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Analysis of different control strategies for improved performance at off design operation in a CO2 heat pump water heater 1-gen-2023 Toffoletti, Gabriele; Sicco, Emanuele; D’Agaro, Paola; Cortella, Giovanni
CO2 transcritical plant with optimized dedicated mechanical subcooling 1-gen-2020 Cortella, Giovanni; Coppola, Michele A.; D’Agaro, Paola
CommONEnergy: re‐conceptualizing shopping malls from consumerism to energy conservation 1-gen-2014 Cortella, Giovanni; . Lollini, R.; Noris, F.; D'Agaro, Paola; Saro, Onorio
Demand Coverage and Energy Savings by Combined CO2 Refrigeration System and HVAC in Supermarkets 1-gen-2022 D'Agaro, Paola; Libralato, Michele; Toffoletti, Gabriele; Cortella, Giovanni
Demand side management through latent thermal storage in HVAC systems coupled with commercial refrigeration units 1-gen-2022 Cortella, Giovanni; Toffoletti, Gabriele; Libralato, Michele; D'Agaro, Paola
Ejector characterization for refrigeration applications with natural refrigerants 1-gen-2018 Milazzo, A.; Coppola, M. A.; Cortella, G.; D’Agaro, P.; Giacomelli, F.
Energy and environmental comparison of commercial R744 refrigeration systems operating in warm climates 1-gen-2016 Gullo, Paride; Cortella, Giovanni; Polzot, Alessio
Experimental evaluation of different refrigeration system configurations using CO2-based blends as refrigerants 1-gen-2023 Sicco, Emanuele; MARTÍNEZ-ÁNGELES, Manel; Toffoletti, Gabriele; NEBOT-ANDRÉS, Laura; SÁNCHEZ GARCÍA-VACAS, Daniel; Cortella, Giovanni; LLOPIS DOMÉNECH, Rodrigo
Ice thermal energy storage for electricity peak shaving in a commercial refrigeration/HVAC unit 1-gen-2021 D'Agaro, P.; Libralato, M.; Toffoletti, G.; Cortella, G.
Influence of cooling load profile on the prediction of energy use in commercial refrigeration plants 1-gen-2022 D’Agaro, Paola; Libralato, Michele; Toffoletti, Gabriele; Cortella, Giovanni
Modelling integrated HVAC and refrigeration systems in a supermarket 1-gen-2014 Cortella, G.; D'Agaro, P.; Saro, O.; Polzot, A.
Optimization of radio frequency assisted freezing and its effects during cooking 1-gen-2020 Anese, M.; Alongi, M.; Cortella, G.; Manzocco, L.
Overfed Evaporators and Parallel Compression in Commercial R744 Booster Refrigeration Systems– an Assessment of Energy benefits 1-gen-2016 Gullo, Paride; Cortella, Giovanni; Minetto, Silvia; Polzot, Alessio
Performance Evaluation of a R744 Booster System for Supermarket Refrigeration, Heating and DHW 1-gen-2016 Polzot, Alessio; Gullo, Paride; D'Agaro, Paola; Cortella, Giovanni
Potential Enhancement Investigation of Commercial R744 Refrigeration Systems Based on Avoidable and Unavoidable Exergy Destruction Concepts 1-gen-2016 Gullo, Paride; Cortella, Giovanni; Minetto, Silvia
Prediction of the energy consumption of a supermarket refrigeration system 1-gen-2011 Cortella, Giovanni; D'Agaro, Paola; Franceschi, M.; Saro, Onorio
Simulations and field tests of a CO2 refrigerating plant for commercial refrigeration 1-gen-2018 Cortella, G.; D’Agaro, P.; Coppola, M. A.
Supermarket refrigeration and air conditioning systems integration via a water storage 1-gen-2016 Polzot, Alessio; D'Agaro, Paola; Cortella, Giovanni; Gullo, Paride
Water storage to improve the efficiency of CO2 commercial refrigeration systems 1-gen-2015 Polzot, Alessio; D'Agaro, Paola; Gullo, Paride; Cortella, Giovanni
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 19 di 19
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