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In Situ Spectroscopic Screening of Osteosarcoma Living Cells on Stoichiometry-Modulated Silicon Nitride Bioceramic Surfaces 1-gen-2016 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Mcentire, Bryan J; Bock, Ryan; Zhu, Wenliang; Boschetto, Francesco; Rondinella, Alfredo; Marin, Elia; Marunaka, Yoshinori; Adachi, Tetsuya; Yamamoto, Toshiro; Kanamura, Narisato; Bal, B Sonny
Human osteoblasts grow transitional Si/N apatite in quickly osteointegrated Si3N4 cervical insert 1-gen-2017 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Oba, Naoki; Zhu, Wenliang; Marin, Elia; Rondinella, Alfredo; Boschetto, Francesco; Mcentire, Bryan; Yamamoto, Kengo; Bal, B Sonny
Vibrational monitor of early demineralization in tooth enamel after in vitro exposure to phosphoridic liquid 1-gen-2017 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Adachi, Tetsuya; Gasparutti, Isabella; Vincini, Giulio; Zhu, Wenliang; Boffelli, Marco; Rondinella, Alfredo; Marin, Elia; Ichioka, Hiroaki; Yamamoto, Toshiro; Marunaka, Yoshinori; Kanamura, Narisato
Silicon nitride surface chemistry: A potent regulator of mesenchymal progenitor cell activity in bone formation 1-gen-2017 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Bock, Ryan M.; Adachi, Tetsuya; Rondinella, Alfredo; Boschetto, Francesco; Zhu, Wenliang; Marin, Elia; Mcentire, Bryan; Sonny Bal, B.; Mazda, Osam
In Vitro versus In Vivo Phase Instability of Zirconia-Toughened Alumina Femoral Heads: A Critical Comparative Assessment 1-gen-2017 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Affatato, Saverio; Rondinella, Alfredo; Yorifuji, Makiko; Marin, Elia; Zhu, Wenliang; Mcentire, Bryan; Bal, Sonny B; Yamamoto, Kengo
Wear and surface degradation of commercial ZTA femoral heads under boundary lubrication conditions 1-gen-2017 Marin, Elia; Rondinella, Alfredo; Zhu, Wenliang; Mcentire, Bryan J; Bal, B Sonny; Pezzotti, Giuseppe
Bioactive silicon nitride: A new therapeutic material for osteoarthropathy 1-gen-2017 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Marin, Elia; Adachi, Tetsuya; Rondinella, Alfredo; Boschetto, Francesco; Zhu, Wenliang; Sugano, Nobuhiko; Bock, Ryan M; Mcentire, Bryan; Bal, Sonny B
In toto microscopic scanning of ZTA femoral head retrievals using CAD-assisted confocal Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-2017 Rondinella, A; Affatato, S; Marin, E; Zhu, Wl; Mcentire, Bj; Bal, Bs; Tateiwa, T; Yamamoto, K; Valdré, G; Pezzotti, G
Raman spectroscopic investigation on the molecular structure of apatite and collagen in osteoporotic cortical bone 1-gen-2017 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Rondinella, Alfredo; Marin, Elia; Zhu, Wenliang; Aldini, Nicolò Nicoli; Ulian, Gianfranco; Valdrè, Giovanni
Bioceramics are not Bioinert: The Role of Oxide and Non-Oxide Bioceramics on the Oxidation of UHMWPE Components in Artificial Joints 1-gen-2018 Rondinella, A.; Marin, E.; Mcentire, B. J.; Bock, R.; Bal, B. S.; Zhu, W.; Yamamoto, K.; Pezzotti, G.
Understanding Silicon Nitride’s Biological Properties: From Inert to Bioactive Ceramic 1-gen-2018 Marin, E.; Rondinella, A.; Boschetto, F.; Zanocco, M.; Mcentire, B. J.; Bal, S. B.; Pezzotti, G.
Development of a SiYAlON glaze for improved osteoconductivity of implantable medical devices 1-gen-2018 Bock, Ryan M; Marin, Elia; Rondinella, Alfredo; Boschetto, Francesco; Adachi, Tetsuya; Mcentire, Bryan J; Bal, B Sonny; Pezzotti, Giuseppe
Oxide ceramic femoral heads contribute to the oxidation of polyethylene liners in artificial hip joints 1-gen-2018 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Zhu, Wenliang; Sugano, Nobuhiko; Marin, Elia; Yamamoto, Kengo; Nishiike, Naomichi; Hori, Tsubasa; Rondinella, Alfredo; Mcentire, Bryan J; Bock, Ryan; Sonny Bal, B
Degradation phenomena occurring in the conical taper of a short-term retrieved ZTA femoral head: A case study 1-gen-2018 Rondinella, A; Marin, E; Boschetto, F; Zanocco, M; Zhu, W; Affatato, S; Yamamoto, K; Tateiwa, T; Pezzotti, G
Green Tea Polyphenols Coupled with a Bioactive Titanium Alloy Surface: In Vitro Characterization of Osteoinductive Behavior through a KUSA A1 Cell Study 1-gen-2018 Cazzola, Martina; Ferraris, Sara; Boschetto, Francesco; Rondinella, Alfredo; Marin, Elia; Zhu, Wenliang; Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Vernè, Enrica; Spriano, Silvia
Incorporating Si3 N4 into PEEK to Produce Antibacterial, Osteocondutive, and Radiolucent Spinal Implants 1-gen-2018 Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Marin, Elia; Adachi, Tetsuya; Lerussi, Federica; Rondinella, Alfredo; Boschetto, Francesco; Zhu, Wenliang; Kitajima, Takashi; Inada, Kosuke; Mcentire, Bryan J; Bock, Ryan M; Bal, B Sonny; Mazda, Osam
Bioglass functionalization of laser-patterned bioceramic surfaces and their enhanced bioactivity 1-gen-2018 Marin, Elia; Horiguchi, Satoshi; Zanocco, Matteo; Boschetto, Francesco; Rondinella, Alfredo; Zhu, Wenliang; Bock, Ryan M.; Mcentire, Bryan J.; Adachi, Tetsuya; Sonny Bal, B.; Pezzotti, Giuseppe
Biological response of human osteosarcoma cells to Si3N4-doped Bioglasses 1-gen-2018 Marin, Elia; Adachi, Tetsuya; Boschetto, Francesco; Zanocco, Matteo; Rondinella, Alfredo; Zhu, Wenliang; Bock, Ryan; Mcentire, Bryan; Bal, Sonny B.; Pezzotti, Giuseppe
The role of nitrogen off-stoichiometry in the osteogenic behavior of silicon nitride bioceramics 1-gen-2019 Zanocco, Matteo; Marin, Elia; Rondinella, Alfredo; Boschetto, Francesco; Horiguchi, Satoshi; Zhu, Wenliang; Mcentire, Bryan J; Bock, Ryan M; Bal, B Sonny; Pezzotti, Giuseppe
Surface pre-oxidation improves the wear performance of Si3N4 against UHMWPE 1-gen-2019 Rondinella, A; Marin, E; Zanocco, M; Boschetto, F; Pezzotti, G
Osteogenic response of mesenchymal progenitor cells to natural polysaccharide nanogel and atelocollagen scaffolds: A spectroscopic study 1-gen-2019 Horiguchi, Satoshi; Adachi, Tetsuya; Rondinella, Alfredo; Boschetto, Francesco; Marin, Elia; Zhu, Wenliang; Tahara, Yoshiro; Yamamoto, Toshiro; Kanamura, Narisato; Akiyoshi, Kazunari; Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Mazda, Osam
Diagnostic spectroscopic tools for worn brake pad materials: A case study 1-gen-2019 Marin, E; Daimon, E; Boschetto, F; Rondinella, A; Inada, K; Zhu, W; Pezzotti, G
Degradation of PTFE non-stick coatings for application in the food service industry 1-gen-2020 Andreatta, F.; Lanzutti, A.; Aneggi, E.; Gagliardi, A.; Rondinella, A.; Simonato, M.; Fedrizzi, L.
Enhanced bioactivity of Si3N4 through trench-patterning and back-filling with Bioglass® 1-gen-2020 Marin, Elia; Adachi, Tetsuya; Zanocco, Matteo; Boschetto, Francesco; Rondinella, Alfredo; Zhu, Wenliang; Somekawa, Shota; Ashida, Ryutaro; Bock, Ryan M; Mcentire, Bryan J; Bal, B Sonny; Mazda, Osam; Pezzotti, Giuseppe
Burst strength of BIOLOX®delta femoral heads and its dependence on low-temperature environmental degradation 1-gen-2020 Tateiwa, T.; Marin, E.; Rondinella, A.; Ciniglio, M.; Zhu, W.; Affatato, S.; Pezzotti, G.; Bock, R. M.; Mcentire, B. J.; Bal, B. S.; Yamamoto, K.
The Effect of the P/Si Ratio on the Preparation and Properties of Phosphoric Acid-Metakaolin Geopolymers 1-gen-2021 Furlani, E.; Aneggi, E.; Rondinella, A.; Zanocco, M.; Fedrizzi, L.; Maschio, S.
Creep study of glass reinforced polypropylene: Effect of temperature and presence of notches 1-gen-2021 Kyzy, B. K.; Lanzutti, A.; Magnan, M.; Rondinella, A.; Simonato, M.; Furlanetto, R.; Fedrizzi, L.
Synthesis, crystallographic characterization, and mechanical behavior of alumina chromia alloys 1-gen-2021 Rondinella, A.; Furlani, E.; Magnan, M.; Scagnetto, F.; Driussi, S.; Marin, E.; Maschio, S.
Possible Recycling of End-of-Life Dolomite Refractories by the Production of Geopolymer-Based Composites: Experimental Investigation 1-gen-2021 Furlani, E.; Rondinella, A.; Aneggi, E.; Maschio, S.
Degradation Mechanisms Occurring in PTFE-Based Coatings Employed in Food-Processing Applications 1-gen-2021 Rondinella, A.; Andreatta, F.; Turrin, D.; Fedrizzi, L.
Mechanical and antibacterial behavior of multilayered geopolymer coatings on Ti6Al4V alloys 1-gen-2022 Rondinella, Alfredo; Furlani, Erika; Dell’Antone, Lorenzo; Marin, Elia; Boschetto, Francesco; Sordetti, Francesco; Lanzutti, Alex; Andreatta, Francesco; Fedrizzi, Lorenzo; Maschio, Stefano
Production of antibacterial PMMA-based composites through stereolithography 1-gen-2022 Marin, E.; Mukai, M.; Boschetto, F.; Sunthar, T. P. M.; Adachi, T.; Zhu, W.; Rondinella, A.; Lanzutti, A.; Kanamura, N.; Yamamoto, T.; Fedrizzi, L.; Pezzotti, G.
Study of the Corrosion Behaviour of Welded Systems for Marine Industry Applications 1-gen-2022 Rondinella, A.; Andreatta, F.; Dorbolò, Lorenzo.; Offoiach, R.; Capurso, G.; Buffa, G.; Campanella, D.; Fedrizzi, L.
Preparation and Properties of Geopolymer Matrix Composites Containing Waste Olivine Sands from a Metallurgical Process 1-gen-2022 Furlani, E.; Rondinella, A.; Aneggi, E.; Maschio, S.
Multi-spectroscopic analysis of high temperature oxides formed on cobalt-chrome-molybdenum alloys 1-gen-2022 Marin, Elia; Lanzutti, Alex; Rondinella, Alfredo; Sordetti, Francesco; Magnan, Michele; Honma, Taigi; Yoshida, Yumi; Zhu, Wenliang; Pezzotti, Giuseppe; Fedrizzi, Lorenzo
Inhibitive effect of 8-hydroxyquinoline on corrosion of gray cast iron in automotive braking systems 1-gen-2023 Motta, M.; Zanocco, M.; Rondinella, A.; Iodice, V.; Sin, A.; Fedrizzi, L.; Andreatta, F.
Non-destructive spectroscopic diagnostic tools for the assessment of the mechanical strength of 3D-printed PLA 1-gen-2023 Marin, E.; Rondinella, A.; Idrus, D. M. B.; Lanzutti, A.; de Leitenburg, C.; Danielis, M.; Zhu, W.; Xu, H.; Pezzotti, G.
The Use of Thin Films as Defect Sealants to Increase the Corrosion Resistance of Thermal Spray Coatings 1-gen-2023 Lanzutti, A.; Sordetti, F.; Marin, E.; Andreatta, F.; Carabillo, A.; Querini, M.; Porro, S.; Rondinella, A.; Magnan, M.; Fedrizzi, L.
NEW BIOMASS-DERIVED ANTIMICROBIAL POLYMER SURFACES 1-gen-2023 Gover, Elisabetta; Rondinella, Alfredo; Alongi, Marilisa; Marino, Marilena; Manzocco, Lara; Fedrizzi, Lorenzo; Goi, Daniele; Strazzolini, Paolo; Comuzzi, Clara
Process parameters optimization in fused deposition modeling of polyether ether ketone 1-gen-2023 Vaglio, E.; Bille, E.; Franulovic, M.; Gambitta, A.; Liovic, D.; Rondinella, A.; Sortino, M.; Totis, G.
Retention and excretion of microplastics by Yellow Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) larvae reared on an amino formaldehyde polymer microbeads contaminated substrate 1-gen-2023 Randazzo, B.; Uboni, C.; Cardinaletti, G.; Rondinella, A.; Tulli, F.
Synthesis, microhardness, fracture toughness and microstructural features of chitosan containing alkali activated geopolymers 1-gen-2023 Rondinella, A.; Furlani, E.; Zanocco, M.; de Leitenburg, C.; Scagnetto, F.; Maschio, S.
Corrosion, electrical and thermal behaviour of graphene modified polyester powder coatings 1-gen-2023 Andreatta, F.; Rondinella, A.; Zanocco, M.; Capurso, G.; Vendramin, R.; Guarino, A.; Fedrizzi, L.
Development of a warning system for defects onset in organic coatings on large surfaces 1-gen-2023 Rondinella, A.; Offoiach, R.; Andreatta, F.; Capurso, G.; Calabrese, L.; Proverbio, E.; Fedrizzi, L.
Waste silica sand as a possible pozzolanic filler to produce cement mortars: experimental investigation 1-gen-2024 Furlani, E.; Zanocco, M.; Tubaro, E.; Rondinella, A.; Maschio, S.
Study of the Failure Mechanism of a High-Density Polyethylene Liner in a Type IV High-Pressure Storage Tank 1-gen-2024 Rondinella, A.; Capurso, G.; Zanocco, M.; Basso, F.; Calligaro, C.; Menotti, D.; Agnoletti, A.; Fedrizzi, L.
Statistical approaches to Raman imaging: principal component score mapping 1-gen-2024 Marin, Elia; Bristol, Davide Redolfi; Rondinella, Alfredo; Lanzutti, Alex; Riello, Pietro
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