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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A comparison among different instrumental approaches for bromide analysis in foodstuffs digested by a suitably modified microwave procedure 1-gen-2003 DI NARDA, F.; Toniolo, Rosanna; Susmel, Sabina; A., Pizzariello; Bontempelli, Gino
A sensor based on electrodes supported on ion-exchange membranes for the flow-injection monitoring of suplhur dioxide in wines and grape juices 1-gen-2010 Toniolo, Rosanna; Pizzariello, Andrea; Susmel, Sabina; Dossi, Nicolo'; Bontempelli, Gino
Development of a chemiluminescent DNA fibre optic genosensor to Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) 1-gen-2017 Ye, Kehan; Manzano, Marisa; Muzzi, Riccardo; Gin, Karina Yew Hoong; Saeidi, Nazanin; Goh, Shin Giek; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong; Marks, Robert S.
Electroanalytical cells pencil drawn on PVC supports and their use for the detection in flexible microfluidic devices 1-gen-2019 Dossi, Nicolò; Petrazzi, Stefano; Terzi, Fabio; Toniolo, Rosanna; Bontempelli, Gino
Lab-on kit: A 3D printed portable device for optical and electrochemical dual-mode detection 1-gen-2024 Grazioli, C.; Lanza, E.; Abate, M.; Bontempelli, G.; Dossi, N.
Overview on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: occurrence, legislation and innovative determination in foods 1-gen-2013 Purcaro, Giorgia; Moret, Sabrina; Conte, Lanfranco
Potential shifts at electrodes coated with ion-exchange polymeric films 1-gen-1994 Toniolo, Rosanna; Comisso, N.; Bontempelli, Gino; Schiavon, G.
Rapid characterization of dry cured ham produced following different PDOs by proton transfer reaction time of flight mass spectrometry (PTR-ToF-MS) 1-gen-2011 DEL PULGAR, Js; Soukoulis, C; Biasioli, F; Cappellin, L; García, C; Gasperi, F; Granitto, P; Märk, Td; Piasentier, Edi; Schuhfried, E.
A rapid LC-MS/MS method for quantitative profiling of fatty acids, sterols, glycerolipids, glycerophospholipids and sphingolipids in grapes 1-gen-2015 Della Corte, Anna; Chitarrini, Giulia; Di Gangi, Iole Maria; Masuero, Domenico; Soini, Evelyn; Mattivi, Fulvio; Vrhovsek, Urska
Single-step microwave digestion of food and biological samples for the quantitative conversion of Se into the +4 oxidation state 1-gen-2009 Toniolo, Rosanna; Tubaro, Franco; Bin, S; Pizzariello, A; Susmel, Sabina; Dossi, Nicolo'; Bontempelli, Gino
Solverstat : a new utility for multipurpose analysis: An application to the investigation of dioxygenated Co(II) complex formation in dimethylsulfoxide 1-gen-2003 Comuzzi, Clara; Polese, P; Melchior, Andrea; Portanova, Roberto; Tolazzi, Marilena
Volatile aldehydes sensing in headspace using a room temperature ionic liquid-modified electrochemical microprobe 1-gen-2019 Toniolo, Rosanna; Dossi, Nicolò; Bortolomeazzi, Renzo; Bonazza, Gregorio; Daniele, Salvatore
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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