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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Evaluating mobile proactive context-aware retrieval: An incremental benchmark 1-gen-2009 Menegon, Davide; Mizzaro, Stefano; Nazzi, Elena; Vassena, Luca
EVALUATING MONOCULAR DEPTH ESTIMATION METHODS 1-gen-2023 Padkan, N.; Trybala, P.; Battisti, R.; Remondino, F.; Bergeret, C.
Evaluating pedagogical content knowledge of energy of prospective teachers 1-gen-2011 Heron, P; Michelini, Marisa; Stefanel, Alberto
Evaluating Performance of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms for Water Distribution System Optimization 1-gen-2004 Nicolini, Matteo
Evaluating pitolisant as a narcolepsy treatment option 1-gen-2020 de Biase, S.; Pellitteri, G.; Gigli, G. L.; Valente, M.
Evaluating policies for innovation and university-firm relations. An investigation on the attitude of Italian academic entrepreneurs towards collaborations with firms 1-gen-2013 Barbieri, Elisa; Rubini, Lauretta; Micozzi, Alessandra
Evaluating Potential Respiratory Benefits of Forest-Based Experiences: A Regional Scale Approach 1-gen-2022 Droli, M.; Sigura, M.; Vassallo, F. G.; Droli, G.; Iseppi, L.
Evaluating psychobiological and mental distress in transsexualism before and after cross-sex hormonal treatment: Lesson learned from three longitudinal studies 1-gen-2014 Colizzi, M.; Costa, R.; Todarello, O.
Evaluating reliability and efficiency of water distribution networks 1-gen-2007 Bertola, P; Nicolini, Matteo
Evaluating self‐directed learning abilities as a prerequisite of health literacy among older people: Findings from a validation and a cross‐sectional study 1-gen-2019 Cadorin, Lucia; Grassetti, Luca; Paoletti, Eva; Cara, Angelisa; Truccolo, Ivana; Palese, Alvisa
Evaluating survival after allogeneic bone marrow transplant for chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase”. 1-gen-1993 Damiani, Daniela; as active member of the Italian Cooperative Study Group on Chronic Myeloid, Leukemia
Evaluating the Context Aware Browser: A Benchmark for Proactive, Mobile, and Contextual Web Search 1-gen-2011 Davide, Menegon; Mizzaro, Stefano; Elena, Nazzi; Luca, Vassena
Evaluating the Effectiveness of "Effective View Navigation" for Very Long Ordered Lists on Mobile Devices 1-gen-2005 Chittaro, Luca; DE MARCO, Luca
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Internet-Based Communication for Public Health: Systematic Review 1-gen-2022 Ceretti, Elisabetta; Covolo, Loredana; Cappellini, Francesca; Nanni, Alberto; Sorosina, Sara; Beatini, Andrea; Taranto, Mirella; Gasparini, Arianna; De Castro, Paola; Brusaferro, Silvio; Gelatti, Umberto
Evaluating the effects of polices on nursing care as promoted by the Veneto region: the research protocol and its implications for public health 1-gen-2021 Di Falco, A.; Costa, C.; Bottega, M.; Fanton, E.; Zambon, A.; Brugnaro, L.; Stevanin, S.; Roncoroni, E.; Allegrini, E.; Degan, M.; Capirossi, G.; Bonesso, P.; Palese, A.; Saiani, L.; Mantoan, D.
Evaluating the efficacy of different trap models in collecting dead honey bees 1-gen-1996 Barbattini, Renzo; Greatti, Moreno; Chiesa, Fiorella; D'Agaro, Mauro
Evaluating the environmental and economic impact of fruit and vegetable waste valorisation: The lettuce waste study-case 1-gen-2020 Plazzotta, S.; Cottes, M.; Simeoni, P.; Manzocco, L.
Evaluating the influence of forest roads on shallow landsliding 1-gen-2005 Borga, M.; Tonelli, F.; DALLA FONTANA, G.; Cazorzi, Federico
Evaluating the influences of heterogeneous combinations of internal/external factors on product design 1-gen-2017 Filippi, Stefano; Barattin, D.
Evaluating the interaction between snowmelt runoff and road in the occurrence of hillslope instabilities affecting a landslide-prone mountain basin: A multi-modeling approach 1-gen-2022 Mauri, L.; Cucchiaro, S.; Grigolato, S.; Dalla Fontana, G.; Tarolli, P.
Mostrati risultati da 24.931 a 24.950 di 83.686
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