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Continente #
NA - Nord America 6750
EU - Europa 2210
AS - Asia 603
AF - Africa 9
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 9
SA - Sud America 7
OC - Oceania 5
Totale 9593
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 6733
IT - Italia 664
UA - Ucraina 591
DE - Germania 308
CN - Cina 292
FI - Finlandia 138
SE - Svezia 136
IE - Irlanda 133
TR - Turchia 99
IN - India 98
BE - Belgio 90
GB - Regno Unito 90
VN - Vietnam 90
CA - Canada 17
FR - Francia 14
EU - Europa 9
IR - Iran 7
CH - Svizzera 6
EG - Egitto 6
RU - Federazione Russa 6
AU - Australia 5
NL - Olanda 5
PL - Polonia 5
CO - Colombia 4
KR - Corea 4
AT - Austria 3
EE - Estonia 3
ES - Italia 3
HR - Croazia 3
JO - Giordania 3
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
CM - Camerun 2
HU - Ungheria 2
RO - Romania 2
RS - Serbia 2
BR - Brasile 1
CL - Cile 1
CY - Cipro 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
IQ - Iraq 1
JP - Giappone 1
LU - Lussemburgo 1
MD - Moldavia 1
ME - Montenegro 1
MN - Mongolia 1
NO - Norvegia 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
SG - Singapore 1
SI - Slovenia 1
TH - Thailandia 1
TW - Taiwan 1
VE - Venezuela 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
Totale 9593
Città #
Fairfield 779
Chandler 777
Woodbridge 720
Ann Arbor 609
Houston 570
Udine 389
Jacksonville 359
Wilmington 343
Seattle 334
Ashburn 331
Dearborn 329
Cambridge 262
Princeton 138
Dublin 133
Izmir 98
Beijing 97
Dong Ket 90
Brussels 85
Des Moines 61
San Diego 46
Boardman 43
Redmond 35
Caserta 34
Hefei 26
Nanjing 23
Norwalk 19
Grafing 18
Kunming 16
Jinan 13
Guangzhou 12
Ottawa 12
San Mateo 12
Redwood City 11
Fuzhou 9
Milan 9
Phoenix 9
Rome 9
Simi Valley 9
Zhengzhou 8
Baotou 7
Falls Church 7
Helsinki 7
San Jose 7
Torre Del Greco 7
Venezia 7
Andover 6
Hangzhou 6
Leawood 6
London 6
Nanchang 6
Pittsburgh 6
Reana del Rojale 6
Croydon 5
Manzano 5
Menlo Park 5
Trieste 5
Xian 5
Belmonte in Sabina 4
Bogotá 4
Chongqing 4
Hebei 4
Toronto 4
Warsaw 4
Al Fayyum 3
Berlin 3
Budrio 3
Camerino 3
Changsha 3
Chengdu 3
Edinburgh 3
Engelberg 3
Monmouth Junction 3
San Francisco 3
San Quirino 3
Sevilla 3
Shanghai 3
Shenyang 3
Shenzhen 3
Sydney 3
Tallinn 3
Torino 3
Wuhan 3
Amman 2
Ardabil 2
Athens 2
Bari 2
Belgrade 2
Bolzano 2
Cairo 2
Carmignano di Brenta 2
Castiglione del Lago 2
Dallas 2
Dubai 2
Frankfurt am Main 2
Harbin 2
Indiana 2
Lanzhou 2
Lishui 2
Marigliano 2
Mereto di Tomba 2
Totale 7103
Nome #
Cortisol and DHEA concentrations in the hair of dairy cows managed indoor or on pasture 185
Effect of dietary nitrogen level and source on mRNA expression of urea transporters in the rumen epithelium of fattening bulls 179
Early post mortem expression of genes related to tenderization in two Italian Simmental young bulls' skeletal muscles differing in contractile type 169
Montasio cheese liking as affected by information about cows breed and rearing system 156
The role of product familiarity and consumer involvement on liking and perceptions of fresh meat 150
Effect of linseed addition on the expression of some lipid metabolism genes in the adipose tissue of young Italian Simmental and Holstein bulls 144
Polymorphism of fat metabolism genes as candidate markers for meat quality and production traits in heavy pigs 142
Effects of grazing cow diet on volatile compounds as well as physicochemical and sensory characteristics of 12-month-ripened Montasio cheese 135
Volatile compounds and sensory properties of montasio cheese made from the milk of simmental cows grazing on alpine pastures 134
The Effect of temperature, rainfall, and light conditions on hair cortisol concentrations in newborn foals 133
Effects of physical form of diet and intensity and duration of feed restriction on the growth performance, blood variables,microbial flora, immunity, and carcass and organ characteristics of broiler chickens 133
Effect of rearing system (mountain pasture vs. indoor) of Simmental cows on milk composition and Montasio cheese characteristics 131
Fatty acid profiles of cow’s milk and cheese as affected by mountain pasture type and concentrate supplementation 129
Fatty acid profile of zebu beef cattle from the Central African sub-region 126
Comparison of longissimus thoracis physical quality traits and the expression of tenderness-related genes between Goudali zebu breed and Italian Simmental × Goudali crossbreed 125
Environmental assessment of small-scale dairy farms with multifunctionality in mountain areas 124
Welfare assessment in traditional mountain dairy farms: above and beyond resource-based measures 124
Body and meat characteristics of young bulls from Zebu Goudali of Cameroon and its crosses with the Italian Simmental 124
Application of some trees/shrubs in ruminant feeding: a review 123
Eating quality prediction of beef from Italian Simmental cattle based on experts' steak assessment 118
Hair cortisol and testosterone concentrations and semen production of Bos taurus bulls 116
Influence of familiarity with goat meat on liking and preference for capretto and chevon 112
Organic meat quality of dual purpose young bulls supplemented with pea (Pisum sativum L.) or soybean 112
Hair cortisol concentrations in New Zealand white rabbits subjected to surgery 109
Concentrate supplement modifies the feeding behavior of Simmental cows grazing in two high mountain pastures 109
Typology and distribution of small farms in Europe: Towards a better picture 108
Prediction of eating quality of Italian Simmental beef from butcher’s steak appearance judgment 107
Milk and Montasio-type cheese fatty acid composition from cows grazing on timothy and reed canarygrass pasture or fed indoor 106
Effect of feed restrictions on performance, blood variables and immunity of broiler chickens 106
Effects of stocking density and supplement level on milk production and cheese characteristics in Brown cows grazing on mountain pasture. 105
Efficacy of three sealing methods on hatchability of microcracked eggs from broiler breeder hens 104
Hair cortisol levels in dairy cows from winter housing to summer highland grazing 103
Assessment of calpain and caspase systems activities during ageing of two bovine muscles by degradation patterns of αII spectrin and PARP-1 103
Greenhouse gas balance of mountain dairy farms as affected by grassland carbon sequestration 101
Characterization and differentiation of Italian Parma, San Daniele and Toscano dry-cured hams: A multi-disciplinary approach 99
Environmental sustainability assessment of buffalo mozzarella cheese production chain: A scenario analysis 99
Effect of diet on hair cortisol and DHEA concentrations in mouse 98
Quality and safety of beef produced in Central African Sub-region 97
Meat quality traits and the expression of tenderness-related genes in the loins of young goats at different ages 97
Association analyses of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the LEP and SCD1 genes on the fatty acid profile of muscle fat in Simmental bulls 96
Study of progesterone and cortisol concentrations in the Italian Friesian claw 95
Prebiotics, probiotics and thyme (thymus vulgaris) for broilers: Performance, carcass traits and blood variables 95
Hair cortisol as a marker of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activation in friesian dairy cows clinically or physiologically compromised. 94
Short communication:Hair cortisol concentrations in Holstein Friesian and Crossbreed F1 heifers. 93
Effect of whole linseed addition on meat production and quality of Italian Simmental and Holstein young bulls 93
Performance and cheese quality of Brown cows grazing on mountain pasture fed two different levels of supplementation. 92
Variability in the characteristics of fresh meat and thighs in relationship to genetic type of the heavy pig 91
Beef characteristics predicted by NIRS 91
Carcass and meat characteristics of young bulls from local Goudali (Zebu) cattle of Cameroon and it crosses with Italian Simmental. 90
The caspase and calpain proteolytic systems in Longissimus dorsi and Infraspinatus muscles of Italian Simmental young bulls 89
Relocation and Hair Cortisol Concentrations in New Zealand White Rabbits 86
Milk fatty acid profile of Italian Simmental cows as affected by pasture type and supplement level. 83
∆9-desaturase polymorphism association with fatty acid profile of Italian PDO dry cured hams 81
Fatty acid composition and sensory properties of Italian Simmental beef as affected by gene frequency of Montbéliarde origin 81
Welfare assessment in multifunctional dairy farms. are we using the right tools? 81
Sustainability of conventional and organic dairy farms in mountain areas 79
Activity of enzymes and expression of genes involved in beef tenderization in two bovine skeletal muscles 78
Cortisol, DHEA, and sexual steroid concentrations in fattening pigs’ hair 75
Quality of Montasio cheese from Italian Simmental cows grazing on mountain pasture or reared indoor 74
Ruminant production 69
Feeding behaviour of dairy cattle during summer grazing on mountain pasture 69
Dietary supplementation of Aspergillus oryzae meal and its effect on performance, carcass characteristics, blood variables, and immunity of broiler chickens 69
Podolian Cattle: passage to the North-East (Friuli Venezia Giulia) 68
Effect of summer grazing on welfare of dairy cows reared in mountain tie-stall barns 68
Effect of supplementary feeding on lactating fallow deer and fawns performance 68
Tools to retain added value in dairy farms: the South Korea Case 68
Supplementary feeding of farmed fallow deer: effect on milk composition and fawn performance 66
Profilo sensoriale del formaggio Montasio DOP-PDM “Solo di Pezzata Rossa italiana”, fresco e stagionato, ottenuto in diverse condizioni di pascolo e integrazione alimentare 66
A first survey on hair cortisol of an alpine ibex (Capra ibex ibex) population 65
The added value of mountain livestock products: an ecosystem services approach 65
Produzione del vitellone di razza Rendena con metodo biologico: primi risultati di una sperimentazione in Val Rendena 64
Indicators of efficiency and environmental footprint for Eastern Alps mountain dairy systems 64
Meat physical quality traits and the expression of tenderness-related genes of Goudali zebu breed and Italian Simmental x Goudali crossbreed 63
Efficiency of grassland based dairy farming systems in mountainous areas 62
Fatty acid composition of Montasio type cheeses produced on high mountain pasture of Pyongchang and on grassland of Jeju island in Korea 61
Influence of heavy pig genetic type on meat and prosciutto quality 58
Benessere animale, una spia per i consumatori 58
Hair cortisol and DHEA levels in dairy cows reared on summer pastures. 57
Sostenibilità ambientale della zootecnia da latte in ambiente alpino. Il caso della Val Rendena 57
Effect of climatic conditions on nocturnal behavior of dairy cows grazing on Alpine pasture 57
Towards an integrated index for sustainability in multifunctional dairy farms: a case study 56
Comportamento alimentare di vacche di razza Pezzata Rossa durante la monticazione estiva 56
Effect of feeling linseed on lipogenic enzyme gene expression of Rasa Navarra lamb subcutaneous and intramuscolar adipose tissues 54
Allevamento della bovina da latte nelle aree non irrigue. 1: unifeed, prestazioni produttive e qualità del latte. 53
The end of the milk quota regime in the European Union: the perspective of the dairy sector with particular regard to mountain area 52
Association of the Estrogen Receptor Gene PVUII Restriction Polymorphism with Fat Content in San Daniele Dry Cured Hams 50
Effetto del sistema di allevamento sulla qualità del formaggio montasio DOP “Solo di Pezzata Rossa Italiana” 50
Effect of whole linseed addition on the expression of some lipid metabolism genes in the adipose tissue of Italian Simmental and Holstein young bulls 49
Vitellone di Rendena biologico 48
Effetto del tipo di pascolo e del livello di concentrato sulla componente acidica del latte prodotto durante l’alpeggio 48
Utilizzo di insilati di sorgo e d’erba nell'alimentazione della bovina da latte. 47
Delta9-desaturase polymorphism association with fatty acid profile of Italian PDO dry cured hams 46
Recent results supporting the Montasio PDO cheeses labelled “Mountain product” and “Only Italian Simmental breed” 46
Genetic and dietetic factors affecting beef quality 45
Effect of heat stress on dairy cow performance and on expression of protein metabolism genes in mammary cells 44
Environmental impacts of milk production and processing in the Eastern Alps: A “cradle-to-dairy gate” LCA approach 44
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