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Fit for EMU? Comparing the new member states with Southern Europe 1-gen-2006 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Has EMU Made Germany Worse-Off? Monetary Aggregates, Fiscal and Wage Policy in the New Regime 1-gen-2007 Marzinotto, Benedicta
I differenziali d'inflazione nell'Euro-zona. Alcune prove preliminari della sostenibilita' politica delle divergenze nell'Unione monetaria 1-gen-2007 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Are Inflation Differentials in the Euroarea a Challenge to EMU Governance? Some preliminary evidence on the political sustainability of divergences in EMU 1-gen-2007 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Has EMU Made Germany Worse-Off? Monetary Aggregates, Fiscal and Wage Policy in the New Regime 1-gen-2007 Marzinotto, Benedicta
The impact of the European monetary union on German relative wage growth: divergences and delayed adjustment in EMU 1-gen-2007 Marzinotto, Benedicta; TIBERI VIPRAIO, Patrizia
Exploiting Europe’s Strong Potential: Governance, Institutions and Policies 1-gen-2008 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Subacchi, P; Rossi, V.
why so much wage restraint in EMU? The role of country size –Integrating trade theory with monetary policy regime accounts 1-gen-2008 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Bringing Domestic Pressures Back Into the Budget: Germany's Stability Pact and the new incentive structure in EMU 1-gen-2008 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Il ritorno del protezionismo in Europa? L'inattesa ascesa della concorrenza interna 1-gen-2008 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Beyond monetary credibility: The impact of globalisation on the output-inflation trade-off in euro-area countries 1-gen-2009 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Two crises, two responses 1-gen-2010 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Pisani Ferry, J.; Sapir, A.
The Inequal Effect of New Banking Rules in Europe 1-gen-2010 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Rocholl, J.
Monitoring Macroeconomic Imbalances in Europe: Proposal for a Refined Analytical Framework 1-gen-2010 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Altomonte, C.
La riforma della governance economica e il rilancio della crescita in Europa 1-gen-2011 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Altomonte, C; Villafranca, A.
Current Account Imbalances: The Role of Competitiveness and of Financial Sector Dynamics 1-gen-2011 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Economic Governance and Varieties of Capitalism 1-gen-2011 Marzinotto, Benedicta
An action plan for the European leaders 1-gen-2011 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Pisani Ferry, J; Wolff, G.
What kind of fiscal union? 1-gen-2011 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Sapir, A.; Wolff, G.
How Effective and Legitimate is the European Semester? Increasing the Role of the European Parliament 1-gen-2011 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Hallerberg, M; Wolff, G.
A European fund for economic revival in crisis countries 1-gen-2011 Marzinotto, Benedicta
On the effectiveness and legitimacy of EU economic policies 1-gen-2012 Marzinotto, Benedicta
The long-term EU budget: size or flexibility? 1-gen-2012 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Fiscal rules: timing is everything 1-gen-2012 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Sapir, A.
An assessment of the European Semester 1-gen-2012 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Hallerberg, M; Wolff, G.
The Growth Effects of EU Cohesion Policy: A Meta-Analysis 1-gen-2012 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Labour Market Developments in Europe 2013 1-gen-2013 Alfonso, Arpaia; Pedro, Cardoso; Antonio Dias da, Silva; Matteo, Duiella; Clarisse, Goffard; Aron, Kiss; Marzinotto, Benedicta; Balázs, Pálvölgyi; Fabiana, Pierini; Alessandro, Turrini
Government wages and labour market outcomes 1-gen-2014 Marzinotto, Benedicta
The relationship between government and export sector wages and implications for competitiveness 1-gen-2014 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Turrini, Alessandro
Economic Governance and Varieties of Capitalism 1-gen-2015 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Labour market and wage developments in Europe 2015 1-gen-2015 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Embedded Macroeconomic Institutions: Italy's Fiscal U-Turn in the 1990s and Beyond 1-gen-2015 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Fiscal Performance in Italy: a historical institutionalist approach 1-gen-2015 Marzinotto, Benedicta
“United We Fall”. The Eurozone’s Silent Balance of Payments Crisis in Comparison with Previous Ones 1-gen-2016 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Co-movements between public and private wages in the EU: what factors and with what policy implications? 1-gen-2017 Marzinotto, Benedicta; Turrini, Alessandro
Firm growth in Europe: an overview based on the CompNet labour module 1-gen-2017 Fernández, Cristina; García, Roberto; Lopez Garcia, Paloma; Marzinotto, Benedicta; Serafini, Roberta; Vanhala, Juuso Wint
Euro area macroeconomic imbalances and their asymmetric reversal: the link between financial integration and income inequality 1-gen-2017 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Explaining the evolving role of national parliaments under the European Semester 1-gen-2017 Hallerberg, M.; Marzinotto, Benedicta; Wolff, G. B.
Current account imbalances, household consumption and debt in the Euro Area: a tale of two financial liberalizations 1-gen-2018 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Unity in diversity? Varieties of capitalism before and after the euro crisis 1-gen-2019 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Employment protection and firm-level job reallocation: adjusting for coverage 1-gen-2019 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Italy grapples with its public debt: a dog chasing its tail 1-gen-2020 Marzinotto, B.
Euro Area Current Account Imbalances: A Tale of Two Financial Liberalizations 1-gen-2020 Marzinotto, Benedicta
Varieties of Capitalism and Financial Regimes 1-gen-2023 Marzinotto, Benedicta
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