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Il bilancio glomerulo-tubulare 512
Micropuncture study of the effect of furosemide on proximal and distal tubules of the rat nephron 151
Glomerular dynamics and salt balance in pregnant rats with renal hypertension 142
Clinical Features of renal vascular involvment in systemic diseases. 119
The validity of the recollection technique in micropuncture experiments on the rat kidney 118
The effect of intraluminal flow rate on glomerulo-tubular balance in the proximal tubule of the rat kidney 114
Acute Effects of Ciclosporin on renal hemodynamics and Urinary protein excretion in patients with the nephrotic syndrome 113
Gene polymorphism in five target genes of immunosuppressive therapy and risk of development of preeclampsia 113
Proximal reabsorption with changing tubular fluid inflow in rat nephrons 110
The effect of reducing proximal tubular fluid delivery on the rate of filtration of single nephrons 107
Microinjection studies on the effect of furosemide on the rat nephron 104
Effects of muzolimine on experimental acute renal failure (ARF) 102
Renal interstitial cells, proteinuria and progression of lupus nephritis: new frontiers for old factors. 101
Medium-term cyclosporin renal dysfunction and its reversibility in rats 99
Mathematical rationalization for the renal tubular transport: revised concepts 99
Micropuncture and clearance measurements of segmental reabsorption by the rat nephron 99
The effect of colchicine on proximal tubular reabsorption 99
Inhibition of urea tubular reabsorption by PGE1 infusion in man. 97
Role of inhibition of atrial natriuretic factor release in the down-regulation of salt excretion 96
Effect of endothelin-1 on proximal reabsorption and tubulo-glomerular feed-back 95
Usefulness of dopamine treatment in non-oliguric renal failure 94
Measurement of Na reabsorption by Henle's loop by micropuncture and clearance methods 93
A new immunosuppressive regimen of the idiopathic nephrotic syndrome 93
Extra-natriuretic effects of atrial peptide in humans 93
Physical training effects in renal transplant recipients. 92
Effects of Nitrendipine in patients with chronic renal failure 92
Single nephron filtration rate during tubular microinjection of solutions of different tonicity 89
Prevention of Preeclampsia 85
A case-control study on restless legs syndrome in nondialyzed patients with chronic renal failure 83
Effects of Exercise in renal transplant recipients 82
Effect of Endothelin-1 on Proximal Reabsorption and Tubulo-Glomerular Feed-Back 81
Rituximab versus oral cyclophosphamide for treatment of relapses of proliferative lupus nephritis: a clinical observational study 81
Pregnancy after kidney transplantation: two transplantation centers - Vicenza - Udine experience 79
Effects of Ciclosporin A and Tacrolimus on nephron filtration rate and tubular reabsorption 78
Effects of Hypertension on renal function in pregnant rats 78
Acute effects of intratubular infusion and peritubular capillar perfusion of Colchicine (Cl) on proximal tubular function 77
Consistency of nephron filtration measurements by collection of tubular total fluid from different proximal sites 76
Restless legs syndrome in dialysis patients: a comparison between hemodialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis 76
Micropunture study of the effect of furosemide (F) in the water diuresed (WD) rats 75
Systemic and intratubular effects of cyclosporin-A and tacrolimus on the rat kidney 75
Are sleep disorders able to Increase cardiovascular risk in chronic hemodialyzed patients (CHP) ? 74
Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF) in the normal pregnant woman and in the fetus 73
Are sleep disorders able to increase cardiovascular risk in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) patients ? 73
The influence of furosemide on free water clearance 72
Antihypertensive mechanism of muzolimine 72
Reabsorption by different nephron segments estimated by clearance and micropuncture 71
The effect of changing the delivery of tubular fluid to the macula densa on the filtration rate 70
Trattamento delle nefriti crioglobulinemiche. Studio pilota con Micofenolato Mofetil 70
Combination therapy with cyclosporin-A plus methotrexate in adult Still’s disease: efficacy and safety. . 70
The tubular site of action of furosemide studied with the technique of microinjection 70
Nephrotoxicity of Ciclosporin A. Micropuncture study in the rat 68
The site of action of furosemide 67
Acute effects of intratubular infusion of Adenosine (AD) and N6-Cyclohexyl-Adenosine on renal tubular function 66
Misura del riassorbimento sodico nell'ansa di Henle mediante tecniche di micropuntura renale e di clearance 66
Does intrarenal endothelin affect kidneys function? An intratubular microinjection study 64
Reabsorption by different nephron segments estimated by clearance and micropuncture 63
Micropunture and clearance study on the tubular site of action of furosemide 63
Is Physical training useful to improbe the outcome of renal transplant recipients (RTRS)? 2005; 10 (suppl): A332. 63
Is the antihypertensive effect of muzolimine due to volume depletion? 62
Dopamine reversese Acute Cyclosporin Nephrotoxicity in the rat 61
La nefrotossicità acuta da ciclosporina A (CsA) è dose dipendente nel ratto 60
Effects of delivery on ANF, Plasma Aldosterone (A), PRA and Plasma Volume (PV) in Normal Pregnant Women 60
Response of tubular proximal reabsorption to changes in filtration of individual nephrons 60
Iron amiliorates pruritus and decreases serotonin levels in uremic patients 60
Pregnancy following renal transplantation: two transplantation centers experience 60
Studio di micropuntura sugli effetti della furosemide sul nefrone di ratto in corso di diuresi acquosa 59
Measurement of reabsorption by single segments of the human nephron 59
The influence of sampling site on SNGFR 57
Dopamine (D) reverse acute Cyclosporine A (CyA) nephrotoxicity. Micropunture study in rat 57
Mechanism of the antihypertensive action of diutetics 56
Acute effects of Adenosine (ad) and n6-cyclohexyl-Adenosine (n6-cad) on tubular function of the rat kidney 56
Effetti delle variazioni del flusso tubulare sul riassorbimento prossimale nel nefrone di ratto 56
Segmental reabsorption measured by micropuncture and clearance methods during hypertonic sodium infusion 56
Renal function in pregnant rats with two-kidney Goldblatt Hypertension 55
Response of tubular proximal reabsorption to changes in filtration of individual nephrons. 55
Role of Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF) in renal adaption to variations of salt intake in humans 55
Immunosupressive and renal hemodinamic effects of low-dose Cy-A. Controlled study 54
Measurement of Henle's loop Na reabsorption by micropunture and clearance methods 54
Salt preference in pregnant hypertensive rats 54
Long-term downregulation of salt excretion by atrial natriuretic factor in humans 54
The site of action of furosemide 54
Effects of age on the role of atrial natriuretic factor in renal adaptation to physiologic variations of dietary salt intak 54
Restless leg syndrome in dalysis patients 54
Il micofenolato (MF) nel trattamento delle glomerulonefriti crioglobilunemiche 53
Kidney vascular resistances values in patients with systemic sclerosis after 4 months treatment with endothelin 1 receptor antagonist (bosentan): baseline and follow-up 53
Micropuncture study of the effects of furosemide on proximal and distal tubules of the rat nephron 52
The effect of reducing tubular fluid delivery to the macula densa on the rate of filtration 52
Model stability in multilevel design in clinical research: an application to the assesment of analytical error 52
Ruolo del fattore natriuretico atriale (ANF) nell'adattamento renale al ridotto introito di sodio 52
Determinazione del bilancio calcico durante CVVHDF con citrato 52
Tubular reabsorption and sodium excretion during urine reinfusion 51
Restless legs syndrome in chronic hemodyalized patients: preliminary data 51
Sodium depletion and anti-hypertensive efficacy of diuretics and low-salt diet 50
Immunosupressive treatment (IS) of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (NS) with Prednisone (PDN) and cyclophosphamide 50
Downregulation of salt excretion by atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) in humans 49
A. Dal Canton, M. Sabbatini, C. Esposito, M. Altomonte, G. Romano, F. Uccello, G. Conte, G. Fuiano, D. Russo, V.E. Andreucci. Effetti dell'ipertensione sulla funzione renale in gravidanza 49
Effetti del trattamento cronico con Ciclosporina sull'emodinamica glomerulare. Studio di micropuntura nel ratto 49
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