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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
PolyMorph: Increasing the Spelling Efficiency of P300 by Selection Matrix PolyMorphism and Sentence-Based Predictions 1-gen-2018 Casagrande, A; Jarmolowska, J; Turconi, Mm; Busan, P; Fabris, F; Battaglini, Pp
Polymorphic simple sequence repeat regions in chloroplast genomes: applications to the population genetics of pines 1-gen-1995 Powell, W; Morgante, Michele; Mcdevitt, R; Vendramin, Gg; Rafalski, Ja
A polymorphic GGC repeat in the NPAS2 gene and its association with melanoma 1-gen-2017 Franzoni, Alessandra; Markova-Car, Elitza; Dević-Pavlić, Sanja; Jurišić, Davor; Puppin, Cinzia; Mio, Catia; De Luca, Marila; Petruz, Giulia; Damante, Giuseppe; Pavelić, Sandra Kraljević
Polymorphic Simple Sequence Repeats in nuclear and chloroplast genomes: applications to the population genetics of trees 1-gen-1996 Morgante, Michele; A., Pfeiffer; A., Costacurta; Olivieri, Angelo; W., Powell; G. G., Vendramin; J. A., Rafalski
Polymorphism of fat metabolism genes as candidate markers for meat quality and production traits in heavy pigs 1-gen-2015 Renaville, Benedicte France Ghislaine; Bacciu, N.; Lanzoni, M.; Corazzin, Mirco; Piasentier, Edi
Polymorphism of the leptin gene (ob) and ham composition in Italian heavy pigs 1-gen-2001 Floris, R; Stefanon, Bruno; Graziosi, G; Susmel, Piero
Polymorphisms at phase I-metabolizing enzyme and hormone receptor loci influence the response to anti-TNF therapy in rheumatoid arthritis patients 1-gen-2018 Canet, L. M.; Sánchez-Maldonado, J. M.; Cáliz, R.; Ramos, A. R.; Lupiañez, C. B.; Canhão, H.; Martínez-Bueno, M.; Escudero, A.; Segura-Catena, J.; Sorensen, S. B.; Hetland, M. L.; Soto-Pino, M. J.; Ferrer, M. A.; García, A.; Glintborg, B.; Filipescu, I.; Pérez-Pampin, E.; González-Utrilla, A.; Nevot, M. Á. L.; Conesa-Zamora, P.; Broeder, A.; De Vita, S.; Jacobsen, S. E. H.; Collantes-Estevez, E.; Quartuccio, L.; Canzian, F.; Fonseca, J. E.; Coenen, M. J. H.; Andersen, V.; Sainz, J.
Polymorphisms at the 3’end of the movement protein (MP) gene of grapevine Pinot gris virus (GPGV) affect virus titre and small interfering RNA accumulation in GLMD disease 1-gen-2021 Tarquini, G.; Ermacora, P.; Firrao, G.
Polymorphisms in nuclear rDNA and mtDNA reveal the polyphyletic nature of isolates of Phomopsis pathogenic to sunflower and a tight monophyletic clade of defined geographic origin 1-gen-2004 Rekab, Djaouida; DEL SORBO, G.; Reggio, C.; Zoina, A.; Firrao, Giuseppe
Polymorphisms of growth hormone and growth hormone receptor genes and milk production traits of Holstein-Friesian bulls 1-gen-1996 Falaki, M; Sneyers, M; Prandi, Alberto; Massart, S; Formigoni, A; Burny, A; Portetelle, D; Renaville, R.
Polymorphisms of the interleukin-1beta gene cluster in athletes: Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist polymorphism associates with athletic phenotype 1-gen-2010 Cauci, Sabina; DI SANTOLO, M; Debellis, L; Ryckman, K; Williams, Sm; Banfi, G.
Polymyxin B Direct Hemoperfusion Using Regional Citrate-Calcium Anticoagulation: A Case Report 1-gen-2016 Sidoti, A.; Brogi, E.; Morse, J.; Collareta, M.; Vetrugno, L.; Giunta, F.; Forfori, F.
Polynomial and APX-hard cases of the individual haplotyping problem 1-gen-2005 V., Bafna; S., Istrail; Lancia, Giuseppe; R., Rizzi
Polynomial Chaos Expansions for the Stability Analysis of Uncertain DelayDifferential Equations 1-gen-2017 Vermiglio, Rossana
Polynomial Chaos-Kriging approaches for an efficient probabilistic chatter prediction in milling 1-gen-2020 Totis, G.; Sortino, M.
Polynomial time approximation scheme for minimum routing cost spanning trees 1-gen-1998 Wu Bang, Ye; Lancia, Giuseppe; Bafna, Vineet; Chao, Kun-Mao; Ravi, R.; Tang Chuan, Yi
Polynomial truncation and Hurwitz property 1-gen-1987 A., Lepschy; Viaro, Umberto
A polynomial-time approximation scheme for minimum routing cost spanning trees 1-gen-2000 Wu, B. Y.; Lancia, G.; Bafna, V.; Chao, K. -M.; Ravi, R.; Tang, C. Y.
Polyoxoanion-supported catalysis: evidence for a P2W15Nb3O629--supported iridium cyclohexene oxidation catalyst starting from [n-Bu4N](5)Na-3[(1,5-COD)Ir center dot P2W15Nb3O62] 1-gen-2003 Weiner, H; Trovarelli, Alessandro; Finke, Rg
Polypharmacy and the use of medications in inpatients with acquired brain injury during post-acute rehabilitation: A cross-sectional study 1-gen-2016 Cosano, Giorgia; Giangreco, Manuela; Ussai, Silvia; Giorgini, Tullio; Biasutti, Emanuele; Barbone, Fabio; Pisa, Federica Edith
Mostrati risultati da 57.686 a 57.705 di 83.086
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