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Proliferation and Social Effects of Video Surveillance Systems 1-gen-2008 Farinosi, M.
New technologies, new challenges to privacy. Is it time for Privacy 2.0? 1-gen-2008 Farinosi, Manuela
Tecnocontrollo. Quando le pratiche di appropriazione mostrano i loro lati negativi 1-gen-2008 Farinosi, M.
The Alternative Quake: discrepancies beween mainstream and user generated information in the L’Aquila case 1-gen-2010 Farinosi, Manuela; Treré, Emiliano
Inside the "People of the Wheelbarrows": participation between online and offline dimension in the post-quake social movement 1-gen-2010 Farinosi, Manuela; Treré, Emiliano
Towards a Postpanopticon perspective: privacy, control and UGC 1-gen-2010 Farinosi, Manuela
Civic engagement and community empowerment after a natural disaster. The case of ‘3e32’ citizens’ committee 1-gen-2011 Farinosi, Manuela
Between the Square and the Net: Civic Engagement and Participation in a Post-Earthquake Movement 1-gen-2011 Farinosi, M.; Trere', Emiliano
EASST 2010 - Practicing Science and Technology, Performing the Social Session Review- Track 34: Surveillance in Society 1-gen-2011 Farinosi, Manuela
Deconstructing Bentham’s Panopticon: The New Metaphors of Surveillance in the Web 2.0 Environment 1-gen-2011 Farinosi, Manuela
Beyond the Panopticon Framework: Privacy, Control and User Generated Content 1-gen-2011 Farinosi, Manuela
L’Aquila 2.0: partecipazione dal basso nel primo disastro italiano dell’era digitale 1-gen-2012 Farinosi, Manuela; Micalizzi, Alessandra
Il contributo della ricerca sociale nel post-terremoto aquilano 1-gen-2012 Farinosi, Manuela
(H)earthquake TV: 'People Rebuilding Life after the Emergency' 1-gen-2012 Treré, E; Farinosi, Manuela
The role of the Internet and the urban knitting movement 1-gen-2012 Farinosi, Manuela; Fortunati, Leopoldina
Sharing as educational practice: a case-study from University of Udine 1-gen-2012 Farinosi, Manuela; Fortunati, Leopoldina
Attivismo sismico: partecipazione dal basso in un contesto di emergenza 1-gen-2013 Farinosi, Manuela; Treré, Emiliano
NetQuake: Media digitali e disastri naturali. Dieci ricerche empiriche sul ruolo della Rete nel terremoto dell’Aquila 1-gen-2013 Farinosi, Manuela; Micalizzi, A.
Citizen Journalism after a Natural Catastrophe: The Emergence of an Alternative Public Sphere 1-gen-2013 Farinosi, Manuela; Treré, E.
Introduzione: A partire da un’idea 1-gen-2013 Farinosi, Manuela; Micalizzi, Alessandra
Googlemapping and sharing digital memories after a natural disaster: community, places and digital media to remember the city of L'Aquila (Italy) 1-gen-2013 Farinosi, Manuela; Micalizzi, Alessandra
A New Fashion: Dressing Up the Cities 1-gen-2013 Farinosi, Manuela; Fortunati, Leopoldina
‘We, L’Aquila’: Production and representation of urban space through a social map platform 1-gen-2014 Farinosi, Manuela; Micalizzi, Alessandra
Social Movements, Social Media and Post-Disaster Resilience: Towards an Integrated System of Local Protest 1-gen-2014 Farinosi, Manuela; Treré, Emiliano
Influence of the Web 1-gen-2014 Fortunati, Leopoldina; Farinosi, Manuela
Challenging mainstream media, documenting real life and sharing with the community: an analysis of the motivations for producing citizen journalism in a post-disaster city 1-gen-2014 Farinosi, Manuela; Emiliano, Treré
#decadenza su Twitter: un caso di naming e shaming online? 1-gen-2015 Micalizzi, Alessandra; Farinosi, Manuela
Advanced emergency response management in smart environments 1-gen-2015 Foresti, Gian Luca; Farinosi, Manuela; Vernier, Marco
Print and online newspapers as material artefacts 1-gen-2015 Fortunati, Leopoldina; Sakari, T.; Farinosi, Manuela
Situational aware services in smart environments: socio-mobile and sensor data fusion for emergency response to disasters 1-gen-2015 Foresti, Gian Luca; Farinosi, Manuela; Vernier, Marco
Navigating between privacy settings and visibility rules: online self-disclosure in the social web 1-gen-2016 Farinosi, M.; Taipale, S.
Citizen journalism 1-gen-2016 Fortunati, Leopoldina; Farinosi, Manuela
I giovani e le pratiche di lettura e scrittura 1-gen-2016 Farinosi, Manuela; Fortunati, Leopoldina
Geolocating the past: Online memories after an earthquake 1-gen-2016 Farinosi, Manuela; Micalizzi, Alessandra
Book or Screen, Pen or Keyboard? A Cross-Cultural Sociological Analysis of Writing and Reading Habits Basing on Germany, Italy and the UK 1-gen-2016 Farinosi, Manuela; Lim, Chris; Roll, Julia
Giovani, social media e privacy literacy 1-gen-2017 Drusian, Michela; Farinosi, Manuela
Exploring Grassroots Fashion Storytelling: An Analysis of the Practices and Strategies of Italian and Chinese Bloggers 1-gen-2017 Fortunati, Leopoldina; Farinosi, Manuela; Nie, Yao
Twitter data mining for situational awareness 1-gen-2018 Vernier, M.; Farinosi, M.; Foresti, G. L.
Students' preferences for smartphones versus other media within their academic study 1-gen-2018 Vincent, Jane; O'Sullivan, John; Lim, Christopher; Farinosi, Manuela
In caso di emergenza. Strategie di comunicazione per la riduzione del rischio a 40 anni dal terremoto del Friuli 1-gen-2018 Fortunati, Leopoldina; Farinosi, Manuela; Sarrica, Mauro; Ferrin, Giovanni; Minisini, Doriani; Zanut, Stefano
Knitting Feminist Politics: Exploring a Yarn-Bombing Performance in a Postdisaster City 1-gen-2018 Farinosi, M; Fortunati, L.
Who Can See My Stuff? Online Self-Disclosure and Gender Differences on Facebook 1-gen-2018 Farinosi, M.; Taipale, S.
Shaken and stirred: Social representations, social media, and community empowerment in emergency contexts 1-gen-2018 Sarrica, Mauro; Farinosi, Manuela; Comunello, Francesca; Brondi, Sonia; Parisi, Lorenza; Fortunati, Leopoldina
The Big Meaning of Small Messages: The Use of WhatsApp in Intergenerational Family Communication 1-gen-2018 Taipale, Sakari; Farinosi, Manuela
Facebook, Community Learning and Authority 1-gen-2019 Stillman, L.; Farinosi, M.; Biswas, M.; Ahmed, N.
Ebook collaborativi e lettura su supporto digitale e cartaceo 1-gen-2019 Farinosi, Manuela; Foresti, Gian Luca; Fortunati, Leopoldina; Tommasi, Marco
Comunicazione e processi partecipativi. Amministrazione pubblica e coinvolgimento dei cittadini nel Comune di Peccioli 1-gen-2019 Farinosi, Manuela
Enhancing classical methodological tools to foster participatory dimensions in local urban planning 1-gen-2019 Farinosi, Manuela; Fortunati, Leopoldina; O'Sullivan, John Gerard; Pagani, Laura
Informazione locale e citizen journalism nei contesti di emergenza. La (contro)narrazione del terremoto dell’Aquila 1-gen-2020 Farinosi, Manuela
Sociotechnical Transformative Effects of an ICT Project in Rural Bangladesh 1-gen-2020 Stillman, Larry; Sarrica, Mauro; Anwar, Misita; Sarker, Anindita; Farinosi, Manuela
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