TONIOLO, Rosanna
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Nome #
Sorption of ofloxacin and chrysoidine by grape stalk. A representative case of biomass removal of emerging pollutants from wastewater, file e27ce0c2-fd3f-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 110
A portable setup for the voltammetric determination of total mercury in fish with solid and nanostructured gold electrodes, file e27ce0c6-11ba-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 79
Oxidative behavior of (+)-catechin in the presence of inactive dry yeasts: A comparison with sulfur dioxide, ascorbic acid and glutathione, file e27ce0c7-7090-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 10
Paper-based aptamer-antibody biosensor for gluten detection in a deep eutectic solvent (DES), file e27ce0ca-14b3-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 9
Oxidative behavior of (+)-catechin in the presence of inactive dry yeasts: A comparison with sulfur dioxide, ascorbic acid and glutathione, file e27ce0c4-8fef-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 8
Characterization of inherently chiral electrosynthesized oligomeric films by voltammetry and scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), file e27ce0c9-1832-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 8
A piezoelectric immunosensor based on antibody entrapment within a non-totally rigid polymeric film, file e27ce0c1-f1e4-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 7
Use of an electrochemical room temperature ionic liquid-based microprobe for measurements in gaseous atmospheres, file e27ce0c2-f7f4-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 7
An electroanalytical investigation on the redox properties of calcium antagonist dihydropyridines, file e27ce0c1-d55d-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 5
Pencil-drawn paper supported electrodes as simple electrochemical detectors for paper-based fluidic devices, file e27ce0c2-3662-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 5
A paper-based platform with pencil-drawn dual amperometric detector for the rapid quantification of ortho-diphenols in extravirgin olive oil., file e27ce0c2-f6de-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 5
Development of a multi-walled nanotubes aptasensor for gliadin detection., file e27ce0c3-0106-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 5
null, file e27ce0c2-f8aa-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 4
A Deep Eutectic Solvent-based Amperometric Sensor for the Detection of Low Oxygen Contents in Gaseous Atmospheres, file e27ce0c2-fac4-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 4
Anodic stripping voltammetry with gold electrodes as an alternative method for the routine determination of mercury in fish. Comparison with spectroscopic approaches, file e27ce0c3-7788-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 4
Development and use of electrochemical room temperature ionic liquid-based microprobes for analysis of gaseous species., file e27ce0c2-f52c-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 3
Simultaneous detection of ascorbic acid and hydrogen peroxide by flow-injection analysis with a thin layer dual-electrode detector, file e27ce0c2-facb-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 3
Evaluation of an electrochemical room temperature ionic liquid-based microprobe for gas analysis., file e27ce0c2-fd98-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 3
A modified electrode for the electrochemical detection of biogenic amines and their amino acid precursors separated by microchip capillary electrophoresis, file e27ce0c2-fed3-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 3
A paper-based platform with a pencil-drawn dual amperometric detector for the rapid quantification of ortho-diphenols in extravirgin olive oil, file e27ce0c3-77fd-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 3
Digitally Controlled Procedure for Assembling Fully Drawn Paper-Based Electroanalytical Platforms, file e27ce0c4-8ff0-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 3
3D printed portable instruments based on affordable electronics, smartphones and open-source microcontrollers suitable for monitoring food quality, file e27ce0c8-f303-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 3
Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) and Their Application in Biosensor Development, file e27ce0c9-5b44-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 3
Room Temperature Ionic Liquids As Useful Overlayers for Estimating Food Quality from Their Odor Analysis by Quartz Crystal Microbalance Measurements, file e27ce0c2-f738-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Anodic electrodeposition of iridium oxide particles on glassy carbon surfaces and their electrochemical/SEM/XPS characterization, file e27ce0c2-f88f-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Method for the catalyzed reduction of halogen oxyanions in aqueous solutions, file e27ce0c3-0920-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Electrochemical and spectroscopic investigation of a binary Ni-Co oxide active material deposited on graphene/polyvinyl alcohol composite substrate, file e27ce0c3-a8e6-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Selection of Anti-gluten DNA Aptamers in a Deep Eutectic Solvent, file e27ce0c7-6270-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Volatile aldehydes sensing in headspace using a room temperature ionic liquid-modified electrochemical microprobe, file e27ce0c7-6982-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Voltammetry - Linear sweep and cyclic, Second Edition, file e27ce0c1-cde6-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Enzyme linked-immunosorben assay (ELISA) in microchannels with electrochemical detection for the determination of caffeine, file e27ce0c1-cebb-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
A voltammetric approach to an estimate of metal release from tinplate promoted by ligands present in canned vegetables, file e27ce0c1-d68b-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
A gradient reverse-Phase HPLC procedure fir the simultaneous determination of different additives in soft drinks, file e27ce0c1-dc7b-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
An electroanalytical investigation on the redox properties of lacidipine supporting its anti-oxidant effect, file e27ce0c1-de16-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
A Piezoelectric Immunosensor based on Antibody Entrapment within a non-totally rigid thin polymeric film, file e27ce0c1-e22a-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Porous electrodes supported on ion-exchanche membranes as electrochemical detectors for supercritical fluid chromatography, file e27ce0c1-efef-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Determinazione rapida di coloranti azoici in alimenti e bevande mediante elettroforesi capillare su microchip con rivelazione amperometrica, file e27ce0c1-f1fb-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
A simple approach to the hydrodynamic injection in microchip electrophoresis with electrochemical detection, file e27ce0c1-f5d7-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Electrochemical gas sensors based on paper-supported room-temperature ionic liquids for improved analysis of acid vapours, file e27ce0c2-48fc-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
A Membrane Free Amperometric Gas Sensor Based on Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for the Selective Monitoring of NOx, file e27ce0c2-f737-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Pencil-drawn electrodes for paper-based electrochemical devices, file e27ce0c2-f838-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Amperometric sniffer for volatile amines based on paper-supported room-temperature ionic liquids enabling rapid assessment of fish spoilage, file e27ce0c2-f8a3-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Strategies for the determination of mercury traces with carbon paste‐based sensors, file e27ce0c2-f8ae-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Characterization of antioxidant effect of procyanidins, file e27ce0c2-f97c-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
A deep eutectic solvent-based amperometric sensor for the detection of low oxygen contents in gaseous atmospheres, file e27ce0c2-fd9a-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Pencil leads doped with electrochemically deposited Ag and AgCl for drawing reference electrodes on paper-based electrochemical devices, file e27ce0c2-fe70-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Determination of major, minor and trace elements in Glyceric Macerates and Mother Tinctures and in the starting plant materials, file e27ce0c2-fe92-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
An oxygen amperometric gas sensor based on its electrocatalytic reduction in room temperature ionic liquid, file e27ce0c2-fed7-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Acid–base logarithmic diagrams with computer algebra systems, file e27ce0c3-0123-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Rapid Prototyping of Sensors and Conductive Elements by Day-to-Day Writing Tools and Emerging Manufacturing Technologies, file e27ce0c3-01c5-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Development of innovative analytical methods and devices for food quality and safety control., file e27ce0c3-06b1-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
An Effective Gluten Extraction Method Exploiting Pure Choline Chloride-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents (ChCl-DESs), file e27ce0c7-8328-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Electrochemical and structural modifications of humic acids in aerobically and anaerobically incubated peat, file e27ce0c9-c88f-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
An Effective Label-Free Electrochemical Aptasensor Based on Gold Nanoparticles for Gluten Detection, file e27ce0c9-f557-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Totale 331
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