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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Robust control strategies for multi--inventory systems with average flow constraints 1-gen-2006 D., Bauso; Blanchini, Franco; R., Pesenti
A robust decentralized control for channel sharing communication 1-gen-2017 Blanchini, Franco; Casagrande, Daniele; Giordano, Giulia; Montessoro, Pier Luca
Robust Design by Virtual Prototyping of Injection Moulding Process 1-gen-2008 Berti, G; Monti, M; Bietresato, M
Robust design of standard controllers under plant parameters uncertainty 1-gen-2007 Blanchini, Franco; Miani, Stefano; Viaro, Umberto
Robust Energy-Based Control of a Swash Mass Helicopter Subject to Matched Disturbances 1-gen-2020 Salamat, B.; Tonello, A. M.
Robust estimation of stochastic frontier models 1-gen-2001 Bellio, Ruggero; Ventura, L.
Robust feature tracking in underwater video sequences 1-gen-1998 T., Tommasini; Fusiello, Andrea; Roberto, Vito; E., Trucco
Robust Global Motion Estimation with Matrix Completion 1-gen-2014 Arrigoni, F.; Rossi, B.; Malapelle, F.; Fragneto, P.; Fusiello, Andrea
Robust Grid Synchronisation in Three-Phase Distributed Power Generation Systems by Synchronous Reference Frame Pre-Filtering 1-gen-2009 Petrella, Roberto; Revelant, A.; Stocco, P.
Robust inference for nonlinear regression models from the Tsallis score: application to Covid-19 contagion in Italy 1-gen-2020 Girardi, Paolo; Greco, Luca; Mameli, Valentina; Musio, Monica; Racugno, Walter; Ruli, Erlis; Ventura, Laura
Robust linear parameter-varying control of induction motors 1-gen-2015 Blanchini, Franco; Casagrande, Daniele; Miani, Stefano; Viaro, Umberto
Robust localization in wireless sensor networks via low-rank and'sparse matrix decomposition 1-gen-2017 Rossi, Beatrice; Patane', Marco; Fragneto, Pasqualina; Fusiello, Andrea
A robust method for filtering non-ground measurements from airborne LIDAR data 1-gen-2004 Crosilla, F; Visintini, D; Prearo, G
Robust microphase separation through chemical reaction networks 1-gen-2023 Blanchini, F.; Franco, E.; Giordano, G.; Osmanovic, D.
Robust mixed-norm position and vibration control of flexible link mechanisms 1-gen-2005 R., Caracciolo; D., Richiedei; A., Trevisani; Zanotto, Vanni
Robust model-based trajectory planning for nonlinear systems 1-gen-2016 Boscariol, P; Gasparetto, Alessandro
Robust motion and correspondence of noisy 3-D point sets with missing data 1-gen-1999 Trucco, E; Fusiello, Andrea; Roberto, Vito
Robust motion-based segmentation for content-based video coding 1-gen-2000 F., Odone; Fusiello, Andrea; E., Trucco
Robust Multiple Model Fitting with Preference Analysis and Low-rank Approximation 1-gen-2015 Magri, Luca; Fusiello, Andrea
Robust multiple structures estimation with J-linkage 1-gen-2008 Toldo, R.; Fusiello, Andrea
Mostrati risultati da 65.730 a 65.749 di 82.645
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