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The Large Area Detector onboard the eXTP mission 168
High precision mapping of single-pixel Silicon Drift Detector for applications in astrophysics and advanced light source 144
CHNET-TANDEM experiment: Use of negative muons at RIKEN-RAL Port4 for elemental characterization of “Nuragic votive ship” samples 137
Pulse amplification in a Cr4+:forsterite single longitudinal mode (SLM) multi-pass amplifier 120
First results of a novel Silicon Drift Detector array designed for low energy X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy 115
Two years of flight of the Pamela experiment: Results and perspectives 113
Mammography of a phantom and breast tissue with synchrotron radiation and a linear-array silicon detector 112
16th iWoRiD scientific summary and personal impressions 110
EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB Design study towards a compact FEL facility at LNF 105
Lithium and Beryllium Isotopes with the PAMELA Experiment 103
A new large solid angle multi-element silicon drift detector system for low energy X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy 102
Large solid angle and high detection efficiency multi-element silicon drift detectors (SDD) for synchrotron based x-ray spectroscopy 100
H, He, Li and Be Isotopes in the PAMELA-Experiment 99
Time Dependence of the Electron and Positron Components of the Cosmic Radiation Measured by the PAMELA Experiment between July 2006 and December 2015 96
The FAMU experiment: muonic hydrogen high precision spectroscopy studies 96
Splash and Re-entrant Albedo Fluxes Measured in the PAMELA Experiment 95
2-D mapping of the response of SDD cells of different shape in monolithic arrays for XRF spectroscopy 95
The digital mammography program at the SR light source in Trieste 94
Mid-IR laser system for muounic-hydrogen spectroscopy 94
X-Ray Silicon Drift Detector-CMOS Front-End System with High Energy Resolution at Room Temperature 92
A silicon drift detector-CMOS front-end system for high resolution X-ray spectroscopy up to room temperature 92
Characterization of a novel pixelated Silicon Drift Detector (PixDD) for high-throughput X-ray astrophysics 92
Simulation study of the silicon-tungsten calorimeter for ACCESS 91
Silicon-tungsten calorimeter for the forward direction in the PHENIX experiment at RHIC 91
A Large Area Detector proposed for the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT) 91
High performance DAQ for muon spectroscopy experiments 91
Large-area linear Silicon Drift Detector design for X-ray experiments 90
The ALTEA/ALTEINO projects: studying functional effects of microgravity and cosmic radiation 90
Device simulation of the ALICE silicon drift detector 89
LOFT - A large observatory for x-ray timing 89
Characterization of the VEGA ASIC coupled to large area position-sensitive Silicon Drift Detectors 89
Reentrant albedo proton fluxes measured by the PAMELA experiment 87
Detection of a change in the North-South ratio of count rates of particles of high-energy cosmic rays during a change in the polarity of the magnetic field of the Sun 87
The May 17, 2012 solar event: Back-tracing analysis and flux reconstruction with PAMELA 86
Features of re-entrant albedo deuteron trajectories in near Earth orbit with PAMELA experiment 86
Solar Energetic Particle Events Observed by the PAMELA Mission 86
IRST SiPM characterizations and application studies 85
FLARES: A flexible scintillation light apparatus for rare event searches 85
First FAMU observation of muon transfer from μp atoms to higher-Z elements 85
North-south asymmetry for high-energy cosmic-ray electrons measured with the PAMELA experiment 84
The high energy cosmic ray particle spectra measurements with the PAMELA calorimeter 84
Dark Matter Research and the PAMELA Space Mission 84
The LaBr3(Ce) based detection system for the FAMU experiment 84
New Upper Limit on Strange Quark Matter Abundance in Cosmic Rays with the PAMELA Space Experiment 83
Antiprotons of galactic cosmic radiation in the PAMELA experiment 83
Galactic deuteron spectrum measured in PAMELA experiment 83
Unexpected Cyclic Behavior in Cosmic-Ray Protons Observed by PAMELA at 1 au 83
International Russian-Italian mission "Rim-Pamela 83
The PAMELA space mission for antimatter and dark matter searches in cosmic rays 83
HERMES: An ultra-wide band X and gamma-ray transient monitor on board a nano-satellite constellation 83
Hyper-velocity impact test and simulation of a double-wall shield concept for the Wide Field Monitor aboard LOFT 82
The XGS instrument on-board THESEUS 82
Low-energy negative muon interaction with matter 82
ALTEA: Anomalous long term effects in astronauts. A probe on the influence of cosmic radiation and microgravity on the central nervous system during long flights. 82
Spectra of primary cosmic-ray positrons and electrons in the PAMELA experiment 81
Characterization of an ASIC front-end electronics dedicated to the silicon drift detectors 81
GAME: GRB and all-sky monitor experiment 81
A compact and modular X and gamma-ray detector with a CsI scintillator and double-readout Silicon Drift Detectors 81
Detector response and calibration of the cosmic-ray detector of the Sileye-3/Alteino experiment 80
Magnetospheric effects on high-energy solar particles during the 2012 May 17th event measured with the PAMELA experiment 80
Sharp increasing of positron to electron fluxes ratio below 2 GV measured by the PAMELA 80
A low-power CMOS ASIC for X-ray Silicon Drift Detectors low-noise pulse processing 80
The PAMELA experiment and antimatter in the universe 79
PAMELA: A satellite experiment for antiparticles measurement in cosmic rays 79
24 mJ Cr+4:forsterite four-stage master-oscillator power-amplifier laser system for high resolution mid-infrared spectroscopy 79
GAMMA-400 gamma-ray observatory 79
CLIMB: cosmic light isotopes and muons with balloons 78
Increasing the output energy of MID-IR laser system for muounic-hydrogen spectroscopy 78
Searching for cosmic ray anisotropy using the calorimeter in the PAMELA experiment 78
Analysis on H spectral shape during the early 2012 SEPs with the PAMELA experiment 78
Secondary positrons and electrons in near-Earth space in the PAMELA experiment 78
Theoretical and computational study of the energy dependence of the muon transfer rate from hydrogen to higher-Z gases 78
Solar modulation of cosmic deuteron fluxes in the PAMELA experiment 78
Study of solar modulation of galactic cosmic rays with the PAMELA and ARINA spectrometers in 2006-2012 78
Lithium and beryllium isotopes in the pamela-experiment 77
PAMELA measurements of the boron and carbon spectra 77
Precise cosmic rays measurements with PAMELA 77
The PAMELA experiment: A decade of Cosmic Ray Physics in space 77
X-ray spectroscopic performance of a matrix of silicon drift diodes 77
Pamela's measurements of magnetospheric effects on high-energy solar particles 77
Evidence of Energy and Charge Sign Dependence of the Recovery Time for the 2006 December Forbush Event Measured by the PAMELA Experiment 77
Steps towards the hyperfine splitting measurement of the muonic hydrogen ground state: Pulsed muon beam and detection system characterization 77
Towards a multi-element silicon drift detector system for fluorescence spectroscopy in the soft X-ray regime 77
Measurement of antiproton flux in primary cosmic radiation with PAMELA experiment 77
Measurement of the isotopic composition of hydrogen and helium nuclei in cosmic rays with the PAMELA experiment 77
Trapped antiprotons in the Earth inner radiation belt in PAMELA experiment 77
Precision studies of cosmic rays with the PAMELA satellite experiment 77
Simulations of the x-ray imaging capabilities of the silicon drift detectors (SDD) for the LOFT wide field monitor 77
Solar Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays during 2006-2015 Based on PAMELA and ARINA Data 77
The PAMELA experiment and cosmic ray observations 77
Time dependence of the helium flux measured by pamela 77
The electron-hadron separation performance of the PAMELA electromagnetic calorimeter 76
Radiation tests of the silicon drift detectors for LOFT 76
Solar modulation of GCR electrons over the 23rd solar minimum with PAMELA 76
Force-field parameterization of the galactic cosmic ray spectrum: Validation for Forbush decreases 76
The GAMMA-400 experiment: Status and prospects 76
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