, Paolo; Greco, Luca; Mameli, Valentina; Musio, Monica; Racugno, Walter; Ruli, Erlis; Ventura, Laura
Search for relevant subsets of binary predictors in high dimensional regression for discovering the lead molecule 1-gen-2021 Mameli, Valentina; Slanzi, Debora; Poli, Irene; Green, Darren V. S.
The Hyvärinen scoring rule in Gaussian linear time series models. 1-gen-2021 Columbu, Silvia; Mameli, Valentina; Musio, Monica; Dawid, Alexander Philip
Ensemble model output statistics for temperature forecasts in Veneto 1-gen-2022 Gaetan, Carlo; Giummolè, Federica; Mameli, Valentina; Siad, Si Mokrane
Prediction intervals based on multiplicative model combinations 1-gen-2022 Mameli, Valentina; Vidoni, Paolo
Confidence predictive distributions: an application to temperature forecasting in Veneto 1-gen-2023 Giummolè, F.; Mameli, V.
A comparative study on high-dimensional bayesian regression with binary predictors 1-gen-2023 Slanzi, Debora; Mameli, Valentina; Brown, Philip J.
Likelihood Asymptotics in Nonregular Settings: A Review with Emphasis on the Likelihood Ratio 1-gen-2024 Brazzale Alessandra, R.; Mameli, Valentina
Calibrated EMOS: applications to temperature and wind speed forecasting 1-gen-2024 Gaetan, Carlo; Giummolè, Federica; Mameli, Valentina
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