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Exploring alternative leaf removal approaches in the context of colour-related phenolics in Pinot noir wine 1-gen-2014 Sternad Lemut, Melita; Sivilotti, Paolo; Arapitsas, Panagiotis; Vrhovsek, Urska
Exploring and Conceptualizing Empowerment: Introduction to the Special Issue on Media and Empowerment 1-gen-2014 Dolničar, V; Fortunati, Leopoldina
Exploring AppInventory, a visual catalog of applications for assisting teachers and students 1-gen-2019 Corbatto, Marco; Dattolo, Antonina
Exploring architectural details through a wearable egocentric vision device 1-gen-2016 Alletto, Stefano; Abati, Davide; Serra, Giuseppe; Cucchiara, Rita
Exploring audio storytelling in mobile exergames to affect the perception of physical exercise 1-gen-2013 Chittaro, Luca; F., Zuliani
Exploring bebras tasks content and performance: A multinational study 1-gen-2017 Izu, Cruz; Mirolo, Claudio; Settle, Amber; Mannila, Linda; Stupuriene, Gabriele
Exploring business models for sustainability: A bibliographic investigation of the literature and future research directions 1-gen-2021 Preghenella, N.; Battistella, C.
Exploring conditional rewriting logic computations 1-gen-2015 Alpuente, M.; Ballis, Demis; Frechina, F.; Sapiña, J.
Exploring Creativity in Translation across Cultures / Créativité et traduction à travers les cultures 1-gen-2017 Mikaela, Cordisco; Emilia Di, Martino; Emine Bogenç, Demirel; Jean-Yves Le, Disez; Regattin, Fabio; Winibert, Segers
Exploring Criterion Validity of the eHealth Literacy Scale (eHEALS): Does Experience in the Health Sector Matter? Results from two Internet-based Surveys 1-gen-2017 DEL GIUDICE, Pietro; Bravo, Giulia; Poletto, Marco; De Odorico, Anna; Conte, Alessandro; Brunelli, Laura; Arnoldo, Luca; Brusaferro, Silvio
Exploring CS1 Student's Notions of Code Quality 1-gen-2023 Izu, C.; Mirolo, C.
Exploring differences of corporate social responsibility perceptions and expectations between eastern and western countries: Emerging patterns and managerial implications 1-gen-2022 Minoja, M.; Kocollari, U.; Cavicchioli, M.
Exploring Different Coherence Dimensions to Answer Proximity Queries for Convex Polyhedra 1-gen-2007 Mirolo, Claudio; S., Carpin; E., Pagello
Exploring Dysfunctional Traits in Consumers’ Behaviors: A Marketing Perspective 2-mar-2023 Zamparo, Gioele
Exploring ecological modelling to investigate factors governing the colonization success in nosocomial environment of Candida albicans and other pathogenic yeasts 1-gen-2016 Corte, Laura; Roscini, Luca; Colabella, Claudia; Tascini, Carlo; Leonildi, Alessandro; Sozio, Emanuela; Menichetti, Francesco; Merelli, Maria; Scarparo, Claudio; Meyer, Wieland; Cardinali, Gianluigi; Bassetti, Matteo
Exploring Energy/Performance Tradeoffs in Shared Memory MPSoCs: Snoop-Based Cache Coherence vs. Software Solutions 1-gen-2005 Loghi, Mirko; Poncino, M.
Exploring exchange processes in proteins by paramagnetic perturbation of NMR spectra 1-gen-2020 Hunashal, Y.; Cantarutti, C.; Giorgetti, S.; Marchese, L.; Molinari, H.; Niccolai, N.; Fogolari, F.; Esposito, G.
Exploring eye-blink startle response as a physiological measure for affective computing 1-gen-2013 Chittaro, Luca; Sioni, Riccardo
Exploring Grassroots Fashion Storytelling: An Analysis of the Practices and Strategies of Italian and Chinese Bloggers 1-gen-2017 Fortunati, Leopoldina; Farinosi, Manuela; Nie, Yao
Exploring health-related quality of life in eating disorders by a cross-sectional study and a comprehensive review. 1-gen-2014 Baiano, M; Salvo, P; Righetti, P; Cereser, L; Baldissera, E; Camponogara, I; Balestrieri, Matteo
Mostrati risultati da 24.971 a 24.990 di 80.647
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