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Nome #
Proteolytic resistance of actin but not of myosin heavy chain during processing of Italian PDO (protected designation of origin) dry-cured hams 409
Azione della proteina inibitrice IF1 su F0F1ATPsintasi nell'iperemia reattiva coronarica prima e dopo precondizionamento ischemico nella capra anestetizzata 193
Early post mortem expression of genes related to tenderization in two Italian Simmental young bulls' skeletal muscles differing in contractile type 171
The effect of slaughtering methods on actin degradation and on muscle quality attributes of farmed European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). 157
The mitochondrial permeability transition pore: Channel formation by F-ATP synthase, integration in signal transduction, and role in pathophysiology 154
Effect of ultrasound treatment, oil addition and storage time on lycopene stability and in vitro bioaccessibility of tomato pulp 140
Effects of ozone processing on chemical, structural and functional properties of whey protein isolate 138
Properties of the permeability transition of pea stem mitochondria 135
Age-dependent excretion of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaric acid (HMG) and ketone bodies in the urine of full-term and preterm newborns 134
Does ATP synthase form the PTP in pea stem mitochondria? 132
Structural and functional modifications induced by diamide on the F0 sector of the mammalian ATP synthase 128
Effect of ultrasound treatments of tomato pulp on microstructure and lycopene in vitro bioaccessibility. 128
The inactivation of mitochondrial F1ATPase by H2O2 is mediated by iron ions not tightly bound in the protein 127
In vitro and in vivo studies of F(0)F(1)ATP synthase regulation by inhibitor protein IF1 in goat heart 127
Identification of a conserved calmodulin-binding motif in the sequence of F0F1ATPsynthase inhibitor protein 126
From ATP to PTP and Back: A Dual Function for the Mitochondrial ATP Synthase 126
Actin proteolysis in San Daniele dry-cured ham 125
3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaric, adipic and 2-oxoglutaric acids measured by HPLC in the plasma from diabetic patients 123
Effect of pulsed light on structure and immunoreactivity of gluten 123
Characterization of CyPD - FOF1ATP synthase interaction: Role of the OSCP subunit 122
Dimers of mitochondrial ATP synthase form the permeability transition pore. 119
Effect of the oxidation of the dithiol groups of the F0 sector of mitochondrial ATPase 115
Dimerization of F0F1ATP synthase from bovine heart is independent from the binding of the inhibitor protein IF1 115
Actin proteolysis in San Daniele dry-cured ham 109
F0F1ATPsynthase activity is differently modulated by coronary reactive hyperemia before and after ischemic preconditioning in goat 109
Proton flow through the intramembrane sector of the ATP synthase complex of bovine heart mitochondria 108
Partial uncoupling, or inhibition of electron transport rate, have equivalent effects on the relationship between the rate of ATP synthesis and proton-motive force in submitochondrial particles 108
Assessment of calpain and caspase systems activities during ageing of two bovine muscles by degradation patterns of αII spectrin and PARP-1 107
Protein breakdown and volatile profile of low-acid sausages from crossbreed pigs 106
F-ATP synthase dimers from pea stem mitochondria are involved in PTP formation 106
Inactivation of mushroom polyphenoloxidase in model systems exposed to high-pressure carbon dioxide 106
Identification of target muscle-proteins using Western blotting and high-resolution mass spectrometry as early quality indicators of nutrient supply practices in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 106
Proteomic analysis of F1F0-ATP synthase super-assembly in mitochondria of cardiomyoblasts undergoing differentiation to the cardiac lineage 105
Do dimers of ATP synthase form the PTP in pea stem mitochondria? 105
Differential steady-state tyrosine phosphorylation of two oligomeric forms of mitochondrial F0F1ATPsynthase: a structural proteomic analysis 105
Kinetics of the release of the mitochondrial inhibitor protein. Correlation with synthesis and hydrolysis of ATP 104
Effect of high pressure homogenisation on microbial inactivation, protein structure and functionality of egg white 104
The Oligomycin-Sensitivity Conferring Protein of Mitochondrial ATP Synthase: Emerging New Roles in Mitochondrial Pathophysiology 104
ATP synthase dimers from pea stem mitochondria form the PTP 104
Channel formation by yeast F-ATP synthase and the role of dimerization in the mitochondrial permeability transition 104
Cholesterol-dependent translocation of the F1F0-ATP synthase inhibitor factor 1 (IF1) to cell surface 104
The unique histidine in OSCP subunit of F-ATP synthase mediates inhibition of the permeability transition pore by acidic pH. 104
Effect of confinement and starvation on stress parameters in the (Homarus americanus) 103
Influence of ADP, AMP-PNP and of depletion of nucleotides on the structural properties of F1ATPase: a Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic study 102
The effect of the pre-slaughter feeding/fasting schedule on post mortem quality traits of rainbow trout 102
Fe(III) binding to the nucleotide-independent site located in beta subunit of mitochondrial F1ATPase affects protein structure and function 101
Interaction of the inhibitor protein IF1 with F0F1ATPsynthase from ox heart under different pH and aggregation states 100
Search for compounds able to modulate FOF1 ATP synthase in switching from life enzyme to cell death executor 100
The Ca2+ regulatory site of the permeability transition pore is within the catalytic core of F-ATP synthase 100
Shedding light on the permeability transition through S. cerevisiae F-ATP synthase mutagenesis 99
Conformational role of the divalent metal in bovine heart mitochondrial F1ATPase: an ESEEM study 99
Redox properties of iron in the binding site(s) of F1ATPase from mammalian mitochondria and Thermophilic bacterium PS3: a comparative study 99
A human stunning and killing method applied to marine aquatic species 97
F0F1 ATP synthase: a fascinating challenge for proteomics 96
IF1 distribution in HepG2 cells in relation to ecto F0F1ATPsynthase and calmodulin 96
Nanoemulsions as delivery systems of hydrophobic silybin from silymarin extract: Effect of oil type on silybin solubility, invitro bioaccessibility and stability 96
Channel formation by yeast F-ATP synthase and the role of dimerization in the mitochondrial permeability transition 95
Cyclophilin D in mitochondrial pathophysiology 95
The ectopic F(O)F(1) ATP synthase of rat liver is modulated in acute cholestasis by the inhibitor protein IF1 93
Identification of a conserved calmodulin-binding motif in the sequence of F0F1ATPsynthase inhibitor protein 93
The caspase and calpain proteolytic systems in Longissimus dorsi and Infraspinatus muscles of Italian Simmental young bulls 93
The unique histidine of F-ATP synthase subunit OSCP mediates regulation of the permeability transition by matrix pH 93
Diazoxide affects the IF1 inhibitor protein binding to F1 sector of beef heart F0F1ATPsynthase 92
Type I diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance not only with regard to glucose, but also to lipid and aminoacid metabolism 92
Functional and stoichiometric analysis of subunit e in bovine heart mitochondrial F0F1ATPsynthase 91
Preparation of monocarbonyl ruthenium complexes bearing bidentate nitrogen and phosphine ligands and their catalytic activity in carbonyl compound reduction 91
Ectopic F0F1 ATP synthase contains both nuclear and mitochondrially-encoded subunits. 90
Modulation of F-ATP synthase by pH: Role of His112 protonation of OSCP 90
A structural proteomic analysis of the active dimer of ATP synthase inhibitor protein IF1 and of IF1 complex with calmodulin 86
Application of proteomics in food science 86
Determination of protein phosphorylation sites by mass spectrometry: a novel electrospray-based method 86
Activity of enzymes and expression of genes involved in beef tenderization in two bovine skeletal muscles 84
Activity evaluation of pure and doped zinc oxide nanoparticles against bacterial pathogens and Saccharomyces cerevisiae 84
Different Fe molecular species mediate selective H2O2-damage to different moieties of F0F1ATPsynthase in intact cells, isolated mitochondria or proteoliposomes 82
Mitochondrial and cell-surface F0F1ATPsynthase in innate and acquired cardioprotection 82
Effects of Fe(III) binding to the nucleotide-independent site of F1ATPase: enzyme thermostability and response to activating anions 81
Stoichiometry of the complex formed by ATPsynthase inhibitor protein IF1 and Calmodulin 80
Characterization of the binding of Fe(III) to F1ATPase from bovine heart mitochondria 80
Does FOF1 ATP synthase form the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in plants? 80
The inhibitory region of mitochondrial F0F1ATPsynthase inhibitor protein IF1 contains a calmodulin-binding motif 79
OSCP subunit of mitochondrial ATP synthase: role in regulation of enzyme function and of its transition to a pore. 79
Peculiarity of Fe(III) binding to Thermophilic Bacterium PS3 F1ATPase with respect to isolated alpha and beta subunits and to alpha3beta3 hexamer 77
Mammalian ATPsynthase monomer versus dimer profiled by blue native PAGE and activity stain 77
High-Conductance Channel Formation in Yeast Mitochondria is Mediated by F-ATP Synthase e and g Subunits. 77
Arg-8 of yeast subunit e contributes to the stability of F-ATP synthase dimers and to the generation of the full-conductance mitochondrial megachannel 77
Hydrogen peroxide.induced damage to F0 and F1 moieties from bovine heart ATPsynthase, 76
Effect of neutral and acidic phospholipids on mitochondrial ATP synthase secondary structure 76
Topology of the Calmodulin Complex with ATPsynthase Inhibitor Protein IF1: a Structural Proteomic analysis 75
Iron mediated H2O2 inactivation of F1ATPase: a comparative study of the enzymes from Mitochondria, Chloroplasts and Thermophylic Bacterium PS3 74
Identification of a tyrosine phosphorylated subunit of F0F1ATPsynthase in resting mitochondria 74
The high affinity metal binding site in beef heart mitochondrial F0F1ATPase: an EPR spectroscopy study 74
Current-voltage relationship for proton flow through the F0 sector of ATP synthase, carbonyl cyanide-p-trifluoromethoxyphenilhydrazone or leak pathways in submitochondrial particles 73
Down-regulation of the mitochondrial ATP synthase in Friend's erythroleukemia cells induced to differentiation 72
Effect of starvation on welfare parameters in American lobster (Homarus americanus) 70
Mitochondrial F-ATP Synthase and Its Transition into an Energy-Dissipating Molecular Machine 70
Requirement of loosely bound Fe++/Fe+++ for the oxidative inactivation of F1ATPase 68
Stoichiometry and topology of the complex of the endogenous ATP synthase inhibitor protein IF(1) with calmodulin 68
Totale 10.387
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