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Nome #
Recupero del pattern ipnico come indice prognostico nel coma post-traumatico 320
I Comi e la Neuroprotezione cerebrale 194
TESPI (Thrombolysis in Elderly Stroke Patients in Italy): a randomized controlled trial of alteplase (rt-PA) versus standard treatment in acute ischaemic stroke in patients aged more than 80 years where thrombolysis is initiated within three hours after stroke onset. 141
Incidence of transient ischemic attack and early stroke risk: validation of the ABCD2 score in an Italian population-based study. 137
Neuro-Sweet disease: A diagnostic challenge 126
Sleep and sleep deprivation as EEG activating methods 121
Epidemiology of autoimmune versus infectious encephalitis 119
Are Early Seizures Predictive of Epilepsy after a Stroke? Results of a Population-Based Study 117
Gabapentin Enacarbil in Restless Legs Syndrome 114
Pre-Procedural Statin Use Is Associated with Improved Long-Term Survival and Reduced Major Cardiovascular Events in Patients Undergoing Carotid Artery Stenting: A Retrospective Study 109
Opioids in the treatment of restless legs syndrome: pharmacological and clinical aspects 107
ADMA as a possible marker of endothelial damage. A study in young asymptomatic patients with cerebral small vessel disease. 106
Serum Interleukin-10 Levels Correlate with Cerebrospinal Fluid Amyloid Beta Deposition in Alzheimer Disease Patients 104
The importance of polysomnography in the evaluation of prolonged disorders of consciousness: sleep recordings more adequately correlate than stimulus-related evoked potentials with patients' clinical status 103
A rare case of pure sensitive Parsonage-Turner syndrome 103
Changes in hemodynamics during isoflurane and propofol anesthesia: a comparison study. 102
Tacrolimus-induced severe headache associated with diffuse leukoencephalopathy: Evidence for an immune-mediated pathogenesis 102
Prevalence of Restless Legs Syndrome in Migraine Patients: A Case-Control Study. Analysis of Risk Factors for Restless Legs Syndrome in Migraine Patients 99
A case of myelitis with features of late onset systemic lupus erythematosus 98
Lacosamide for the treatment of epilepsy 97
Polysomnographic Sleep Patterns in Children and Adolescents in Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome 96
Electrocardiographic RR Interval Dynamic Analysis to Identify Acute Stroke Patients at High Risk for Atrial Fibrillation Episodes During Stroke Unit Admission 96
Sleep organization pattern as a prognostic marker at the subacute stage of post-traumatic coma 95
Identification of stroke etiology may contribute to improve the outcome in dedicated units 94
Pharmacokinetic drug evaluation of lacosamide for the treatment of partial-onset seizures 94
A case of rapidly progressive dementia: Whipple disease of CNS 94
The Acute Effect of a Low Dosage of Pramipexole on Severe Idiopathic Restless Legs Syndrome: An Open-Label Trial. 93
Drugs with anticholinergic properties as a risk factor for psychosis in patients affected by Alzheimer's disease 93
Peculiar EEG signatures, ictal drinking and long-term follow-up in anti-LGI1 encephalitis 92
ADMET considerations when prescribing novel therapeutics to treat restless legs syndrome 91
Efficacy and Safety of Intravenous Thrombolysis in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke and Pre⁻Existing Disability 91
The contribution of assessing cognitive impairment in radiologically-isolated syndrome (RIS): A single case report follow-up study 89
Stroke incidence and 30-day and six-month case fatality rates in Udine, Italy: a population-based prospective study. 88
Prediction of late seizures after ischaemic stroke with a novel prognostic model (the SeLECT score): a multivariable prediction model development and validation study 88
Clinical experience with pramipexole in the treatment of restless legs syndrome 85
Investigational approaches to therapies for restless legs syndrome 84
Pharmacotherapy of restless legs syndrome with pramipexole 84
Drugs with anticholinergic properties as a risk factor for cognitive impairment in elderly people: a population based study 84
A case of intravenous thrombolysis in internal carotid dissection 83
Association of body rolling, leg rolling, and rhythmic feet movements in a young adult: A video-polysomnographic study performed before and after one night of clonazepam. 83
Restless Legs Syndrome in end-stage renal disease. 83
Seizures with prolonged EEG abnormalities during an attack of migraine without aura. 81
ADMET considerations for restless leg syndrome drug treatments. 81
Sleep disorders in patients with end-stage renal disease undergoing dialysis therapy 81
The use of rotigotine in the treatment of restless legs syndrome. 80
Investigational therapies for the treatment of narcolepsy 80
Rem sleep brady-arrhythmias: an indication to pacemaker implantation? 79
A rare case of paroxysmal diplopia: ocular neuromyotonia 78
Sleep Disturbances Among Dialysis Patients 76
Sleep and EEG interictal epileptiform abnormalities in partial epilepsy 75
Restless legs syndrome in dialysis patients: a comparison between hemodialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis 75
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic considerations for the clinical efficacy of perampanel in focal onset seizures 75
Timing use of novel anti-epileptic drugs: is earlier better? 75
Genetic heterogeneity in inherited spastic paraplegia associated with epilepsy 74
Drugs with anticholinergic properties: cognitive and neuropsychiatric side-effects in elderly patients 74
Status epilepticus mimicking stroke recurrence 74
Restless legs syndrome: diagnosis, epidemiology, classification and consequences. 73
Daytime Sleepiness is Associated with Dementia and Cognitive Decline in Older Italian Adults. A population-based study 73
Evoked potentials suggest cranial nerves and CNS involvement in chronic relapsing polyradiculoneuropathy. 73
Restless legs syndrome: differential diagnosis and management with rotigotine 72
Stroke incidence and 28-day case fatality rates: the Udine stroke registry 71
Sarcoidosis as risk factor for cryptococcal meningitis in an apparently immunocompetent patient 71
Epidemiology of paraneoplastic neurological syndromes: a population-based study 71
Restless legs syndrome in internal medicine 70
NBIA: genetic-clinic-radiologic correlation in a family setting of PANK2 mutation 70
A case-control study on restless legs syndrome in nondialyzed patients with chronic renal failure 70
ABCD2 score validation in Italy. Tia incidence and 2, 7, 30 and 90-day stroke risk 69
G. Crossed aphasia: a case report 69
Sonno, apprendimento e funzioni intellettive: revisione della letteratura ed ipotesi interpretative 68
Should the definition of "sleep hygiene" be antedated of a century? A historical note based on an old book by Paolo Mantegazza, rediscovered : To place in a new historical context the development of the concept of sleep hygiene. 68
Changes in cerebral hemodynamics during laparoscopic cholecystectomy 65
Important decisions in choosing the pharmacotherapy for narcoleptics 65
When Nothing Goes Right: An Unexpected Tongue Deviation in Internal Carotid Artery Dissection 64
Valore prognostico dei potenziali evocati multimodali nella patologia critica del sistema nervoso centrale 62
Pretreatment d-dimer levels in acute ischemic stroke predict reperfusion after intravenous thrombolysis 62
Stroke-Like Presentation of Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration: a Single-Center Experience and Review of the Literature 62
Crossed aphasia: a case report. 61
Thrombolysis in elderly stroke patients in Italy (TESPI) trial and updated meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 60
Hyposmia and Dysgeusia in COVID-19: Indication to Swab Test and Clue of CNS Involvement 60
Sleep organization and functional recovery in post-traumatic coma 59
Anticholinergic drugs and neuropsychiatry symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease 59
Sensory gating deficit assessed by the P50 midlatency auditory evoked potential in untreated patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD): correlation with NeuroPsychiatric Symptoms (NPS) and modifications induced by the Cholinesterase Inhibitor (CHEI) done 59
Two cases of trichothiodystrophy sisters studied in adult age 59
6 months post-stroke depression: prevalence and outcome correlation in Udine, Italy 58
Stroke incidence, 6-months case fatalithy rates and out come in Udine, Italy. A population-based prospective study 58
Visuospatial deficit and apraxia in a case of Posterior Cortical Atrophy 58
Prevalence and impact on quality of life of sleep disturbance among patients affected by multiple sclerosis. 57
Sleep pattern recovery as a prognostic marker in head injury coma: preliminary results of a polysomnographic investigation 57
Value and limitation of multimodality evoked potentials in post-anoxic coma 57
NBIA: genetic-clinic-radiologic correlation in a family setting of pank2 mutation. In: Neurological Sciences. 57
Early and mid-term outcomes after carotid artery stenting in a "real word" population: data from 689 intervention 57
Gangliosides in Traumatic Brain Injury 56
Effect of N-nitro-L-arginine Methyl ester on the electrocortical activity recovery and metabolic changes after prolonged global ischemia 56
The effect of drugs with anticholinergic activity on cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer disease 56
Event – Related Potential ERP) P300 in chronic vascular hemiparetic patients 56
Stroke Unit care versus Medical Ward for acute ischemic stroke patients: an observational follow-up study 56
Sleep pattern recovery as a prognostic marker in head injury 55
Stroke incidence, 6-months case fatality rates and out come in Udine, Italy. A population-based prospective study 55
Advancing synthetic therapies for the treatment of restless legs syndrome 55
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