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Effect of phosphate ion on the activity of bovine plasma amine oxidase 1-gen-1992 Corazza, Alessandra; Stevanato, Roberto; Di Paolo, Maria Luisa; Scarpa, Marina; Mondovì, Bruno; Rigo, Adelio
DETECTION OF N-ACETYLASPARTYLGLUTAMATE IN CANAVAN DISEASE 1-gen-1994 Burlina, A. P.; Corazza, Alessandra; Ferrari, V.; Erhard, P. KUNNECKE B.; Seelig, J. A.; Burlina, A. B.
INTERACTIONS BETWEEN POLYAMINES AND NUCLEOTIDES STUDIED BY P-31 AND H-1-NMR 1-gen-1994 DI PAOLO, Ml; Scarpa, M; Zennaro, L; Rigo, A; Corazza, Alessandra
Effect of polyphosphates on the activity of amino oxidase 1-gen-1995 DI PAOLO, M. L.; Corazza, Alessandra; Stevanato, R.; Scarpa, M.; Rigo, A.
EFFECT OF POLYPHOSPHATES ON THE ACTIVITY OF AMINE OXIDASES 1-gen-1995 Dipaolo, Ml; Corazza, A; Scarpa, M; Stevanato, R; Rigo, A
1H, 13C-NMR and X-ray absorption studies of copper(I) glutathione complexes 1-gen-1996 Corazza, Alessandra; Harvey, I.; Sadler, P. J.
Assessment of pretransplantation warm ischemia time by phosphorous-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy in pig kidneys 1-gen-1997 Cadrobbi, R.; Rigotti, P.; Baldan, N.; Toffano, M.; Corazza, Alessandra; Scarpa, M.; Rigo, A.; Ancona, E.
Platination of a GG site on single-stranded and double-stranded forms of a 14-base oligonucleotide with diaqua cisplatin followed by NMR and HPLC. Influence of the platinum ligands and base sequence on 5'-G versus 3'-G platination selectivity 1-gen-1997 Reeder, F.; Guo, Z.; Murdoch, S.; Corazza, Alessandra; Hambley, T. W.; BERNERS PRICE, S. J.; Chottard, J. C.; Sadler, P. J.
Structural transitions of a GG-platinated DNA duplex induced by pH, temperature and box A of high-mobility-group protein 1 1-gen-1997 Berners-Price, S. J.; Corazza, A.; Guo, Z.; Barnham, K. J.; Sadler, P. J.; Ohyama, Y.; Leng, M.; Locker, D.
Enzyme mimics complexing Cu(II) ion: structure-function relationships 1-gen-1999 Corazza, Alessandra; Vianello, F.; Zennaro, L.; Gourova, N.; DI PAOLO, M. L.; Signor, L.; Marin, O. RIGO A.; Scarpa, M.
Deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance for evaluating the metabolic status of livers subjected to warm ischemia 1-gen-2001 Scarpa, M.; Corazza, Alessandra; Vianello, F.; Rigo, A.; Furian, L.; Baldan, N.; Rigotti, P.
NMR solution structure of human Beta2-microglobulin-1JNJ (coordinates from NMR data) 1-gen-2001 Verdone, Giuliana; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Pettirossi, Fabio; Sofia, Giorgetti; Palma, Mangione; Alessia, Andreola; Monica, Stoppini; Vittorio, Bellotti; Esposito, Gennaro
Improved method for pulse width calibration in indirectly detected experiments 1-gen-2001 Esposito, Gennaro; Nadalin, L.; Verdone, Giuliana; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Fedrigo, M.
Binding of cations of group IA and IIA to bovine serum amine oxidase: Effect on the activity 1-gen-2002 DI PAOLO, M. L.; Scarpa, M.; Corazza, Alessandra; Stevanato, R; Rigo, A.
The solution structure of human beta2-microglobulin reveals the prodromes of its amyloid transition 1-gen-2002 Verdone, G.; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Pettirossi, F.; Giorgetti, S.; Mangione, P; Andreola, A.; Stoppini, M.; Bellotti, V.; Esposito, Gennaro
Electrostatic compared with hydrophobic interactions between bovine serum amine oxidase and its substrates 1-gen-2003 Di Paolo, Ml; Stevanato, R; Corazza, Alessandra; Vianello, F; Lunelli, L; Scarpa, M; Rigo, A.
STRUCTURAL AND FOLDING DYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF THE T70N VARIANT OF HUMAN LYSOZYME 1-gen-2003 Esposito, Gennaro; Garcia, J.; Mangione, P.; Giorgetti, S.; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Chiti, F.; Andreola, A.; Dumy, P.; Both, D.; Hawkins, P. N.; Bellotti, V.
Biphasic behavior of the kinetics of31P-containing metabolites in ischemic porcine kidneys 1-gen-2003 Corazza, A.; Vianello, F.; Rigo, A.; Cadrobbi, R.; Baldan, N.; Rigotti, P.; Scarpa, M.
ß 2-microglobulin H31Y variant 3D-structure highlights the protein natural propensity towards intermolecular aggregation” 1-gen-2004 Rosano, C.; Zuccotti, S.; Mangione, P.; Giorgetti, S.; Bellotti, V.; Pettirossi, F.; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, P.; Esposito, Gennaro; Bolognesi, M.
Sequence-specific backbone NMR assignments for the C-terminal globular domain of EMILIN-1 1-gen-2004 Verdone, G.; Colebrooke, S. A.; Viglino, Paolo; Corazza, Alessandra; Doliana, R.; Mungiguerra, G.; Colombatti, A.; Esposito, Gennaro; Campbell, I. D.
Interaction of copper with cysteine: stability of cuprous complexes and catalytic role of cupric ions in anaerobic thiol oxidation 1-gen-2004 Rigo, A.; Corazza, Alessandra; DI PAOLO, M. L.; Rossetto, M.; Biochem, UGOLINI R. AND SCARPA M. JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY J. OF I. N. O. R. G.
Properties of Some Variants of Human β2- Microglobulin and Amyloidogenesis 1-gen-2004 Corazza, A.; Pettirossi, F.; Viglino, P.; Verdone, G.; Garcia, J.; Dumy, P.; Giorgetti, S.; Mangione, P.; Raimondi, S.; Stoppini, M.; Bellotti, V.; Esposito, G.
beta2-Microglobulin isoforms display an heterogeneous affinity for type I collagen. 1-gen-2005 Bellotti, V.; Cetta, G.; Corazza, Alessandra; Esposito, Gennaro; Giorgetti, S.; Mangione, P.; Marini, S.; Merlini, G.; Raimondi, S.; Rossi, A.; Stoppini, M.; Viglino, Paolo
Solution structure of beta(2)-microglobulin and insights into fibrillogenesis 1-gen-2005 Esposito, Gennaro; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Verdone, Giuliana; Pettirossi, Fabio; Fogolari, Federico; Makek, A.; Giorgetti, S.; Mangione, P.; Stoppini, M.; Bellotti, V.
Collagen plays an active role in the aggregation of beta(2)-microglobulin under physiopathological conditions of dialysis-related amyloidosis 1-gen-2006 Relini, A; Canale, C; DE STEFANO, S; Rolandi, R; Giorgetti, S; Stoppini, M; Rossi, A; Fogolari, Federico; Corazza, Alessandra; Esposito, Gennaro; Gliozzi, A; Bellotti, V.
Structure, conformational stability, and enzymatic properties of acylphosphatase from the hyperthermophile Sulfolobus solfataricus 1-gen-2006 Corazza, Alessandra; Rosano, C.; Pagano, Katiuscia; Alverdi, Vera; Esposito, Gennaro; Capanni, C.; Bemporad, F.; Plakoutsi, G.; Stefani, M.; Chiti, F.; Zuccotti, S.; Bolognesi, M.; Viglino, Paolo
NMR solution structure of the Acylphosphatase from Eschaerichia coli 1-gen-2006 Pagano, K; Ramazzotti, M; Viglino, P; Esposito, G; DEGLI' NNOCENTI, D; Taddei, N.; Corazza, A
Variants of Beta2-microglobulin cleaved at lysine-58 retain the main conformational features of the native protein but are more conformationally heterogeneous and unstable at phylogical temperature. 1-gen-2006 MIMMI Maria, Chiara; Jorgensen, T. J. D.; Pettirossi, Fabio; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Esposito, Gennaro; DE LORENZI, E.; Giorgetti, S.; Pries, M; Corlind, D. B.; Nissen, M. H.; Heegaard, N. H. H.
Effect of buffers and solvents on the structure and aggregation of the Sulfolobus solfataricus acrylphosfhatase. 1-gen-2007 Chiti, F.; Corazza, Alessandra; Esposito, Gennaro; Pagano, Katiuscia; Viglino, Paolo
Estimation of 3JHN-Halpha and 3JHalpha-Hbeta coupling constants from heteronuclear TOCSY spectra 1-gen-2007 Pagano, K; Fogolari, Federico; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Esposito, Gennaro
Scoring predictive models using a reduced representation of proteins: model and energy definition 1-gen-2007 Fogolari, Federico; L., Pieri; Dovier, Agostino; L., Bortolussi; Giugliarelli, Gilberto; Corazza, Alessandra; Esposito, Gennaro; Viglino, Paolo
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Suggests Possible Interaction Patterns at Early Steps of {beta}2-Microglobulin Aggregation 1-gen-2007 Fogolari, F; Corazza, A; Viglino, P; Zuccato, P; Pieri, L; Faccioli, P; Bellotti, V; Esposito, G
The Controlling Roles of Trp60 and Trp95 in β2-Microglobulin Function, Folding and Amyloid Aggregation Properties 1-gen-2008 Esposito, Gennaro; Ricagno, Stefano; Corazza, Alessandra; Rennella, Enrico; GUMRAL GOKKAYA, Devrim; Mimmi, Maria Chiara; Betto, Elena; Pucillo, Carlo Ennio Michele; Fogolari, Federico; Viglino, Paolo; Raimondi, Sara; Giorgetti, Sofia; Bolognesi, Benedetta; Merlini, Giampaolo; Stoppini, Monica; Bolognesi, Martino; Bellotti, Vittorio
Helix mobility and recognition function of the rat thyroid transcription factor 1 homeodomain - hints from 15N-NMR relaxation studies 1-gen-2008 Gumral, D; Nadalin, L; Corazza, Alessandra; Fogolari, Federico; Damante, Giuseppe; Viglino, Paolo; Esposito, Gennaro
The solution structure of EMILIN1 globular C1q domain reveals a disordered insertion necessary for interaction with the alpha4beta1 integrin 1-gen-2008 Verdone, Giuliana; Doliana, R; Corazza, Alessandra; Colebrooke, Sa; Spessotto, P; Bot, S; Bucciotti, F; Capuano, A; Silvestri, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Campbell, Id; Colombatti, Alfonso; Esposito, Gennaro
The solution structure of DNA-free Pax-8 paired box domain accounts for redox regulation of transcriptional activity in the pax protein family 1-gen-2008 Codutti, L.; VAN INGEN, H.; Vascotto, Carlo; Fogolari, Federico; Corazza, Alessandra; Tell, Gianluca; Quadrifoglio, F.; Viglino, P.; Boelens, R.; Esposito, Gennaro
Conformational stability of Neuroglobin helix F: possible effects on the folding pathway within the globin family 1-gen-2009 Codutti, Luca; Picotti, P; Marin, O; Dewilde, S; Fogolari, Federico; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, Paolo; Moens, L; Esposito, Gennaro; Fontana, F.
NMR-based homology model for the solution structure of the C-terminal globular domain of EMILIN1 1-gen-2009 Verdone, Giuliana; Corazza, Alessandra; Colebroke, S. A.; Cicero, D; Eliseo, T; Boyd, J; Doliana, R; Fogolari, Federico; Viglino, Paolo; Colombatti, Alfonso; Campbell, I. D.; Esposito, Gennaro
Molecular models for intrastrand DNA G-quadruplexes 1-gen-2009 Fogolari, Federico; Haridas, H; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, P; Corà, D; Caselle, M; Esposito, Gennaro; Xodo, Luigi
Equilibrium unfolding thermodynamics of beta(2)Microglobulin analyzed through native-state H/D exchange 1-gen-2009 Rennella, Enrico; Corazza, Alessandra; Fogolari, Federico; Viglino, Paolo; Giorgetti, S; Stoppini, M; Bellotti, V; Esposito, Gennaro
Folding and fibrillogenesis: clues from beta2-microglobulin 1-gen-2010 Rennella, E; Corazza, A; Giorgetti, S; Fogolari, F; Viglino, P; Porcari, R; Verga, L.; Stoppin, I M; Bellotti, V; Esposito, G
Native-unlike long-lived intermediates along the folding pathway of the amyloidogenic protein beta2-microglobulin revealed by real-time two-dimensional NMR 1-gen-2010 Corazza, Alessandra; Rennella, Enrico; Schanda, P; Mimmi, Maria Chiara; Cutuil, T; Raimondi, S; Giorgetti, S; Fogolari, Federico; Viglino, Paolo; Frydman, L; Gal, M; Bellotti, V; Brutscher, B; Esposito, Gennaro
Structural and dynamics characteristics of Acylphosphatase from Sulfolobus solfataricus in the monomeric state and in the initial native-like aggregates. 1-gen-2010 Pagano, Katiuscia; Bemporad, F; Fogolari, Federico; Esposito, Gennaro; Viglino, Paolo; Chiti, F; Corazza, Alessandra
Effect of tetracyclines on the dynamics of formation and destructuration of beta2-microglobulin amyloid fibrils 1-gen-2011 Giorgetti, S.; Raimondi, S.; Pagano, Katiuscia; Relini, A.; Bucciantini, M.; Corazza, Alessandra; Fogolari, Federico; Codutti, Luca; Salmona, M.; Mangione, P.; Colombo, L.; De Luigi, A.; Porcari, R.; Gliozzi, A.; Stefani, M.; Esposito, Gennaro; Bellotti, V.; Stoppini, M.
High-performance metabolic marker assessment in breast cancer tissue by mass spectrometry 1-gen-2011 Mimmi, Maria Chiara; Picotti, P; Corazza, Alessandra; Betto, Elena; Pucillo, Carlo Ennio Michele; Cesaratto, Laura; Cedolini, Carla; Londero, Viviana; Zuiani, Chiara; Bazzocchi, Massimo; Esposito, Gennaro
Molecular dynamics simulation of β₂-microglobulin in denaturing and stabilizing conditions 1-gen-2011 Fogolari, Federico; Corazza, Alessandra; Varini, N; Rotter, M; Gumral, D; Codutti, L; Rennella, E; Viglino, Paolo; Bellotti, V; Esposito, Gennaro
Pathological Self-Aggregation of ß2-Microglobulin: A Challenge for Protein Biophysics 1-gen-2012 Esposito, Gennaro; Corazza, Alessandra; Bellotti, V.
Studying interactions by molecular dynamics simulations at high concentration 1-gen-2012 Fogolari, Federico; Corazza, Alessandra; Toppo, S; Tosatto, Sce; Viglino, P; Ursini, F; Esposito, Gennaro
Fast structure similarity searches among protein models: efficient clustering of protein fragments. 1-gen-2012 Fogolari, Federico; Corazza, Alessandra; Viglino, P; Esposito, Gennaro
Determining the energy landscape of proteins by a fast isotope exchange NMR approach 1-gen-2012 Rennella, E.; Corazza, Alessandra; Codutti, L.; Bellotti, V.; Stoppini, M.; Viglino, P.; Fogolari, Federico; Esposito, Gennaro
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