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Nome #
Transcriptomic Analysis Highlights Reciprocal Interactions of Urea and Nitrate for Nitrogen Acquisition by Maize Roots 202
Combined effect of organic acids and flavonoids on the mobilization of major and trace elements from soil 169
Induction of nitrate uptake in Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapevines depends on the scion and is affected by the rootstock 161
Ruolo della PM H+-ATPasi nel rilascio di essudati radicali da cluster di lupino P-carenti 152
New ‘solutions’ for floating cultivation system of ready-to-eat salad: A review 141
Aluminium-phosphate interactions in the rhizosphere of two bean species: Phaseolus lunatus L. and Phaseolus vulgaris L. 134
Potassium fluxes in mesocarp tissue slices of ripening peach fruits 132
Transcriptional and physiological analyses of Fe deficiency response in maize reveal the presence of Strategy I components and Fe/P interactions 129
Sucrose accumulation in developing peach fruit 127
Plasma membrane H+-ATPase in maize roots induced for NO3- uptake 127
Molecular and physiological interactions of urea and nitrate uptake in plants 126
Genome-wide microarray analysis of tomato roots showed defined responses to iron deficiency 120
Response of barley plants to Fe deficiency and Cd contamination as affected by S starvation 119
Short-term interactions between nitrate and iron nutrition in cucumber 118
Temperature control of nutrient solution in floating system cultivation 118
Physiological and RNA sequencing data of white lupin plants grown under Fe and P deficiency 116
Uptake of iron (Fe-59) complexed to water-extractable humic substances by sunflower leaves 115
Water- and pyrophosphate-extractable humic substances fractions as a source of iron for Fe-deficient cucumber plants 113
Spatially resolved (semi)quantitative determination of iron (Fe) in plants by means of synchrotron micro X-ray fluorescence 112
Beneficial effects of silicon on hydroponically grown corn salad (Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr) plants 111
Cadmium exposure affects iron acquisition in barley (Hordeum vulgare) seedlings 111
Short-term treatment with the urease inhibitor N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) alters urea assimilation and modulates transcriptional profiles of genes involved in primary and secondary metabolism in maize seedlings 111
Measurement of net high-affinity urea uptake in maize plants 110
Sulphur deprivation limits Fe-deficiency responses in tomato plants 110
Early transcriptomic response to Fe supply in Fe-deficient tomato plants is strongly influenced by the nature of the chelating agent 109
Water-extractable humic substances speed up transcriptional response of maize roots to nitrate 109
Changes in plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity during aeration of maize roots 108
Plasma membrane H+-ATPase-dependent citrate exudation from cluster roots of phosphate-deficient white lupin 108
Solubilization of iron by water-extractable humic substances 107
Evaluation of Fe-59-lignosulfonates complexes as Fe-sources for plants 107
Plant-borne flavonoids released into the rhizosphere: impact on soil bio-activities related to plant nutrition. A review 106
Supply of sulphur to S-deficient young barley seedlings restores their capability to cope with iron shortage 105
Action of soil humic matter on plant roots: Stimulation of ion uptake and effects on(Mg2++K+) ATPase activity 104
Early transcriptomic response to Fe supply in Fe-deficient tomato plants is strongly influenced by the nature of the chelating agent 104
The urease inhibitor NBPT negatively affects DUR3-mediated uptake and assimilation of urea in maize roots 102
Cadmium inhibits the induction of high-affinity nitrate uptake in maize (Zeamays L.) roots 101
The Effect of Growth Medium Temperature on Corn Salad [Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr] Baby Leaf Yield and Quality 101
Release of plant-borne flavonoids into the rhizosphere and their role in plant nutrition 100
Micro-analytical, physiological and molecular aspects of Fe acquisition in leaves of Fe-deficient tomato plants re-supplied with natural Fe-complexes in nutrient solution 100
Phytosiderophores released by graminaceous species promote Fe-59-uptake in citrus 99
Plant-Soil Relationship: Role of Humic Substances in Iron Nutrition 98
Role of humic substances in the rhizosphere 98
Flavonoids of white lupin roots participate in phosphorus mobilization from soil 98
Nutrient accumulation in leaves of Fe-deficient cucumber plants treated with natural Fe complexes 98
Iron deficiency induces sulfate uptake and modulates redistribution of reduced sulfur pool in barley plants 96
Plasma membrane H+-ATPase-dependent citrate exudation from cluster roots of phosphate-deficient white lupin 96
Direct versus indirect effects of soil humic substances on plant growth and nutrition 95
Nitrate transport in cucumber leaves is an inducible process involving an increase in plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity and abundance 95
Effect of Zinc Deficiency on Proton Fluxes in Plasma Membrane-Enriched Vesicles Isolated from Bean Roots 95
Soil humic substances affect transport properties of tonoplast vesicles isolated from oat roots 94
Isolation and functional characterization of a high affinity urea transporter from roots of Zea mays 94
Characterization of humic fractions in leachates from soil under organic and conventional management and their interactions with the root zone 94
Proton-translocating ATPase activity in plasma membrane vesicles from roots of grapevine seedlings 91
Iron deficiency responses in roots of kiwi 90
Common and specific responses to iron and phosphorus deficiencies in roots of apple tree (Malus × domestica) 89
Biostimulant Action of Dissolved Humic Substances From a Conventionally and an Organically Managed Soil on Nitrate Acquisition in Maize Plants 89
Possible interaction between peroxidase and NAD(P)H-dependent nitrate reductase activities of plasma membranes of corn roots 88
Selenium fortification of hydroponically grown corn salad 86
Iron (Fe) speciation in xylem sap by XANES at a high brilliant synchrotron X-ray source: opportunities and limitations 85
Effect of urea on gene expression and activity of enzymes involved in nitrose metabolism in maize seedlings. 85
Physiological and molecular characterization of Fe acquisition by tomato plants from natural Fe complexes 85
Enzymatic responses of cucumber roots to different levels of Fe supply 84
Properties of potassium uptake by seedling roots of grape cultivars 83
Effect of NO3-, Cl- and DIDS on H+-ATPase of plasma membrane vesicles isolated from maize roots 83
Development of Fe-deficiency responses in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) roots: involvement of plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity 83
Review on iron availability in soil: Interaction of Fe minerals, plants, and microbes 83
Characteristics of insoluble, high molecular weight Fe-humic substances used as plant Fe sources 83
Rhizospheric organic compounds in the soil-microorganism-plant system: their role in iron availability 82
The root-hairless barley mutant brb used as model for assessment of role of root hairs in iron accumulation 81
Influence of iron nutrition on sulphur uptake and metabolism in maize (Zea mays L.) roots 78
Physiological and transcriptomic data highlight common features between iron and phosphorus acquisition mechanisms in white lupin roots 78
Modulation of NO3- uptake by water-extractable humic substances: involvement of root plasma membrane H+-ATPase 77
Two plasma membrane H+-ATPase genes are differentially expressed in iron-deficient cucumber plants 76
Degradation of citrate promotes copper co-precipitation within aluminium-(hydr)oxides in calcareous soils 76
Mechanisms involved in iron translocation and measurements of iron allocation in leaves of Fe-deficient cucumber plants fed hydroponically with natural Fe-complexes 75
Physiological, transcriptional and metabolomic analyses of the response to iron deficiency in white lupin 75
Soil humic substances stimulate proton release by intact oat seedling roots 74
Modification in the root-rhizosphere system induced by fluctuating nitrate availability 74
Corn salad (Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr.) growth in a water-saving floating system as affected by iron and sulfate availability 74
Involvement of plasma membrane H+-ATPase in nitrate uptake by maize genotypes 73
Use of natural Fe-chelates by dicotiledonous plants 72
Water-extractable humic substances alter root development and epidermal cell pattern in Arabidopsis 72
The Role of Flavonoids in Promoting the Mobilization of Fe and Mn in Soil 72
Use efficiency of natural iron complexes by tomato plants 71
Root exudate pattern as affected by different nutrient deficiencies in apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) trees. 71
Transgenerational Response to Nitrogen Deprivation in Arabidopsis thaliana 71
Plyphenols from the wine for a possible use as cosmetic or nutraceutic products 70
Mineral weathering and mobilization of trace metals in the rhizosphere: the role of root exudates 70
Iron deficiency in Zea mays: transcriptomic changes and acquisition of different Fe-sources 69
Characterization of a genistein transporter in cluster roots of white lupin 69
Gene expression and physiological modifications induced by fluctuating nitrate availability in roots of soil-grown plants 68
Strategia di risposta alla carenza di fosforo in piante di lupino; relazioni tra la capacità di assorbimento del fosfato e il rilascio di essudati radicali 68
Innovative ‘solutions’ for soilless cultivation system of ready-to-eat salad 68
Biofortificazione con selenio di orticole destinate alla IV gamma 68
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