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H-Animator: A Visual Tool for Modeling, Reuse and Sharing of X3D Humanoid Animations 1-gen-2006 Buttussi, F; Chittaro, Luca; Nadalutti, D.
Bringing mobile guides and fitness activities together: a solution based on an embodied virtual trainer 1-gen-2006 Buttussi, F; Chittaro, Luca; Nadalutti, D.
Rendering of X3D Content on Mobile Devices with OpenGL ES 1-gen-2006 Nadalutti, D; Chittaro, Luca; Buttussi, F.
MAge-AniM: a System for Visual Modeling of Embodied Agent Animations and their Replay on Mobile Devices 1-gen-2006 Chittaro, Luca; Buttussi, F; Nadalutti, D.
Adaptation of Graphics and Gameplay in Fitness Games by Exploiting Motion and Physiological Sensors 1-gen-2007 Buttussi, F; Chittaro, Luca; Ranon, Roberto; Verona, A.
Using Web3D Technologies for Visualization and Search of Signs in an International Sign Language Dictionary 1-gen-2007 Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca; Coppo, M.
MOPET: A Context-Aware and User-Adaptive Wearable System for Fitness Training 1-gen-2008 Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca
Filtering Fitness Trail Content Generated by Mobile Users 1-gen-2009 Buttussi, F; Chittaro, Luca; Nadalutti, D.
Smarter Phones for Healthier Lifestyles: An Adaptive Fitness Game 1-gen-2010 Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca
Using Mobile Devices to Support Communication Between Emergency Medical Responders and Deaf People 1-gen-2010 Buttussi, F; Chittaro, Luca; Carchietti, E; Coppo, M.
Evaluation of a 3D serious game for advanced life support retraining 1-gen-2013 Buttussi, Fabio; T., Pellis; A. C., Vidani; D., Pausler; E., Carchietti; Chittaro, Luca
Desktop virtual reality for emergency preparedness: User evaluation of an aircraft ditching experience under different fear arousal conditions 1-gen-2014 Chittaro, Luca; Buttussi, Fabio; Zangrando, Nicola
Assessing knowledge retention of an immersive serious game vs. A traditional education method in aviation safety 1-gen-2015 Chittaro, Luca; Buttussi, Fabio
Automatic camera control meets emergency simulations: An application to aviation safety 1-gen-2015 Ranon, Roberto; Chittaro, Luca; Buttussi, Fabio
Effects of Different Types of Virtual Reality Display on Presence and Learning in a Safety Training Scenario 1-gen-2018 Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca
Corrigendum to “Exploring the use of arcade game elements for attitude change: Two studies in the aviation safety domain” [International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 127 (2019) 112–123](S1071581918303975)(10.1016/j.ijhcs.2018.07.006) 1-gen-2019 Chittaro, L.; Buttussi, F.
Exploring the use of arcade game elements for attitude change: Two studies in the aviation safety domain 1-gen-2019 Chittaro, Luca; Buttussi, Fabio
A virtual reality methodology for cardiopulmonary resuscitation training with and without a physical mannequin 1-gen-2020 Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca; Valent, Francesca
Humor and Fear Appeals in Animated Pedagogical Agents: An Evaluation in Aviation Safety Education 1-gen-2020 Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca
A Comparison of Procedural Safety Training in Three Conditions: Virtual Reality Headset, Smartphone, and Printed Materials 1-gen-2021 Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca
Locomotion in Place in Virtual Reality: A Comparative Evaluation of Joystick, Teleport, and Leaning 1-gen-2021 Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca
Learning Safety through Public Serious Games: A Study of “Prepare for Impact” on a Very Large, International Sample of Players 1-gen-2022 Chittaro, Luca; Buttussi, Fabio
Acquisition and retention of spatial knowledge through virtual reality experiences: Effects of VR setup and locomotion technique 1-gen-2023 Buttussi, F.; Chittaro, L.
Virtual Reality for Object Location Spatial Memory: A Comparison of Handheld Controllers and Force Feedback Gloves 1-gen-2023 Forgiarini, Alessandro; Buttussi, Fabio; Chittaro, Luca
Introducing Virtual Reality in a STEMI Coronary Syndrome Course: Qualitative Evaluation with Nurses and Doctors 1-gen-2024 Forgiarini, A.; Deroma, L.; Buttussi, F.; Zangrando, N.; Licata, S.; Valent, F.; Chittaro, L.; Di Chiara, A.
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