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Amperometric sniffer for volatile amines based on paper-supported room-temperature ionic liquids enabling rapid assessment of fish spoilage 1-gen-2014 Toniolo, Rosanna; Dossi, Nicolo'; Svigelj, R.; Bontempelli, G.; Susmel, Sabina
Amperometric Sniffer for Volatile Amines Based on Paper-Supported Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Enabling Rapid Assessment of Fish Spoilage 1-gen-2014 Toniolo, Rosanna; Dossi, Nicolo; Svigelj, Rossella; Susmel, Sabina; Casella, Innocenzo G; Bontempelli, Gino
A deep eutectic solvent-based amperometric sensor for the detection of low oxygen contents in gaseous atmospheres 1-gen-2015 Toniolo, Rosanna; Dossi, Nicolo'; Svigelj, Rossella; Pigani, L; Terzi, F.; Abollino, O.; Bontempelli, G.
Development of a multi-walled nanotubes aptasensor for gliadin detection. 1-gen-2016 Svigelj, R.; Bortolomeazzi, Renzo; Dossi, Nicolo'; Lobo Castañón, M. J.; Toniolo, Rosanna
Development and use of electrochemical room temperature ionic liquid-based microprobes for analysis of gaseous species. 1-gen-2016 Toniolo, Rosanna; Bortolomeazzi, Renzo; Dossi, Nicolo'; Svigelj, Rossella; Bragato, C.; Daniele, S.
A Deep Eutectic Solvent-based Amperometric Sensor for the Detection of Low Oxygen Contents in Gaseous Atmospheres 1-gen-2016 Toniolo, Rosanna; Dossi, Nicolo'; Svigelj, Rossella; Pigani, Laura; Terzi, Fabio; Abollino, Ornella; Bontempelli, Gino
Digitally Controlled Procedure for Assembling Fully Drawn Paper-Based Electroanalytical Platforms 1-gen-2017 Dossi, Nicolo'; Petrazzi, Stefano; Toniolo, Rosanna; Tubaro, Franco; Terzi, Fabio; Piccin, Evandro; Svigelj, Rossella; Bontempelli, Gino
Oxidative behavior of (+)-catechin in the presence of inactive dry yeasts: A comparison with sulfur dioxide, ascorbic acid and glutathione 1-gen-2017 Comuzzo, Piergiorgio; Toniolo, Rosanna; Battistutta, Franco; Lizee, Marion; Svigelj, Rossella; Zironi, Roberto
An Effective Gluten Extraction Method Exploiting Pure Choline Chloride-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents (ChCl-DESs) 1-gen-2017 Svigelj, Rossella; Bortolomeazzi, Renzo; Dossi, Nicolo'; Giacomino, Agnese; Bontempelli, Gino; Toniolo, Rosanna
Use of an electrochemical room temperature ionic liquid-based microprobe for measurements in gaseous atmospheres 1-gen-2017 Toniolo, Rosanna; Bortolomeazzi, Renzo; Svigelj, Rossella; Dossi, Nicolo'; Casella, Innocenzo G.; Bragato, Carlo; Daniele, Salvatore
Selection of Anti-gluten DNA Aptamers in a Deep Eutectic Solvent 1-gen-2018 Svigelj, R.; Dossi, N.; Toniolo, R.; Miranda-Castro, R.; de-los-Santos-Álvarez, N.; Lobo-Castañón, M. J.
A Simple Strategy for Easily Assembling 3D Printed Miniaturized Cells Suitable for Simultaneous Electrochemical and Spectrophotometric Analyses 1-gen-2019 Dossi, N.; Toniolo, R.; Terzi, F.; Grazioli, C.; Svigelj, R.; Gobbi, F.; Bontempelli, G.
Development of innovative extraction and detection methods for gluten based on deep eutectic solvents and aptamers 1-mar-2019 Svigelj, Rossella
Modified Screen Printed Electrode Suitable for Electrochemical Measurements in Gas Phase 1-gen-2020 Toniolo, R.; Dossi, N.; Giannilivigni, E.; Fattori, A.; Svigelj, R.; Bontempelli, G.; Giacomino, A.; Daniele, S.
Truncated aptamers as selective receptors in a gluten sensor supporting direct measurement in a deep eutectic solvent 1-gen-2020 Svigelj, R.; Dossi, N.; Pizzolato, S.; Toniolo, R.; Miranda-Castro, R.; de-los-Santos-Alvarez, N.; Lobo-Castanón, M. J.
Transmittance measurements on paper soaked with deep eutectic solvents 1-gen-2021 Faura, G.; Grazioli, C.; Dossi, N.; Svigelj, R.; Toniolo, R.; Bontempelli, G.
Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) and Their Application in Biosensor Development 1-gen-2021 Svigelj, Rossella; Dossi, Nicolò; Grazioli, Cristian; Toniolo, Rosanna
Paper-based aptamer-antibody biosensor for gluten detection in a deep eutectic solvent (DES) 1-gen-2021 Svigelj, R.; Dossi, N.; Grazioli, C.; Toniolo, R.
A 3D printed Do-It-Yourself miniaturized device with a sensor responsive at six different wavelengths for reflectance measurements on paper-based supports 1-gen-2022 Grazioli, C.; Dossi, N.; Cesaro, F.; Svigelj, R.; Toniolo, R.; Bontempelli, G.
A portable electrochemiluminescence aptasensor for β-lactoglobulin detection 1-gen-2022 Svigelj, R.; Zuliani, I.; Dossi, N.; Toniolo, R.
Amperometric Detection of Ethanol Vapors by Screen Printed Electrodes Modified by Paper Crowns Soaked with Room Temperature Ionic Liquids 1-gen-2022 Zuliani, Ivan; Fattori, Andrea; Svigelj, Rossella; Dossi, Nicolo'; Grazioli, Cristian; Bontempelli, Gino; Toniolo, Rosanna
An Effective Label-Free Electrochemical Aptasensor Based on Gold Nanoparticles for Gluten Detection 1-gen-2022 Svigelj, R.; Zuliani, I.; Grazioli, C.; Dossi, N.; Toniolo, R.
Study of white wine evolution, by electroanalytical and chemical approches, and multivariate analysis 1-gen-2023 Topo, A.; Comuzzo, P.; Battistutta, F.; Toniolo, R.; Svigelj, R.; Tat, L.
A novel strategy for fabrication, activation and cleaning of fully 3D printed flexible planar electrochemical platforms 1-gen-2023 Grazioli, C.; Svigelj, R.; Dossi, N.
Electrochemical Evaluation of Tyrosinase Enzymatic Activity in Deep Eutectic Solvent and Aqueous Deep Eutectic Solvent 1-gen-2023 Svigelj, Rossella; Zanette, Fabiola; Toniolo, Rosanna
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