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Brescia 3
Carcavelos 3
Forlì 3
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Gent 3
Leawood 3
Legnaro 3
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Nome #
Malattie emergenti nella maricoltura mediterranea: le mixosporidiosi 353
Dimostrazione immunoistochimica dei recettori CD35 e CD16 in branzino (Dicentrarchus labrax) 275
Setaria tundra, an emerging filarioid nematode in roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) in northeast Italy. 183
Summer drought stress: differential effects on cane anatomy and non-structural carbohydrate content in overwintering Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah vines 175
Red Mark Syndrome in Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)farmed in Italy:anatomohistopathological investigations 155
Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of gluten-free pasta enriched with resistant starch 154
Effect of radiofrequency assisted freezing on meat microstructure and quality 147
Anomalie bilaterali dell'opercolo e recupero della loro integrità anatomica in orata (Sparus aurata, L. 1758) 131
First detection of Cytauxzoon spp. infection in European wildcats (Felis silvestris silvestris) of Italy 130
Effects of worm control practices examined by a combined faecal egg count and questionnaire survey on horse farms in Germany, Italy and the UK 129
Faecal Cyathostomin Egg Count distribution and efficacy of anthelmintics against cyathostomins in Italy: A matter of geography? 123
Abnormalities of the operculum in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata): morphological description 120
Anthelmintic resistance in cyathostomin populations from horse yards in Italy, United Kingdom and Germany 119
Effect of ultrasound treatments of tomato pulp on microstructure and lycopene in vitro bioaccessibility. 118
Shrub growth and plant diversity along an elevation gradient: Evidence of indirect effects of climate on alpine ecosystems 117
Tipizzazione dell’infiltrato cellulare nelle enteriti da Enteromyxum leei in sarago pizzuto (Diplodus puntazzo) 115
Ultrastructural and biomolecular detection of Rickettsiales-like organisms in tissues of rainbow trout with Red Mark Syndrome 113
First report of Red Mark Syndrome (RMS) in farmed rainbow trout in Slovenia 109
Amyloodinium ocellatum: milestones, doubts and future goals 109
Recovery of opercular anomalies in gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata L.: morphological and morphometric analysis 106
Distribution and species-specific occurrence of cyathostomins (Nematoda, Strongylida) in naturally infected horses from Italy, United Kingdom and Germany 106
Nefrocalcinosi in branzino (Dicentrarchus labrax, L. 1758): aspetti anatomoistopatologici 104
Copromicroscopic and molecular investigations on intestinal parasites in kenneled dogs 104
Cryopreservation of roe deer abomasal nematodes for morphological identification 103
Characterization of two intergeneric sparid hybrids from their parental species by means of morphological, meristic and biochemical traits 98
Molecular identification of Amyloodinium ocellatum infection in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and expression of immune-related genes during natural infection. 96
Preliminary study on in vitro effects of selected plant compounds on sea bass (D. labrax) head kidney leukocytes 94
Occurrence of canine and feline extra-intestinal nematodes in key endemic regions of Italy 93
Intestinal morpho-physiology and innate immune status of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) in response to diets including a blend of two marine microalgae, Tisochrysis lutea and Tetraselmis suecica 93
Rhabdomyosarcoma of Soft Tissues in an Adult Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) 91
Respiratory nematodes in cat populations of Italy 90
Description of an outbreak of enteromyxosis in sharpsnout sea bream (D. puntazzo) cultured in floating cages in Italy. 88
First report of fatal Physaloptera sibirica infection in Eulemur macaco macaco in a Italian zoological park 87
T.E.M. and biomolecular detection of Rickettsiiales in tissues of rainbow trout and their potenial role as Red Mark Syndrome (RMS) etiological agents. 87
Contribution on nflammation/cell proliferation markers to the study of RMS pathogenesis 86
Effects of dietary nucleotides supplementation on growth and immune response of common sole Solea solea. 85
Drugs response of Falcaustra kutcheri parasite in Sulawesi forest turtle (Leucocephalon yuwonoi) in Italian breeding centre. 85
Confronto tra il tasso di accrescimento di alcuni sparidi e dei corrispondenti ibridi interspecifici nel I anno di allevamento intensivo 84
Growth, survival and body composition of Sparus aurata larvae fed two artemia regimes and artificial diets containing different amount of HUFA 83
Effect of radiofrequency assisted freezing on meat microstructure and quality 83
Effetti in vitro di 16 composti di origine vegetale sulla motilità di dinospore di Amyloodinium ocellatum. 83
Including marine microalgae in European seabass (D. labrax) diets: effects on digestive-absorptive functions 82
Festuca arundinacea: produttività, caratteristiche chimiche e nutritive del foraggio verde, insilato e affienato 82
Comparison of the growth rates of two sparid hybrids and their parental species during the first year of intensive rearing 79
Viral Nervous Necrosis (VNN) with absence of cellular vacuolation in juveniles of sea bass (D. Labrax L.) 79
Immune response of sharpsnout seabream (Diplodus puntazzo, Cetti 1777) to Enteromyxum leei. 79
Expression of infection-related immune response in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) during a natural outbreak from a unique dinoflagellate Amyloodinium ocellatum 79
Isolation and molecular characterization of viral encephalopathy and retinopathy virus from gilthead seabream larvae (Sparus aurata) showing mass mortalities 76
Alimentazione degli stadi larvali di pesci eurialini con particolare riferimento all'orata ed al branzino 75
Abomasal helmithofauna of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus capreolus) in the Julian Prealps and the anatomopathological aspects associated 74
Red Mark Syndrome in rainbow trout (O. mykiss) farmed in Italy: anatomohistopathological investigations 74
Hystological and ultrastructural study of opercular anomalies in gilthead sea bream larvae (Sparus aurata). 73
Giardia duodenalis and other intestinal parasites in kennel-dog populations in North-eastern Italy. 72
Biochemical composition of early life stages of the European Grayling Thymallus thymallus and effects of weaning on different Artemia nauplii strains and dry microdiets. 72
The opercular complex deformities in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata L.): external morphology, osteology and histology 71
Reliability of the McMaster technique in evaluating the anthelmintic resistance in horse cyatostomins using different flotation solutions and sample dilutions 71
Effects of fish oil replacement by cocoa oil on reproductive performances of rainbow trout (2n). 68
A technique for the cryopreservation of trichostrongylid nematodes for morphological identification 68
Severe lung infestation in red panda (Ailurus fulgens): a case report. 67
European sea bass (D. labrax) gill response to Amyloodinium ocellatum infection: an immunohistochemical study. 67
Updates on enteropathic larval sindrome (ELS) in gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) and seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) larvae. 66
Grave episodio di amyloodiniosi in giovanili di branzino (Dicentrarchus labrax): analisi dei determinanti di malattia e rilievi anatomopatologici. 66
Thanatological and necropsy findings in suspected poisoning of golden jackals (Canis aureus moreoticus) in North Eastern Italy. 66
Necrosi Pancreatica Infettiva (NPI) in giovanili di trota iridea (Oncorhyncus mykiss): aspetti anatomo-istopatologici atipici 64
Patologie nutrizionali emergenti: il punto di vista del patologo 64
Growth response of juvenile dentex (Dentex dentex, L.) to varying protein level and protein to lipid in practical diets 61
Red Mark Syndrome/Cold Water Strawberry Disease: emergence in Italy and histopathological investigations. 61
Nodular gill disease in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): emergence in Italy. 61
Patologie in acquacoltura 58
Host-Parasite Interaction between Parasitic Cymothoid Ceratothoa Oestroides and Its Host, Farmed European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) 57
Pancreatite e steatite in giovanili e adulti di orata (Sparus aurata) 56
Clinical pictures in dogs naturally infected with Angiostrongylus vasorum 56
Internal organs morphometry of the wild boar population (Sus scrofa) in Trevigian Prealps 55
Trichuriasis in Barbary macaque (Macaca silvanus, Linneaus 1758). 55
Red Mark Syndrome in trota iridea (O. mykiss) allevata in Italia: descrizione anatomoistopatologica 55
First report of piscirickettsiosis in farmed sea bass fingerlings (Dicentrarchus labrax, L. 1758) in Italy 54
First report on proliferative kidney disease (PKD) in marble trout (Salmo trutta marmoratus, Cuvier 1817) 54
Anomalie opercolari in orata (Sparus auratus): preliminari considerazioni epidemiologiche e caratterizzazione morfo-strutturale. 54
Efficacy of fenbendazole and moxidectin in horse stables with previous history of resistance to benzimidazoles in cyathostomin populations. 54
Immune response of sharpsnout seabream (Diplodus puntazzo, Cetti 1777) to Enteromyxum leei 53
Lipidosi in branzini (Dicentrachus labrax, L. 1578) allevati intensivamente: rilievi anatomopatologici 52
Anomalie opercolari di avannotti di orata (Sparus aurata, L. 1758) nel gruppo delle “teste” e in quello delle “code”: capacità di recupero dell'integrità anatomica 52
Rilievi istopatologici in corso di infezione spontanea da Enteromyxum leei in sarago pizzuto (Diplodus puntazzo, Cetti 1777). 51
Functional and morphological adaptations of the digestive system induced by domestication in cats. 51
Influence de l’arthrodèse vertébrale dorsale sélective T1—T6 sur la croissance thoracique : étude expérimentale chez des lapins New Zealand White prépubertaires 51
Comparison of growth rate of two Sparid hybrids and their parental species during the first year of intensive rearing 50
Red mark syndrome (RMS) in farmed rainbow trout: First report of outbreaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina 50
Malattia del sonno in Bosnia-Erzegovina: aspetti clinici e anatomopatologici. 45
Elmintofauna gastrointestinale in capriolo (Capreolus capreolus capreolus) delle Prealpi Giulie. 44
Parasitological comparison between natural and managed Thomson's gazelle (Eudorcas thomsoni) in Marula Reserve, Kenya 43
A preliminary histological and ultrastructural study of opercular anomalies in gilthead sea bream larvae (Sparus aurata) 43
Festuca arundinacea: caratteristiche chimiche e nutritive del foraggio fresco, insilato ed affienato 41
Necrosi Pancreatica Infettiva (NPI) in giovanili di trota iridea (Onchorhyncus mykiss): aspetti anatomo-patologici atipici. 39
RED MARK SYNDROME in trota iridea (O. mykiss) allevata in Italia: descrizione anatomoistopatologica RED MARK SYNDROME in rainbow trout (O. mykiss) farmed in Italy: anatomohistopathological description 39
Red mark syndrome of trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss; Walbaum, 1792): Histopathological scoring and correlation with gross lesions 39
Quadri anatomopatologici in abomasi di capriolo (Capreolus capreolus capreolus) parassitati 37
Modificazione della struttura scheletrica durante il processo di recupero delle anomalie opercolari in orata (Sparus aurata L.1758) 37
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