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"How to begin to understand this child's mind?": mind presentation of Briony Tallis in Atonement 1-gen-2010 Trevisan, P
How to Benefit from Academics? A Roundtable with Film Archives 1-gen-2022 Catanese, Rossella
How to choose the acceptability limit in shelf life studies 1-gen-2008 Manzocco, Lara; Nicoli, Mc
How to compete in metaverse: The Business Models in the Second Life 1-gen-2007 Cagnina, Maria Rosita; Poian, M.
How to develop a biofungicide based on a bacterial strain: the main steps for turning your discover into a plant protection product 1-gen-2015 Pertot, Ilaria; Puopolo, Gerardo; Segarra, Guillem; Giovannini, Oscar; Tomada, Selena; Molinatto, Giulia
How to develop gluten-free foods for a healthy gut 1-gen-2015 Morreale, Federico; Pellegrini, Nicoletta
How to diagnose and manage neurological toxicities of immune checkpoint inhibitors: an update 1-gen-2022 Vogrig, A.; Muniz-Castrillo, S.; Farina, A.; Honnorat, J.; Joubert, B.
How to do things with poems 1-gen-2008 Morini, Massimiliano
How to Engage Stakeholder Knowledge in Decision-Making: A Case Study From the Non-Profit Sector 1-gen-2015 Rossi, Gina; Garlatti, Andrea; Leardini, Chiara
How to Enhance the Spill-over Effects of Foreign Investments in ‘Transition Economies’: a New Challenge for Developmental States 1-gen-2008 TIBERI VIPRAIO, Patrizia
How to improve adherence to treatment in patients with mild-to-moderate psoriasis 1-gen-2018 Piaserico, S.; Manfredini, S.; Borghi, A.; Gisondi, P.; Pazzaglia, M.; Stinco, G.; Venturini, M.; Conti, A.
How to improve and measure bottled wine evolution, and predict it 1-gen-2021 Topo, Angelo
How to improve food choices through vending machines: The importance of healthy food availability and consumers' awareness 1-gen-2017 Rosi, Alice; Zerbini, Cristina; Pellegrini, Nicoletta; Scazzina, Francesca; Brighenti, Furio; Lugli, Gianpiero
How to include public health practice and practitioners in a European Network 1-gen-2017 Brusaferro, Silvio; Tricarico, Pierfrancesco
How to make sense of 21st Century Regionalism in Latin America 1-gen-2015 Gardini, Gian Luca
How to manage a partial detachment of the ureter during robotic radical prostatectomy? 1-gen-2021 Dal Moro, F.; Goffo, F.; Ferraioli, G.; Zaborra, C.; Valotto, C.
How to manage aspergillosis in non-neutropenic intensive care unit patients 1-gen-2014 Bassetti, Matteo; Righi, Elda; De Pascale, Gennaro; De Gaudio, Raffaele; Giarratano, Antonino; Mazzei, Tereesita; Morace, Giulia; Petrosillo, Nicola; Stefani, Stefania; Antonelli, Massimo
How to manage Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections 1-gen-2018 Bassetti, Matteo; Vena, Antonio; Croxatto, Antony; Righi, Elda; Guery, Benoit
How to measure and interpret volumetric measures of preload. 1-gen-2007 DELLA ROCCA, Giorgio; Costa, Maria Gabriella; Pietropaoli, P.
How to Overcome Analphabetism in Reading Chinese Characters 1-gen-2013 Piccinini, L; Chang, Ting Fa Margherita; Tubaro, Giovanni
Mostrati risultati da 30.776 a 30.795 di 79.329
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