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Nome #
Response of barley plants to Fe deficiency and Cd contamination as affected by S starvation, file e27ce0c1-e0fc-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 124
Physiological and RNA sequencing data of white lupin plants grown under Fe and P deficiency, file e27ce0c6-6b06-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 123
Short-term treatment with the urease inhibitor N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) alters urea assimilation and modulates transcriptional profiles of genes involved in primary and secondary metabolism in maize seedlings, file e27ce0c2-c962-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 122
Biostimulant Action of Dissolved Humic Substances From a Conventionally and an Organically Managed Soil on Nitrate Acquisition in Maize Plants, file e27ce0c7-7e01-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 121
The urease inhibitor NBPT negatively affects DUR3-mediated uptake and assimilation of urea in maize roots, file e27ce0c2-57cc-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 117
Transcriptional and physiological analyses of Fe deficiency response in maize reveal the presence of Strategy I components and Fe/P interactions, file e27ce0c3-8850-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 114
Early transcriptomic response to Fe supply in Fe-deficient tomato plants is strongly influenced by the nature of the chelating agent, file e27ce0c2-724c-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 110
Isolation and functional characterization of a high affinity urea transporter from roots of Zea mays, file e27ce0c1-f111-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 95
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Plant-borne flavonoids released into the rhizosphere: impact on soil bio-activities related to plant nutrition. A review, file e27ce0c1-f5a8-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 47
Spatially resolved (semi)quantitative determination of iron (Fe) in plants by means of synchrotron micro X-ray fluorescence, file e27ce0c1-dcbd-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 31
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Enzymes in Plant Growth, file e27ce0c1-f116-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 18
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Responses of hydroponically grown maize to various urea to ammonium ratios: physiological and molecular data, file e27ce0c9-70a3-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 9
Effects of ammonium to urea ratio on N nutrition in maize plants, file e27ce0c9-b066-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 5
Identification of an Isoflavonoid Transporter Required for the Nodule Establishment of the Rhizobium-Fabaceae Symbiotic Interaction, file e27ce0c9-d80c-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 5
Spatially resolved (semi)quantitative determination of iron (Fe) in plants by means of synchrotron micro X-ray fluorescence, file e27ce0c1-dcbe-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 4
Temperature control of nutrient solution in floating system cultivation, file e27ce0c1-f11a-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 4
Transcriptomic Analysis Highlights Reciprocal Interactions of Urea and Nitrate for Nitrogen Acquisition by Maize Roots, file e27ce0c2-03dc-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 4
Degradation of citrate promotes copper co-precipitation within aluminium-(hydr)oxides in calcareous soils, file e27ce0c3-6d0a-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 4
Nitrate induction and physiological responses of two maize lines differing in nitrogen use efficiency: effects on N availability, microbial diversity and enzyme activity in the rhizosphere, file e27ce0c4-fbd8-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 4
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Combined effect of organic acids and flavonoids on the mobilization of major and trace elements from soil, file e27ce0c2-2bc8-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Induction of nitrate uptake in Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapevines depends on the scion and is affected by the rootstock, file e27ce0c2-531a-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Induction of nitrate uptake in Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapevines depends on the scion and is affected by the rootstock, file e27ce0c2-56b7-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Characterization of humic fractions in leachates from soil under organic and conventional management and their interactions with the root zone, file e27ce0c5-5fdc-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Physiological and transcriptomic data highlight common features between iron and phosphorus acquisition mechanisms in white lupin roots, file e27ce0c6-7695-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Characterization of physiological and molecular responses of Zea mays seedlings to different urea-ammonium ratios, file e27ce0c9-56ea-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 2
Effects of the Fractionation of the Nitrogen Fertilization on Root Nitrate Uptake and Vine Agronomic Performance in Pinot Gris Grapevines in a Temperate Climate, file 7f3177bc-102d-42d6-a80e-fc4244178282 1
Sulphur deprivation limits Fe-deficiency responses in tomato plants, file e27ce0c1-cdf7-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Quantitative 3D elemental analysis inside plant roots by means of synchrotron confocal micro X-ray fluorescence, file e27ce0c1-d883-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Short-term interactions between nitrate and iron nutrition in cucumber, file e27ce0c1-d954-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Phytosiderophores released by graminaceous species promote Fe-59-uptake in citrus, file e27ce0c1-db95-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Iron (Fe) speciation in xylem sap by XANES at a high brilliant synchrotron X-ray source: opportunities and limitations, file e27ce0c1-dbdf-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Nitrate transport in cucumber leaves is an inducible process involving an increase in plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity and abundance, file e27ce0c1-dc41-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Influence of iron nutrition on sulphur uptake and metabolism in maize (Zea mays L.) roots, file e27ce0c1-de53-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Soil humic substances affect transport properties of tonoplast vesicles isolated from oat roots, file e27ce0c1-de98-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
The root-hairless barley mutant brb used as model for assessment of role of root hairs in iron accumulation, file e27ce0c1-e06e-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Iron deficiency induces sulfate uptake and modulates redistribution of reduced sulfur pool in barley plants, file e27ce0c1-e32e-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Flavonoids of white lupin roots participate in phosphorus mobilization from soil, file e27ce0c1-ea0a-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
La nutrizione delle piante fra limitazioni chimiche e costrizioni fisiologiche: è possibile un approccio sostenibile?, file e27ce0c1-f46b-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Micro-analytical, physiological and molecular aspects of Fe acquisition in leaves of Fe-deficient tomato plants re-supplied with natural Fe-complexes in nutrient solution, file e27ce0c1-f55f-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Corn salad (Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr.) growth in a water-saving floating system as affected by iron and sulfate availability, file e27ce0c2-4fc6-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Physiological and molecular characterization of Fe acquisition by tomato plants from natural Fe complexes, file e27ce0c2-777d-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Uptake of 59Fe from soluble 59Fe-humate complexes by cucumber and barley plants, file e27ce0c2-d473-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Implication of copper and iron availability and sources in plant growth and development, file e27ce0c7-2b9b-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Identification of an isoflavonoid transporter required for the nodule establishment of the Rhizobium-Fabaceae symbiotic interaction, file e27ce0c7-32bf-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Molecular and physiological interactions of urea and nitrate uptake in plants, file e27ce0c7-8475-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Effects of ammonium to urea ratio on N nutrition in maize plants, file e27ce0c9-9c72-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Interaction between N and Fe nutrition: how N forms can promote Fe acquisition into tomato plants, file e27ce0c9-c719-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
Transcriptomic and metabolomic profiles of Zea mays plants fed with urea and ammonium, file e27ce0ca-24bf-055e-e053-6605fe0a7873 1
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