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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Group vs individual web accessibility evaluations: Effects with novice evaluators 1-gen-2016 Brajnik, G.; Vigo, M.; Yesilada, Y.; Harper, S.
Group- and vector-valued s-bounded contents 1-gen-1984 Weber, Hans Josef Karl
GROUP-8 AND GROUP-9 METAL-CARBONYLS AS CATALYSTS FOR 1,5-CYCLOOCTADIENE ISOMERIZATION 1-gen-1989 Kaspar, J; Graziani, M; Trovarelli, Alessandro; Dolcetti, Giuliano
Group-Based Reduction Schemes for Streaming Applications 1-gen-2011 Bernardini, Riccardo; CESCO FABBRO, R; Rinaldo, Roberto
Grouping as a searching process for minimum-energy configurations of labelled random fields 1-gen-1996 Murino, V; Regazzoni, Cs; Foresti, Gian Luca
GROUPING OF RECTILINEAR SEGMENTS BY THE LABELED HOUGH TRANSFORM 1-gen-1994 Foresti, Gian Luca; Murino, V; Regazzoni, Cs; Vernazza, G.
Groups in which every subgroup is f-subnormal 1-gen-2001 Casolo, C; Mainardis, Mario
Groups with a small set of generators 1-gen-2003 Dikranjan, Dikran; Marconi, U.; Moresco, R.
Groups with all subgroups $f$-subnormal 1-gen-2001 Casolo, C; Mainardis, Mario
Groups with complete prime graph connected components 1-gen-2004 Lucido, Maria Silvia; Moghaddamfar, A. R.
Growing Helianthus annuuus and Sorghum bicolor in a soil polluted by pyrite cinders: plant growth and phytoextraction of heavy metals 1-gen-2006 Marchiol, Luca; Fellet, G.; Perosa, D.; Zerbi, Giuseppe
Growing Hierarchical Tree SOM: an Unsupervised Neural Network with Dynamic Topology 1-gen-2006 Forti, A; Foresti, Gian Luca
Growth and ABA content of strawberry as influenced by root restriction 1-gen-1997 Vizzotto, Giannina; Lain, Orietta; Costa, Guglielmo
Growth and fermentation of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain in the presence of copper 1-gen-1993 Manzano, Marisa; Sarais, I; Comi, Giuseppe; Romandini, P; de Bertoldi, M.
Growth and nitrogen metabolism of sea bass fed graded level of nucleic acid nitrogen from yeast or RNA extract as partial substitute for protein nitrogen from fish meal 1-gen-2005 Tulli, Francesca; Franchin, C; Tibaldi, Emilio; Kaushik, S. J.
Growth and spectra of gravity-capillary waves in countercurrent air/water turbulent flow 1-gen-2015 Zonta, Francesco; Soldati, Alfredo; Onorato, Miguel
Growth and structure of singly oriented single-layer tungsten disulfide on Au(111) 1-gen-2019 Bignardi, L.; Lizzit, D.; Bana, H.; Travaglia, E.; Lacovig, P.; Sanders, C. E.; Dendzik, M.; Michiardi, M.; Bianchi, M.; Ewert, M.; Buss, L.; Falta, J.; Flege, J. I.; Baraldi, A.; Larciprete, R.; Hofmann, P.; Lizzit, S.
Growth and survival of yabby( Cherax destructor)under intensive farming conditions:preliminary results 1-gen-1999 De Luise, G; Pinosa, Maurizio; Tibaldi, Emilio
Growth and Welfare of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Response to Graded Levels of Insect and Poultry By-Product Meals in Fishmeal-Free Diets 1-gen-2022 Cardinaletti, Gloriana; Di Marco, Patrizia; Daniso, Enrico; Messina, Maria; Donadelli, Valeria; Grazia Finoia, Maria; Petochi, Tommaso; Fava, Francesca; Faccenda, Filippo; Contò, Michela; Cerri, Roberto; Volpatti, Donatella; Bulfon, Chiara; Mandich, Alberta; Longobardi, Alessandro; Marino, Giovanna; Fernanda Pulido-Rodriguez, Lina; Parisi, Giuliana; Tibaldi, Emilio
Growth control of follicular cells in vitro 1-gen-1986 AMBESI IMPIOMBATO, Francesco Saverio; Tramontano, D; Veneziani, Bm
Mostrati risultati da 28.978 a 28.997 di 77.685
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