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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Automatic Inference of Term Equivalence in Term Rewriting Systems 1-gen-2013 Comini, Marco; Torella, Luca
Automatic keyphrase extraction and ontology mining for content-based tag recommendation 1-gen-2010 N., Pudota; Dattolo, Antonina; A., Baruzzo; F., Ferrara; Tasso, Carlo
Automatic measurement of bankfull widths from high resolution LiDAR DTMs: a new tool to analyze the link between hydraulic and morphological variables 1-gen-2013 Sofia, G.; Tarolli, P; Cazorzi, Federico; Dalla Fontana, G.
Automatic measurement of glacier ice ablation using thermistor strings 1-gen-2019 Carturan, L.; Cazorzi, F.; Dalla Fontana, G.; Zanoner, T.
Automatic milking system in the Protected Designation of Origin Montasio cheese production chain: Effects on milk and cheese quality 1-gen-2013 Innocente, Nadia; Biasutti, Marialuisa
Automatic modeling of laser point clouds by statistical analysis of surface curvature values 1-gen-2009 Crosilla, Fabio; Visintini, Domenico; Sepic, F.
Automatic Monitoring of Web Accessibility: the Validity Issues 1-gen-2006 Brajnik, Giorgio
Automatic morphological pre-alignment and global hybrid registration of LiDAR close range images 1-gen-2006 Beinat, Alberto; Crosilla, Fabio; Sepic, Francesco
Automatic MTPA Tracking in IPMSM Drives: Loop Dynamics, Design and Auto-Tuning 1-gen-2016 Bedetti, Nicola; Calligaro, Sandro; Olsen, Christian; Petrella, Roberto
Automatic MTPA Tracking in IPMSM Drives: Loop Dynamics, Design, and Auto-Tuning 1-gen-2017 Bedetti, Nicola; Calligaro, Sandro; Olsen, Christian; Petrella, Roberto
Automatic Multi-view Surface Matching 1-gen-2012 Fantoni, S.; Castellani, U.; Fusiello, Andrea
Automatic non parametric procedures for the processing of terrestrial laser point clouds 1-gen-2007 Beinat, Alberto; Crosilla, Fabio; Visintini, Domenico; Sepic, Francesco
Automatic path and trajectory planning for robotic spray painting 1-gen-2012 Gasparetto, Alessandro; Vidoni, R; Pillan, D; Saccavini, E.
Automatic path-planning algorithm for realistic decorative robotic painting 1-gen-2015 Seriani, S.; Cortellessa, A.; Belfio, Sandro; Sortino, Marco; Totis, Giovanni; Gallina, P.
Automatic people detection and counting for Intelligent Buildings 1-gen-2003 Chiavedale, Cristian; Foresti, Gian Luca; Micheloni, Christian; Piciarelli, Claudio; Snidaro, Lauro
Automatic Point Matching of GIS Geometric Figures 1-gen-2004 Beinat, Alberto; Crosilla, Fabio; Sossai, Emiliano
Automatic Profiles Recognition by a Laser Gauge for Production Lines Control 1-gen-1993 Pighin, Maurizio; Spizzamiglio, S.
Automatic Quality Assessment of Transperineal Ultrasound Images of the Male Pelvic Region, Using Deep Learning 1-gen-2020 Camps, S. M.; Houben, T.; Carneiro, G.; Edwards, C.; Antico, M.; Dunnhofer, M.; Martens, E. G. H. J.; Baeza, J. A.; Vanneste, B. G. L.; van Limbergen, E. J.; de With, P. H. N.; Verhaegen, F.; Fontanarosa, D.
Automatic recognition of road and pathway induced slope instabilities by high resolution topography 1-gen-2011 Dalla Fontana, G; Calligaro, S; Cazorzi, Federico; Tarolli, P.
Automatic reconfiguration of video sensor networks for optimal 3D coverage 1-gen-2011 Piciarelli, Claudio; Micheloni, Christian; Foresti, Gian Luca
Mostrati risultati da 7.156 a 7.175 di 80.644
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