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Nome #
The role of cortical zone level and prosthetic platform angle in dental implant mechanical response: A 3D finite element analysis 39
Advanced welding and joining technologies – A commentary 38
3D analysis of enamel demineralisation in human dental caries using high-resolution, large field of view synchrotron X-ray micro-computed tomography 31
An analysis of macro- and micro-scale residual stresses of Type I, II and III using FIB-DIC micro-ring-core milling and crystal plasticity FE modelling 30
Evolution of stress fields during crack growth and arrest in a brittle-ductile CrN-Cr clamped-cantilever analysed by X-ray nanodiffraction and modelling 29
Microstructural observations of an AA6082-T6 Hybrid Metal Extrusion & Bonding (HYB) butt weld 29
On the significance of diffuse crack width self-evolution in the phase-field model for residually stressed brittle materials 28
Digital image correlation of 2D X-ray powder diffraction data for lattice strain evaluation 27
Cyclic Plasticity and Low Cycle Fatigue of an AISI 316L Stainless Steel: Experimental Evaluation of Material Parameters for Durability Design 27
Contour Method with Uncertainty Quantification: A Robust and Optimised Framework via Gaussian Process Regression 27
An analysis of fatigue failure mechanisms in an additively manufactured and shot peened IN 718 nickel superalloy 25
The effect of eigenstrain induced by ion beam damage on the apparent strain relief in FIB-DIC residual stress evaluation 23
Elucidating the Mechanism of Fatigue Crack Acceleration Following the Occurrence of an Underload 23
A Bayesian defect-based physics-guided neural network model for probabilistic fatigue endurance limit evaluation 23
2D auxetic metamaterials with tuneable micro-/nanoscale apertures 22
Transverse fatigue behaviour and residual stress analyses of double sided FSW aluminium alloy joints 22
Acid-induced demineralisation of human enamel as a function of time and pH observed using X-ray and polarised light imaging 21
Evolution of thermal and mechanical properties of Nitinol wire as a function of ageing treatment conditions 21
Datasets for multi-scale diffraction analysis (synchrotron XRD and EBSD) of twinning-detwinning during tensile-compressive deformation of AZ31B magnesium alloy samples 21
A defect-based physics-informed machine learning framework for fatigue finite life prediction in additive manufacturing 19
On the factors influencing the elastoplastic cyclic response and low cycle fatigue failure of AISI 316L steel produced by laser-powder bed fusion 18
Evaluation and Origin of Residual Stress in Hybrid Metal and Extrusion Bonding and Comparison with Friction Stir Welding 18
Nano-scale residual stress depth profiling in Cu/W nano-multilayers as a function of magnetron sputtering pressure 17
Fatigue and Fracture behaviour of AZ31b Mg alloy plastically deformed by Constrained Groove Pressing in the Presence of Overloads 17
Analysis of in vitro demineralised human enamel using multi-scale correlative optical and scanning electron microscopy, and high-resolution synchrotron wide-angle X-ray scattering 17
An experimental and numerical analysis of residual stresses in a TIG weldment of a single crystal nickel-base superalloy 17
Nano-scale residual stress profiling in thin multilayer films with non-equibiaxial stress state 16
Generalised residual stress depth profiling at the nanoscale using focused ion beam milling 16
Multiscale analysis of bamboo deformation mechanisms following NaOH treatment using X-ray and correlative microscopy 16
Mode I Stress Intensity Factors for triangular corner crack nearby intersecting of cylindrical holes 16
Crack surface morphology and grain misorientation in fatigued aluminium alloy AA7050 samples after interrupted ageing and retrogression-reageing treatments 16
Synchrotron x-ray scattering analysis of nylon-12 crystallisation variation depending on 3D printing conditions 15
Separating plasticity-induced closure and residual stress contributions to fatigue crack retardation following an overload 15
Stress-Assisted Thermal Diffusion Barrier Breakdown in Ion Beam Deposited Cu/W Nano-Multilayers on Si Substrate Observed by in Situ GISAXS and Transmission EDX 15
Synchrotron X-ray quantitative evaluation of transient deformation and damage phenomena in a single nickel-rich cathode particle 14
Residual stress measurement on shot peened samples using FIB-DIC 14
Eigenstrain reconstruction of residual strains in an additively manufactured and shot peened nickel superalloy compressor blade 13
Highly stretchable two-dimensional auxetic metamaterial sheets fabricated via direct-laser cutting 13
Finite Element Modelling and Experimental Validation of the Enamel Demineralisation Process at the Rod Level 12
Residual stress as a fracture toughening mechanism: A Phase-Field study on a brittle material 12
Multi-scale mechanisms of twinning-detwinning in magnesium alloy AZ31B simulated by crystal plasticity modeling and validated via in situ synchrotron XRD and in situ SEM-EBSD 11
Nanoscale residual stress depth profiling by Focused Ion Beam milling and eigenstrain analysis 11
Experimental and modelling characterisation of residual stresses in cylindrical samples of rapidly cooled bulk metallic glass 11
Polar transformation of 2D X-ray diffraction patterns and the experimental validation of the hDIC technique 11
Improving ultra-fast charging performance and durability of all solid state thin film Li-NMC battery-on-chip systems by in situ TEM lamella analysis 10
Mechanical properties of thermally grown submicron oxide layers on a nickel-based superalloy 10
A study of overload effect on fatigue crack propagation using EBSD, FIB–DIC and FEM methods 10
Strain softening of nano-scale fuzzy interfaces causes Mullins effect in thermoplastic polyurethane 10
Quantifying eigenstrain distributions induced by focused ion beam damage in silicon 10
Probabilistic defect-based modelling of fatigue strength for incomplete datasets assisted by literature data 9
Quantification of uncertainty in a defect-based Physics-Informed Neural Network for fatigue evaluation and insights on influencing factors 9
Microstructure and residual stress evolution during cyclic elastoplastic deformation of AISI316L fabricated via laser powder bed fusion 9
Mode I fracture toughness determination in Cu/W nano-multilayers on polymer substrate by SEM - Digital Image Correlation 9
A non-linear model for the fatigue assessment of notched components under fatigue loadings 9
The effect of surface damage and residual stresses on the fatigue life of nickel superalloys at high temperature 9
Nanoscale Depth Profiling of Residual Stresses Due to Fine Surface Finishing 9
In situ monitoring and analysis of enamel demineralisation using synchrotron X-ray scattering 8
Uncertainty quantification of residual stress evaluation by the FIB-DIC ring-core method due to elastic anisotropy effects 8
A simplified FEM eigenstrain residual stress reconstruction for surface treatments in arbitrary 3D geometries 8
The inclusion of short-transverse displacements in the eigenstrain reconstruction of residual stress and distortion in in740h weldments 8
Probing the deformation and fracture properties of Cu/W nano-multilayers by in situ SEM and synchrotron XRD strain microscopy 8
Low cycle fatigue behaviour of cellular materials: Experimental comparative study of strut-based and gyroid structures made of additively manufactured 316L steel 8
Separating macro- (Type I) and micro- (Type II+III) residual stresses by ring-core FIB-DIC milling and eigenstrain modelling of a plastically bent titanium alloy bar 7
Multiscale synchrotron scattering studies of the temperature-dependent changes in the structure and deformation response of a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer 7
Probing the complex thermo-mechanical properties of a 3D-printed polylactide-hydroxyapatite composite using in situ synchrotron X-ray scattering 7
A state-of-the-art review of micron-scale spatially resolved residual stress analysis by FIB-DIC ring-core milling and other techniques 7
Nanoscale origins of the size effect in the compression response of single crystal Ni-base superalloy micro-pillars 7
GPFniCS: A generalised phase field method to model fracture 7
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Hot Extruded Inconel 718 6
Nanoscale structural damage due to focused ion beam milling of silicon with Ga ions 6
Full in-plane strain tensor analysis using the microscale ring-core FIB milling and DIC approach 6
Micro-scale measurement & FEM modelling of residual stresses in AA6082-T6 Al alloy generated by wire EDM cutting 6
Experimental characterization and modelling of cyclic elastoplastic response of an AISI 316L steel lattice structure produced by laser-powder bed fusion 5
Strain-controlled fatigue loading of an additively manufactured AISI 316L steel: Cyclic plasticity model and strain–life curve with a comparison to the wrought material 5
A contact analysis for unconventional mounting processes of angular ball bearings 4
On the upper and lower bounds of correlation window size in digital image correlation analysis 3
Totale 1.120
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